The credibility of the government to enhance service-oriented government building

Abstract: The credibility of the government, government public trust and recognition ability, which reflects the masses of the people to trust in government and satisfaction, the basis of the government's ruling, which embodies the government's ability to govern with the credibility of the government from the political on it, it has enough legitimacy resource, morally speaking, there is a good moral foundation, from the economic equivalent of a social capital, can save the government policy-making and implementation costs. stable lack of transparency embodies the government generate credibility and the legitimacy of the existence of a firm's credibility is also a ruling resources of credibility of the government building there is the local government authority wastage, weak implementation of public policies, corruption lawlessness have occurred and government information and other issues, to enhance the credibility of the government should the concept of changing the system, the transformation of government functions, policy development, process optimization, the focus of the five levels. thereby enhancing the party's ability to consolidate the party's base.

Keywords: credibility of the service-oriented government papers to write the credibility of the government, the government through the rational course of their duties, the effective discharge of its functions and responsibilities of the public trust and recognition ability, it is the government influence and appeal. Government credibility ruling foundation of the government, reflecting the government's ability to govern. government's credibility with the performance of the functions of the government are closely related. appropriate government functions and objectives and government functions practitioner, a positive correlation between the credibility of the Government, that the Government government is more efficient to perform their duties, provide services, the easier it is to win the trust of the public and society.

The credibility of the government and service-oriented government building

(A credibility administration based in fact, to enhance the importance of the credibility of the government, the party and the state have long been discussed. << CPC Central Committee on building a socialist harmonious society in the 10 Sixth Plenary Session of the Party by the number of major issues >> proposed to raise the issue of the credibility of the government's decision, the party's congress also explicitly emphasized the "increase government transparency and credibility", the recommendations of the Central Committee on the 12th Five-Year Plan "has even more to improve the credibility of the government as the transformation of government functions and push forward the reform of the administrative system of the end result. fully explain our party and government attach great importance to the issue of credibility of the government, and to take effective measures to strengthen the credibility of the government building. in eighteen Party report, "Innovation Management Process, improve government credibility and execution of the exposition of social integrity and government credibility affect the advancement of society as a whole, has become the consensus of the whole society.

Solid credibility embodies the government to produce the legitimacy. Sustained and solid credibility of the government is to rely on the initiative of the government in the policy process as a fight to, rather than to force the government to gain public trust, support and support the ability of the stronger, the higher the credibility, the executive power, the stronger the firm's credibility is a ruling resources. credibility of the government reflects the public's acceptance of the governance behavior, solid credibility can be transformed in the process of governance kinds ruling resources. credibility of the government has a strong demonstration effect, its steady improvement has an important positive role in the construction and operation of the whole system of social trust.

(B building service-oriented government can effectively enhance the credibility of the government service-oriented government in the framework of democratic politics, through legal procedures established in accordance with the Civil Will, and that civic service for the purpose of service functions, bear the responsibility of government service. in a socialist society, service-oriented government is the government to serve the people, that is, under the guidance of the citizen based, social standard concept in the framework of the democratic order of society as a whole, the positioning of the Government at the service's role, and through legal procedures. , set up in accordance with the Civil Will the government for the purpose of "serving the people" service-oriented government as a target of the administrative reform in the new period, showing the rich connotation of a service-oriented government should be the rule of law, service, performance, clean government the introduction of a service-oriented government policy initiatives enacted each should respect the will of the people, reflect the people demand to serve the interests of the people, the transparent administration of the Government to protect the people's right to know, the people will actively participate in politics and government officials before accepting supervision, nose to the grindstone. enhance public confidence in the government, so the government can truly win the trust of the people. "people are the foundation of the state, the foundation is stable. ruling relies on the people, the ruling by the people and sharing, to build service oriented government, but also respect the principal position, win the trust of the public, the fundamental way to truly people-oriented.

Multiple problems damage the credibility of the government

(A local government authority Loss Overall, the Chinese government's credibility is maintained in a state of steadily gain public trust in some respects, but the government's ability to also problematic, showing a "two descending characteristics from The Transverse see report based on the the << Chinese residents 'quality of life index >> (2001-2010 survey show that: the urban and rural residents' confidence in the affairs of the government's economic management, the government in social management and public services as the impact of the Government's overall public confidence in the "short board." a high degree of social affairs of government and lower confidence from portrait, followed by decreasing the level of public trust in the government with the reduction of the levels of government. << off >> magazine published << 2005-2011 The credit off index >> report, the vast majority of respondents said they believe that the central government, many of the respondents said they did not trust the local government, that Government data released by the proportion of adulteration in 2008 up to 91.1%.

(Two public policy implementation fatigue government lack of continuity and stability of public policy there is no continuity of government policies, the general problem is that the "new official ignored the old things, the next government once the policy, the often heavy playing gongs and drums and then opened, some local governments to form a team set of ideas, the next government a policy "of the situation, the impact of the government's image, a great negative impact on the whole issue of social credit. generous public policy changes, leading to the public can not be on the government behavior to make a reasonable expectation of some local governments in order to promote the work carried out, hasty introduction of the policy, after a long time can not be promised to the masses, so that the government promises to the people, resulting in damage to the credibility of the government.

