University Agricultural Economy and Management Curriculum Experimental Teaching Reform of

Abstract: The rapid development of China's agricultural economy, Agricultural Economics and Management professional personnel training continuously put forward new requirements to strengthen the professional curriculum experimental teaching reform is imperative University Agricultural Economy and Management Courses experimental teaching in teaching philosophy, experimental content, experimental, and faculty and equipment, widespread problem, and propose reforms.

Keywords: university, agriculture, forestry, economic management professional experimental teaching reform

University Agricultural Economics and Management Professional covers the two disciplines of management, economics wide caliber professional, committed to developing with the system of management science and economic science knowledge, to master the basic methods and skills of Agricultural Economics and Management, in various agribusiness related senior professionals, government departments and educational research units engaged in management, marketing, finance and accounting, policy research working so these people should have a comprehensive quality management, accounting, finance, investment, and this comprehensive quality culture is inseparable from scientific and efficient experimental teaching system. Experimental Teaching of Higher Education is a class lab mainly social practice to supplement the teaching system., China University Agricultural Economics and Management disciplines different degree of personnel training and social demand of the problem, in order to adapt to the development of the rural economy in the 21st century is an urgent need for agricultural economic management personnel, according to the professional market demand, professional training objectives and personnel training to improve the employability of the students and serve the community, and strengthen the professional courses experiment Teaching reform is imperative.

Status quo and problems of forestry Economy and Management Experimental Teaching limited by teaching conditions, curriculum mode and examinations, the College of Economics and Management in China specialized widespread divorced from theoretical teaching and experimental teaching, experimental teaching courses less than normal. Chinese Universities Agricultural Economics and Management Courses experimental teaching generally based IT and to integrated IT class and non-IT resources, relying on the campus comprehensive experimental teaching platform to carry out the role-playing, simulation, practical exercise and other forms of curricular training. course experiment to some extent, improve the practical ability of the students, but from the agriculture, forestry the economic management professional training objectives and market demand perspective, there are still some problems.

(A teaching philosophy traditional conservative forestry economic management professional with nearly a hundred years' history in our country, due to the influence of the traditional education system, most of the institutions and the lack of modern teaching philosophy awareness, reform-minded, open awareness, conformity, heavy theory light practice, theory taught accounted for more than 95% of the teaching hours, lack of innovation for teaching methods, means, students can only passively accept the knowledge in the classroom, both the lack of understanding of the experimental procedures, and also the lack of practical ability. experimental teaching with teaching the theory, there are varying degrees of economic construction, academic development and personalized training disjointed.

(Two courses and experimental teaching subjects, still adhere to the "professionals" content thin our existing forestry economic management talents training mode the professional surface due to wide curriculum rigid set of experiments, China University Agricultural Economics and Management professional courses experimental teaching professional basic course curriculum experiments, such as statistics, econometrics and Accounting, experimental courses set on the basis of theoretical courses, but fewer courses and specialized basic courses for professional backbone courses experimental, multi-disciplinary comprehensive fewer experimental class. addition, experimental courses have opened a rich enough, mostly confirmatory and comprehensive experimental projects, design and innovative experimental projects rarely, the experimental content due to the deepening of the lack of mastery of the experimental courses systems.

(C experimental teaching a single Chinese Universities forestry economic management professional Experimental Teaching computer network system based carrier specialized computer software simulation platform using computer simulation practice teaching methods, teachers taught experimental purposes, methods and experimental content, students operate autonomously, teachers tour guide, assessment methods in experimental reports and classroom performance as the main score based on traditional experimental teaching methods, teaching content is only confined to the engine room for curricular knowledge, teaching location, to a certain extent hindered the widening of student knowledge and comprehensive capabilities.

(Four faculty and equipment, weak Chinese Universities Forestry Economics and Management Experimental Teaching teachers theory class and experimental class were assumed part-time teachers, full-time experimental teachers less Curriculum pressure and part-time teachers and research pressure to some extent affected the time and effort they put into the experimental teaching. addition, many of the teachers engaged in professional teaching, solid theoretical foundation, but did not practice in the actual work units, a serious lack of experimental experience, so the experimental teaching very difficult to make a difference and breakthrough. purposes of agriculture, forestry economic management professional courses experimental conditions, the prevalence of small laboratory scale, single function, backward facilities, the practice base a mere formality and other issues. laboratory equipment major computer hardware and various types of software systems, the lack of the reality simulation professional equipment.

Forestry economy management professional experimental teaching reform proposals Agricultural Economics and Management Experimental Teaching culture process should adhere to the coordinated development of knowledge, thinking, ability and personality, to obtain direct knowledge of the students in the experimental course, exercise their thinking, analyzing and solving problems method and capacity to do this, we must establish the teaching philosophy to the contents of the experimental curriculum system, teaching methods, as well as faculty and equipment, innovative curriculum experimental teaching system, the formation of a teaching and scientific research combined, the combination of basic courses and specialized courses, curricular and extracurricular combined teaching situation.

(A build advanced teaching philosophy in the face of increasingly severe employment situation of global economic integration, enterprises increasingly high requirements of personnel, college teachers should adhere to and implement the scientific concept of development, foster the development of consciousness, reform-minded, open awareness and Features awareness, build the basis of student-centered, knowledge transfer, capacity-building, improve the quality of the coordinated development of advanced educational philosophy. Agricultural Economics and Management professional teachers in-depth understanding of the economic, management class experimental features, analysis system built to strengthen the school-enterprise cooperation , employing around enterprise requirements, combined with the personality characteristics of the students, and continue to reform the teaching of innovative teaching objectives, content, means, methods, assessment and other aspects of education, in line with the systemic, effective principles of integrated design, experimental teaching system .

