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[Abstract] University Library is the school's Documentation and Information Center, is a teaching and interdisciplinary research academic institutions for service, and also the schools and the community to achieve an important base of information. Library work is the school teaching and discipline an important part of the research work one level of a library is that it is not just a collection of books owned, and more importantly, it embodies in its internal environment and the management level, therefore, in order to give full play to the role of the library, explore Higher management is very necessary, the paper deals about the university library management innovation perspective to analyze, to think, for reference.

In the 21st century, with the new technological revolution and society become information technology, information has become an important factor in human progress, developed the information as to promote technological progress and economic development investment is indispensable, therefore, library management and service level increasingly shows its importance [1] Today, the challenges of the information society, market economy, drivers, networking, digitization and environmental impact of the acceleration of change and social progress, construction and service of university libraries face many challenges, in order to Library Services to explore the laws and trends, to better ensure that libraries play its role and function, it is necessary in this regard be further explored.

1 to establish a librarian based library management:

1.1 emphasis on human capital, the role of work in the library for libraries, good managers will become the most important resource of contemporary library and a premier wealth because librarians are carriers of knowledge, is the library information library builder and maintainers, are information resources and readers bridge and link between the user, the high knowledge content of information products designers, manufacturers and operators, and innovative librarian library is exactly the intrinsic development.

1.2 emphasis on multi-skill training librarians, librarians rotation system implemented library literature information collection, sorting, reading between consulting and other work are closely linked to each other, as appropriate to implement rotation system is conducive to museum Library staff understand the picture of the work, establish the overall awareness of the University Library Circulation Department by librarians stacks within a day's work, serious readers borrow needs to understand statistical kinds of books to borrow the amount of regular production of reports provided to the procurement and other departments, as adjusted textbook strategy.

1.3 librarians and readers to establish information channels readers and administrators should be equal, the reader can feel free to make suggestions and requests librarians, which is more than the reader librarian's desk stood before a statement to humanity too stiff more, virtually closing the distance librarians and readers, reader service and better carry out the work. Such kind of natural communication environment design reflects the people-oriented library, create a harmonious concept.

(2) the creation of innovative management Contents:

2.1 Innovation Management System

Library management system innovation including the management system innovation, management innovation and management objectives innovation in the management system, the library has been based on our administrative relationship based leadership system in accordance with the Library diverse portfolio management system, forming a fragmentation, fragmentation and duplication and waste of resources duplication status. innovation management can diversify the library management system, such as a museum two industries, a museum, many systems, cooperatively-run museum, jointly run museum, privately run museum resources to build a total of knowledge, sharing.

2.2 Management Mechanism

Internal management mechanism, including rationalizing internal relations, the conversion operation mechanism, adjusting the structure, optimize the team, to improve conditions, and improve treatment, intrinsic motivation and enhanced vitality, etc. To establish an effective internal management mechanism, we must be able to give full play to the management role of the manager is always full of vigor and vitality.

2.3 Knowledge Innovation Library

Knowledge Innovation is the key to a high-quality, reasonable knowledge structure of the personnel. University libraries should be based on characteristics of the school disciplines, rational introduction of talent, as our teaching and research services for existing librarians, university library managers librarians should be based on personal characteristics and work requirements, planned, purposeful, targeted training for librarians to conduct a comprehensive knowledge, training librarians with specific job skills.

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(3) reinforcing the modern university library service philosophy:

3.1 Enhanced awareness of innovation

Innovation is the driving force behind all things, is to adapt to the times and social progress, for the university library services and management personnel, the need for continuous learning, followed by social and technological development trend, grasp the latest global professional theory, the latest professional technology, combined museum and national professional development characteristics, breaking new ground

3.2 continue to raise awareness of service

New forms of library services should be close to the reader, so that "the reader first, service first", to carry out a variety of service delivery, such as the museum, online services, targeted services, special services, consulting services, etc. In the dedication for the majority of teachers and readers good service, service intensity effect, emphasizing the cultural content of library information services and knowledge content.

3.3 to establish an open library

Now many of our university library also retained sample stacks, because the sample library is not open, the sample stacks of books has become a "dead letter." Meanwhile, the majority of university libraries to develop a severe system of compensation, damage, pollution, loss of books, be up to 3 times to 10 times the price of compensation because the library's limited funds, managers believe that libraries have spent so much money to rich collections, you must take good care to minimize loss. Driven by this concept, most libraries not out of the closed circle, or the implementation of the "book-oriented: instead of" people-oriented. "Secondly, in our university library opening is targeted school teachers and students on campus is in a closed state, resulting in the waste of a lot of resources

4 optimization allocation of human resources:

University Library in the traditional management mode, aging talent, talent is not reasonable combination, which requires the introduction of talent in the university library and more books to introduce some variety of other professional personnel, such as computers, foreign languages, history and other disciplines personnel, After professional training for books, such as continuing education, job training, exchange of librarians, sending training, visiting scholars, gradually change the current single university library personnel, shortage situation. gradually improve personnel structure of university libraries. in order to improve Library staff throughout the overall quality, and from the respect for human personalization features starting to understand the person's best director, combined with training results, boldly new, rational allocation of departmental officers to enable them to suit their own interests, be able to play their skills on the job full potential, in co-ordination under the coordination of managers, and ultimately achieve a new level of University Library.


In short, the rapid development of science and technology today, information technology university library as a base for the school must provide personalized service, to carry forward the spirit of a library, so that the development of libraries full of vigor and vitality, to build a harmonious society to play an active role. We want to optimize the department functions, good library management efforts to enhance the enthusiasm of librarians to create a democratic management, integrity, fraternity, fair reading, stability and order, harmony and vibrant library, allowing readers to learn a wealth of nutrition knowledge knowledge of librarians to conduct a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary training, so that all the librarians have to update their knowledge and expand your horizons and improve skills. train high-quality cross-century talents, is to build a harmonious society is every person's beautiful ideal of a library.


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