College Libraries is an important carrier of the campus culture construction

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Abstracts campus culture is an organic combination of material and cultural, spiritual and cultural, and institutional culture. University library is an important carrier of the campus culture construction, strengthen the construction of university library resources, environment, construction, improve the overall quality of the librarians construction of campus culture has an important role.

School is a place of teaching and educating, the the civilization spread of the window, the campus culture is a combination of the human environment and the natural environment, the construction of campus culture is a complex system engineering library as one of the three pillars of higher education, should assume the campus the important task of cultural construction.

The connotation of a campus culture

Campus culture is a substance culture. Substances, the protection does not begin to talk about the material culture, campus culture. Material culture belongs to the hardware facilities, tangible things, including high-rise buildings, green spaces, public facilities often said: building more of today's colleges and universities, master-less, this is a fact. flip side, if there is no perfect facilities, there is no reasonable construction, comfortable environment, how can we achieve edutainment teaching purposes, how can we inspire teachers and students a passion for learning. material culture is the cornerstone of the construction of campus culture.

Campus culture is a spiritual and cultural spirit of the culture is the soul of the campus culture, a school, and the reason is full of vitality, full of cultural atmosphere, as the school formed its own unique spiritual and cultural development process of this culture reflected teachers and students positive outlook on life and values, reflected in the psychological quality of teachers and students and the way of thinking is reflected in the ethos and style of study to pursue deep inside, the rich spiritual and cultural connotation is the ultimate goal of the construction of campus culture.

Campus culture is the culture of an institution. Saying goes: No rules, Ho Cheng Fangyuan school rules and regulations in order to strengthen the management of the school, and to standardize the words and deeds of the teachers and students, for teachers and students in work and life rules to follow , chapter according to the system is not directed against a particular individual, a certain thing, but for the global, the need to adapt to school, it can promote the steady and healthy development of schools. institutional culture is the protection of the construction of campus culture.

Material culture, spiritual culture, institutional culture, three organic combination, constitute a campus culture, which is a manifestation of the comprehensive strength of a school, its mission is educating people.

Second, the library's role in the construction of campus culture

>> << General Academic Library Regulation clearly states: "University libraries must implement the national education policy, perform educational functions and information services functions for training all-round development of the moral, intellectual, physical, personnel services . this protocol emphasizes the educational function of the library, campus culture construction purpose is consistent with the University Library Information Resources, a beautiful environment, high-quality staff, conditionally, the ability to participate in the construction of campus culture, important carrier of the campus culture construction. Specifically, the library, the construction of the campus culture can play the role of the following three aspects:
1, provides a wealth of resources. Library is a gathering place for information resources, including paper books, e-books, audio and video, and CD-ROM, these resources are rich in content, both a long history of traditional culture, but also in line with the spirit of the age of modern culture both the local community of the Chinese culture, the introduction of foreign culture. these cultural profound, all-encompassing: deep philosophical thinking, broad moral culture, there "to people-oriented" of the ideology, have "to and for you," the harmonious concept ...... wander the sea of ​​books, teachers and students thinking of getting a baptism, soul purification, has been sublimated in the spiritual realm, and their cultural quality and moral qualities has been improved.

2, provides an elegant setting. Library is an important part of the college, speaking from the material and cultural level, it is one of the landmarks of the school, regardless of external design, interior layout, are exquisite, reasonable, and fully reflects the school cultural heritage. libraries indoor Books full frame, wall hanging celebrity pictures, full of rich, sophisticated atmosphere, and libraries are generally spacious and bright, fresh and clean, good lighting conditions, also reading, either the library can read. readers in such a comfortable, convenient, elegant environment, will be able to refreshing, mental and physical pleasure, improve learning efficiency.

3, to provide the service of civilization. Lenin once said: "librarians librarianship soul." Library ability to play an important role in the construction of campus culture, librarians play a key role. Librarians polished manners decent conversation, polite terminology, smiling service teachers and students to feel warm and cozy, really readers first, service first "to enable them to interact in a harmonious and pleasant culture. libraries have clear rules and regulations including daily code of conduct, responsibilities and rewards and penalties, in the specification while librarians words and deeds, constraints of readers, improve their self-discipline, self-awareness of management to ensure the smooth development of library work, harmonious campus building and the construction of campus culture can play a positive role in promoting.

Links to free papers Download Center, Library of measures to strengthen the construction of campus culture
1, strengthen the construction of resources. College teachers and students in research, teaching, learning and leisure, requires both sophisticated expertise they need a broad basis of knowledge, these alone is not enough to rely on textbooks and lesson learning more need Library to improve and supplement the library to meet the needs of teachers and students in general, have a plan to purchase a variety of information resources proportionally there have both professional books and literature of various disciplines to facilitate teachers and students to expand learning These resources, consolidate and deepen their professional knowledge, but also the political, educational, literary books, so that teachers and students to expand their knowledge and improve their own quality, enhance personal taste. requires both paper documents, as well as electronic books, tapes, CDs, and other forms of electronic literature. wide variety and diverse literature, the combination of the natural and social sciences, the carrier of a variety of literature, the literature to better meet the needs of readers short, the resource structure is more reasonable . library literature resources to carry out the checks, those unhealthy, but the quality of related products shut out, the introduction of formal resources, allowing readers to draw positive thought and culture, from the subject infection and inspired, in order to effectively promote the construction of campus culture.

Strengthen environmental construction famous educator Tao: "A vibrant, stable and harmonious, healthy and positive environment atmosphere itself has an educational function." Libraries have become second class of teachers and students, in addition to books Museum has a wealth of resources, another important reason is the library environment is beautiful and full of cultural atmosphere. libraries should continue to improve the premises, both inside and outside the building: Hall to enhance greening placed outside some of the sculptures, flowers and other decorative, from the external environment to attract readers, the layout of the museum collection to be reasonable, the tables and chairs should be neat, lighting should be soft, color coordination, people feel warm. libraries can take advantage of their own environment and facilities to carry out a variety of campus activities, such as lectures race debate competition , reading the Sharon and academic talks, to attract more students and teachers to get involved, to create a good cultural atmosphere, so that they feel the culture, savor the culture, enhance the level of the campus culture activities.

To improve the quality of librarians. 62nd IFLA Competition experts clearly stated: "Today, with books and other library materials is no longer the main functions of the library, only with the most modern technology, can be found in the required the ability of information is the most important, put a higher demand on the quality of librarians. surge in the amount of information, access to information the way with the development of science and technology, more and more, more and more alternative platform librarians to adapt to the development of the times, and constantly improve the quality of their own: to improve the political quality, to establish a correct moral values ​​and career outlook, lead by example, people-oriented, dedication is to improve the professional quality, and establish a sense of lifelong learning , actively participate in the training, master computer, network, new knowledge, new skills, practicing internal strength, advancing with the times, through the efforts of the librarians set of knowledge, skills, academic in a formation of a high-quality team, students and teachers first-class service, and contribute to the construction of campus culture.


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