Improve the quality of employment in the tracking service - Empirical Analysis of Jiangxi Agricultural University Career Guidance

Student employment is one involving a wide range of, / \ policies, far-reaching, livelihood projects, colleges and universities in the process of college students employment, it is necessary to focus on improving the employment rate, but also focus on improving the quality of employment, but also to focus on improving employment the authenticity of recent years, Jiangxi Agricultural University attaches great importance to the graduates employment guidance, highly endorsed and vigorously support the authenticity of the province's verification of employment practices, to excel the spirit of the driving force, do not ask off annual employment to carry out spot checks , especially in the context of 2011, Jiangxi Province, the introduction of a third-party verification mechanism, increase employment verification tracking work efforts to promote the concept of a "full service student employment, achieved some practical results.

The information tracking embodies "student-oriented"

Guidance, help and urge the graduates full, decent, fair, secure employment, is the bounden duty of the college. Especially in the employment sector, employment policy implementation and the concrete implementation chuangxianzhengyou spirit as the driving force, insist on on society, on the school and is responsible for the unity of students, atop the New Student employment guidance. strive college graduates employment data is more real, 2011, Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Survey Corps commissioned the National Bureau of Statistics of the province's colleges and universities comprehensive verification of the employment status of graduates, where employment status verification inconsistent the graduate employment agreement, not included in school employment rate statistics.

Under the current circumstances, SMEs rapid development, and provides a lot of employment opportunities for the community, and is also the main source of employment of college graduates. Government and universities to encourage graduates employed in a flexible manner to the SME employment, according to the data show that the annual graduation proportion of SME employment of more than 50% of SMEs in small-scale, low pay, management is not standardized, the development of space, not broad development prospects factors, resulting in a very high probability of graduates quit, colleges and universities need to track verification One of the underlying causes.

Jiangxi Agricultural University annual grassroots College employment assessment during various faculties have reflected in the employment rate for deducting the various faculties, many of the graduates to be true, just different in the post-employment units with the program, verification tracking, up-to-date, the employment rate is deducted. example, Jiangxi Agricultural University Animal Science and Technology in 2010, a one-time employment rate from 97.72% down to 76.59%, deducted from 21.13 percent employment rankings by the whole school forefront of change for the last one.

The reason, no timely initiative to track some graduates employment information, including replacement units after nearly two-thirds of the graduates did not timely feedback to the College, the College did not realize, and there is no timely verification tracking.

Veteran Institute of Animal Science and Technology, Jiangxi Agricultural University, animal science, animal medicine specialty hospital set Jiangxi Agricultural University tradition, the advantages of professional characteristics professional and provincial brand professionals of the Ministry of Education, in the province's colleges and universities and even the national college visibility, many alumni are engaged in this professional career, but also no shortage of entrepreneurs, the CEO, two graduates each year in short supply.

However, the result is inconsistent with the facts (the real employment rate actually should be greater than the employment rate of the published statistics).

The other grassroots College a similar situation., From the practical point of view, is essential to good employment verification tracking work.

From the theories significance and

Real value point of view, the popularization of higher education in full swing, << national medium-and long-term education reform and development Plan (2010 - 2020) >> guidelines to excel as a driving force, good job employment verification tracking , to establish the employment verification tracking long-term mechanism to form the pattern of higher education employment outlook, promote university to implement a concrete manifestation of the "student-oriented" educational philosophy, and is an important measure for promoting the the universities full service employment, showing the true level of employment of school also seized universities professional school level, guiding college optimize the tertiary structure basis.

Good follow-up examination of the students had found employment

In 2011, in the critical period of employment (4 months), Jiangxi Agricultural University, held 6 times the University of lifelong employment topics, and stressed not only to mention the rate of employment, but also to improve the quality of employment, to give the school to provide more information on employment and Policy Interpretation contact more employment opportunities and jobs for a living, do a good job, meticulous, and do a solid job working steadfastly refused to "fake job" compulsory employment "," employment ", to keep the original grip true employment practices the basis of an increase employment verification tracking work efforts to ensure the consistency of school employment statistics student dynamic real employment interest.

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The author believes that universities should establish a sound over the years

Working Statistical Yearbook, College, sub-professional, grade finishing clear objectives, put some Jiangxi Agricultural University, through a careful analysis of the employment data detained in previous years, find, organize the presence of the main problems and causes of, and related information back to e learning implementation "center of gravity, the dynamic management sub-doors do not track the long-term" principle, the formation of a full record first indisputable the practical classes grasping employment good situation: the implementation of employment to every teacher, every graduate further establish graduate employment dynamic management of files, sorting the graduates and their employment situation, focus on suspicious employment information, establish and improve the database of graduates Information Network, concerned about the the graduates medium-and long-term employment and careers.