(Three-corruption lawlessness, corruption leads to the government "credibility" in increasingly suffered questioned. Reflected in the social management of the current situation of China's social management a "credible vicious circle, that people have become accustomed to doubt the government, and even "presumption of guilt": clashes Government wrong certainly wrong government officials, must be corrupt, the government introduced a policy, always compete with the people, policy evaluation, mostly skeptical ...... and so on makes the government a lot of care and thought not to be understood, good intentions do not a good thing.

(D government lack of transparency, citizen understanding and participation, oversight of government management of the cornerstone, there is no transparent information, the public can not be orderly participation, the government can not get the real information, it will generate government the 'Cunning mindset "and people "corrupt thinking stereotype" that the government is always able to self-management does not trust the people, and the people always do not believe that the Government will be people-oriented government policy agenda setting, program selection, implementation and evaluation, are also far from achieve the degree of openness. know, to participate and to supervise the lack of a system to protect people. lack of transparency of information, limited government internal decision-making powers and rights between the implementation, supervision and effective control, the system of government is difficult to achieve balance, the credibility of the government is the more difficult it Links to free papers Download Center

three, to improve the credibility of the government's five levels

Service concept (one at the conceptual level, firmly establish the concept of governance to firmly establish the right of the people the power of the government is the people to the Government's role is to serve the people, therefore, of utmost good faith to adhere to the philosophy of governing for the people is the government political parties are the hands of the citizens control the government, is the voice of the people of the tool, the level of ability of the ruling party, directly affect the degree of citizen participation in government decision-making, the extent to which the implementation of civil and political rights, thereby affecting the degree of trust in government and only the ruling party from The various aspects of the concept of governance, institutional supply, the ruling regime, cadres delivery embodies the spirit of serving the public, and to regulate the government's internal management and external relations, improve administrative ethics and administrative level, in order to enable the Government to win the trust of the public .

(Two at the institutional level, to strengthen the building of democracy-building system has a fundamental impact on the credibility of the government reform and opening up 30 years, the social composition of the tremendous changes, through the strengthening of the "Three Represents", "political civilization" and "service-oriented government" the concept of "harmonious society", the political philosophy of the people has also undergone major changes. perfect inner-party democracy, elected high quality, political influence, public opinion based on good main person in charge, for enhancing the citizens of the system, institutions and major the person in charge of the trust is undoubtedly very important. to dispersed state administrative organs pressure to play a greater role in determining the major issues, budget, supervision by the National People's Congress, and as society organizations active in social governance,.

(Three at the government level, building service-oriented government building service-oriented government, local government management innovation is the crux of the Government to enhance the credibility of the reasonable position of government functions. Government is "limited", the government must clarify their functions and role under the conditions of market economy, the government exercise its economic functions, must not undermine the normal operation of the market mechanism as a precondition to any government actions that conflict with the market competition mechanism inevitably lead to their behavior beneath the essential requirements of the credit. reasonable positioning of the different functions of government at all levels for the more grass-roots government should be more focused on the goal of the providers of public goods, and the people's livelihood in a prominent position, local governments, especially the grassroots government, public service tasks should be heavier, reasonable configuration level financial authority and powers of the government. government in the implementation of the policy, operational, to grasp the principle of proportionality, to ensure the realization of economic development and the interests of the people, in order to win the trust of the public.

(Four at the policy level, to improve procedures and strengthen supervision and improve the decision-making process, the use of expert demonstration, risk assessment, and public participation, promote the scientific decision-making, democratic decision-making, decision-making according to the law. Comprehensively promote openness in government affairs, strengthen information disclosure, broaden the channels of information disclosure further strengthen the powers and improve information dissemination mechanism to protect the people's right to know, to participate, to express and to supervise the power to run in the sun, and the exercise of public power, and consciously accept the supervision of the legal and institutional constraints, social and public. operational supervision and regulation, the full implementation of administrative law enforcement responsibility, to effectively increase administrative accountability efforts, that power comes with responsibility, with the right subject to supervision, rights to compensation, illegal should be investigated.

(Five at the management level, improved management processes Government workflow improvements, is an important factor to affect the public's evaluation of the level of government services. Strengthen the control and management of the process of government action, the integrated use of a variety of modern management tools to improve the performance of government administration government performance evaluation system, is to guide the government and its civil servants to establish the correct orientation, to dutifully do all the work of an important system, is the implementation of the prerequisite and basis of the administrative accountability system. performance evaluation reflects the public on government policy, The behavior results agree, the government what extent to meet the needs of the public, social public scrutiny of government capacity and performance, and even a major degree of credibility of the government with the benchmark.

In short, without integrity can not stand integrity of fashion industry, the country no good faith is not strong. Credibility of the Government level, directly related to the image of the party's ruling affect the party's ruling status. Enhance the credibility of the government is to implement the party's program line, principles, policies, practice the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, innovation, and the ways and means of improving the work of the government to effectively perform various duties, the development of various undertakings, and to the people to win public trust in a fair build credibility, to efficient Tree credibility, to publicly promote the credibility and public trust to the honesty and Paul, to the ruling image and job performance to win the general trust and genuine support of the masses.


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