(Design science experiment course system forestry economic management professionals in management, economics, agriculture, forestry, scientific and theoretical knowledge as well as higher humanities literacy should have proficiency in English, econometrics, management science and engineering methods and skills. In order to achieve this the training requirements should be designed to "multi-platform, multi-module, multi-level complete experimental curriculum system, shown in Figure 1. relying on campus the simulation teaching platform and outside entities practice platform for agriculture, forestry economics and management basic courses, specialized courses and electives three levels of theory courses open experimental courses, interdisciplinary knowledge mastery, and experimental depth expand, increase the proportion of design and innovative experimental projects, from basic to comprehensive. knowledge to the ability to gradually improve. course, this curriculum system, the current teaching programs and faculty and equipment requirements of change, could be considered an appropriate extension of the total lesson of the course, to achieve the increase in the experimental class in the case of theoretical lessons unchanged or miniature configuration, faculty and equipment you need to correspondingly increase and improve the rationality and efficiency, but also to strengthen the construction of the campus practice bases, through field survey analysis and effectively improve the comprehensive ability of students to analyze and solve practical problems.

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(three science teaching ways and means in order to train both meet the requirements of the economic development of agroforestry, and keep up with the creative talents of the world development trend, must be reformed traditional experimental teaching methods, building science and state-of-the-art teaching forms and methods of .1 class lab teaching, based on knowledge of curriculum theory, design Correspondingly, validation and comprehensive experimental project, in order to help students better understand the basic concepts basic skills and, on this basis, to improve the professional skills of this teaching method through case teaching method, interactive teaching methods, to analog simulation teaching methods and other methods to achieve .2 second classroom experiment teaching, interactive teaching methods and practice teaching methods, mainly in the way of professional skills competitions and other cultural activities on campus professional skills competitions including entrepreneurship competition, e-commerce competition, securities investment simulation contest ERP Sand Table Simulation Competition, Marketing Planning Competition, International Trade Practice Competition, Competition after the end of the operation and results of each student awards in this manner can greatly stimulate students' enthusiasm, initiative, and to develop their confidence, mobility and the spirit of cooperation .3 project management style experimental teaching, interactive pedagogy and practice teaching methods, including: ⑴ the students to participate in scientific research type the open experimental project types involved in all kinds of integrated, design and innovative open pilot project to train students of higher ability to apply technology, thinking skills and innovative ideas. : research subjects participating teachers chaired the ⑵ students technology activity type: Student Self topics of science and technology activities, such as college students scientific and technological innovation projects, ⑶ optional experimental project type: integrated design and innovative choice experiment project published on a regular basis by the laboratory , student choice. process of project implementation arrangements instructor and timely answers to the problems encountered in the student experiments after the completion of the project submitted to the experimental results by qualified instructors and experimental center identification, may apply for credit .4 social practice teaching, strengthen production Gakken combination of channels to broaden students' off-campus practice, social agroforestry enterprises to build internship, practice teaching base, organize students to the field survey analysis, self or optional practical content, conduct targeted research social practice is not only to make students aware of the requirements of the modern society of the knowledge structure and ability and for project development, develop students' abilities, sense of innovation and professional competence.

(D increase investment, strengthen laboratory to improve the experimental conditions, the internal and external bases, and constantly improve the experimental teaching conditions is an important guarantee to do a good job in the experimental teaching. Internal and external training bases to increase investment in human, financial, and material resources, campus laboratory hardware, should expand the size of the laboratory, the purchase of the necessary equipment to meet the requirements of students experiment, through continuous integration, deepening the construction of experimental teaching and scientific research to provide a rich range of experimental resources in the school laboratory software aspects, speed up the construction of innovative experimental teaching assistant system, personalized space systems, etc., to integrate a variety of experimental curriculum system and economic resource database, built using the campus network information technology teaching environment for independent learning, self-designed to provide good conditions. The experimental center laboratory equipment and laboratory safety environmental inspections on a regular basis, to ensure that the hardware and software supporting good rates and utilization.

Agricultural Economics and Management Experimental Teaching (five-building high-quality experimental teachers, the teachers not only have a good professional quality, but also have a wealth of experience in teaching, but also master the the professional new branch surgery, new techniques. Colleges and universities should be based on improve existing teacher training, the establishment of experimental teaching team training system, of experimental teachers job skills training, while vigorously the introduction of highly educated, highly qualified personnel of the titles, the appointment of excellent, practical ability of professionals to enrich experimental teaching team to encourage teachers and experimental teaching staff to carry out experimental teaching and research. addition, the development of scientific and rational experimental teaching quality evaluation criteria, motivate and supervise teachers do a good job in the experimental teaching work, and is also one of the measures to promote teachers to improve the overall quality and standard of teaching .

Conclusion forestry Economy and Management Experimental Teaching is an important way to improve the overall quality of students as well as the ability to innovate, but also to cultivate the students' innovative spirit, but this is a very complex system engineering, need to continue to explore the forestry economic management personnel training mode, to further clarify the purpose of teaching, accurately grasp the characteristics of the professional and restructuring the teaching content, improve teaching methods, and strive to improve the quality of teachers, to meet the needs of the community forestry economics and management talent look to the future, colleges and universities may consider to broaden experimental teaching service range, relying on state-of-the-art experimental faculty and equipment to serve the "San Nong", for example, set up a call center, online forums, to help solve agricultural production, agriculture-related business, farmers to invest in all aspects of the actual contribution to the economic development for China's agriculture, forestry forces, but also conducive to enhance students' understanding of the real issues, and improve the ability to analyze and solve problems.


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