Attention should also be given to colleges and universities to carry out the employment verification tracking, fully aware of the employment verification tracking work is an important part of the employment, the establishment of specialized agencies set up a special task force to develop specific duties to ensure employment verification tracking institutionalized, normalized so that become an important carrier of schools excel activities and to improve school quality and so enhance the employment rate, an important measure of the employment authenticity "June .2011, Jiangxi Agricultural University, thematic sessions convene employment verification tracking work, Bulletin Jiangxi Agricultural University, the past three years, the employment rate is deducted.

University employment verification tracking the leading group is the subject of employment verification, must turn node formulation embodiment, the concentration of large the Arrow plot to carry out employment verification, and science, detailed and accurate information to establish track records, so that the grassroots College again focus tracking verification .2011 in mid-June, Jiangxi Agricultural University employment verification leadership team (at the enrollment and employment) organized the whole large area of ​​spot checks by telephone on the employment situation of graduates, spot checks up to 80%, and a total of 439 graduates presence of suspicious employment behavior (ie, is not necessarily false employment need to keep track of), accounting for nearly 10% of the total number of graduates, 177 employment situation is obvious there is a problem, the verification team these suspicious employment information detailed records, and promptly returned to the relevant College, and at the same time urge the good employment verification tracking work immediately.

The the grassroots College is the foundation and key tracking employment verification, of various grassroots College Verification and calibration information, reported higher employment services sector and announced the final representative and widespread, and must ensure that the employment verification process information dynamic changes at any time to update, authentic .2011 July, spot checks of suspicious Jiangxi Agricultural University Institute for enrollment and employment at the employment situation, as well as the understanding of the employment situation of graduates, special arrangements by telephone, SMS, flying letters, QQ group contact graduates and employers to understand the students' final employment status. 5-6 Some College staff to arrange this work, a total of l4 school colleges, human resources than 6O people. majority of college graduate employment information tracking verification surface 100%, to ensure the employment verification comprehensive Cover 0I gardens January 2012 · Jiangxi Agricultural University Library / Jiangxi Agricultural University has laid a solid foundation for the cover, to improve the employment rate and employment authenticity.

An objective analysis of the information to adjust the law

According to statistics, as of July 31, 2011, Jiangxi Agricultural University College verifiable track after a month, reported to the 410 (relating to 410 students in enrollment and employment at the latest graduate employment information), covers a wide range, accounting for about 9.32% of the total number of graduates.

These student enrollment and employment at the spot checks found 439 students basic agreement.

In the 410 graduates, including some graduates more satisfied because of the latter part of the implementation of the unit, to give up before the signing of the unit mainly include studies of this case (to obtain a graduate or Undergraduate) obtain civil servants, large enterprises recruitment and this case about 141 people to participate in national projects employment ratio of about 3.66%, which part of the Foreign Graduate Students by family factors changed before employment options, re-select students to employment, such about 126, a ratio of about 3.26%, which some graduates of some of the provisions of certain units (such as requiring students through the CET, or graduation and degree certificates should be obtained in order to report posts) reported employment programs could not with the unit signed an agreement, needs to be carried out after graduation, this case is about 46 people, about 1.17% of the proportion of graduates because of the signing of the agreement requires not clear, in fill Agreement ignore some of the details, such as the distinction between headquarters and branch offices, forget write unit contacts or fixed telephone, this case is about 28 people, a ratio of about 0.73%, which are part of the graduation born indeed cope with school arbitrariness contract, this case is about 69, a ratio of about 1.79%.

Replace the employment information of graduates, both excellent graduates, because of his (her) job opportunities, selection, employment difficulties students because he (she) needs to get guidance and help, including Jiangxi Agricultural University employment difficulties graduates 42 in late employment guidance and recommended specifically.

Spot checks by school level, college level, with

Track, the 2011 Jiangxi Agricultural University is deducted employment rate fell by nearly 4 percentage points over last year the final employment rate than in 2010 increased by more than one percentage point.

2011 Jiangxi Agricultural University graduates in 3857, 540 people, one-time employment rate of vocational graduates were 88.18% and 87.78% also take front held to the example, Jiangxi Agricultural University Animal Science and Technology attaches particular importance in the lessons learned in 2010 based on the employment verification tracking, a more serious attitude, the effect was particularly evident, reported in 2011, the employment rate was 97.02%, 92.02% last Department of Education announced, deducting the employment rate was only 5% (21.13%) of the 2010 employment rate charged.

Employment verification tracking work to the college's current employment has brought a lot of pressure, but in the long term, help colleges and universities to create a good atmosphere caught Employment authenticity, and helps to strengthen the trust of employer University double upgrade, help to deepen the feelings of the students of the school, but also helps to sum up the work experience, the establishment of a long-term mechanism to promote the employment rate and employment authenticity "

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