Analysis of University Library Service Innovation and Education Students

[Abstract] modern university in education innovation, cultivating innovative talents and university culture generated in the process, the school library bears a very important position and play an important role in expounding the meaning of quality education in colleges and universities on the basis of confirmed College Library in Quality Education advantage of the university library services and the reasons for the problems and puts forward the university library must be actively engaged in service innovation, and establish service recovery awareness, improve the professional quality of librarians, the implementation of personalized services and other measures to quality education for university students to provide protection.

[Paper Keywords] university library, quality education, service innovation, personalized service

Library of knowledge, intelligence, information dissemination center, school quality education is one of the main positions in Quality Education has a special status and role, so universities must make great efforts to combine their school library features construction, carried out in order to promote quality education and deepening.

First, the connotation of Quality Education

Quality education is a new philosophy of education is to enhance the quality of people, thereby serving the community for the purpose of education, that in order to improve the quality and achieve social development goals for the purpose of education. << State Council on Deepening the full implementation of the education reform Education's decision >> made it clear that higher education should be to foster the implementation of quality students' innovative spirit and practical ability to focus, to enable students to experience and understand the process of knowledge generation and development, students of the scientific spirit and innovative thinking habits, focus on the students ability to process information gathered, the ability to acquire new knowledge, analysis and problem-solving skills, language skills as well as teamwork and social activities.

Second, the College Library in Quality Education Advantage

(A resource advantages Library has a rich collection of resources of various carriers for carrying out quality education provides the material basis. Rich collection of resources to attract a strong desire for knowledge of the students, college students through a variety of channels and means to obtain their own information needed for quality education provides adequate protection.

(Two technical advantages compared university library of modern equipment and complete quality training for college students to provide technical support. University libraries with a wealth of knowledge storage and advanced computer technology to provide a variety of college information service, through a variety of means and Information is gathered, the development of network resources, electronic reading room, audio-visual, multimedia reading room for the students to provide access to information resources, places of advanced information retrieval facilities provide students with a practical means.

(Three staff University Library has a number of advantages of the theory and practice of information rich high quality librarians, they have the processing, handling and organizing, retrieving information capacity, a keen sense of information, skilled use of various information tools, they are college students' quality education navigator.

(Four environmental advantages Library elegant cultural environment and civilized service atmosphere of good moral training students plays a decisive role in the study so that they understand the meaning of life, adjust their biased restrain their behavior, and gradually improve themselves and improve their own qualities. the students in terms of behavior such education is a silent demonstration is subtle promotion, can motivate students to establish good study, and a positive attitude towards life.

(Five secondary school teachers and students strengths library is an auxiliary base for scientific teaching and research, library and classroom education in the form of education is completely different from a certain perspective, China's current education classroom education is to complete tasks and achieve a certain kind of standard academic requirements of the education, is a passive education and library education is based on the student's hobbies, interests, education in the classroom to supplement the education is an extension of classroom teaching, which is more flexible forms of education, both Through books and materials to help students in the professional field is rapidly increasing, but also to broaden the students' knowledge, students of independence, creativity and pioneering.

Third, the university library service problems

(A Librarian service consciousness, sense of duty.

Circulation is the core of library work, "the reader first, service first" is the purpose of library work, but because of deep-rooted "in the book as" consciousness, there are still some librarians "I was manager of books, rather than the service provider "concept. Reception readers arrogance, because of mental concentration, tend to also book readers to leak also, but the reader through the book but did not read into the computer, and renewal of the book when the book is also addressed. sometimes staff to operate improperly, for lending operation failed to carefully check each record of a sweep, timely clear the screen, the occurrence of leakage or leakage also borrow phenomenon, even after a reader's book to borrow before a reader's library card Lane.

(Two readers do not understand the method with the check with Bent put the readers do not understand the lack of knowledge and collections library classification bent way to find books is to see more titles by Library Classification looking less and some readers find books and found a good book after book in the hands of arbitrary readily on the shelves, the cause wrong frame, as well as access to books when readers aimless free to take the book, once won a few books, more attention while after, or take uncertain free to leave "no," the book, making these books back to the original frame bit difficult, resulting in the wrong frame of the phenomenon.

(Three intentionally hiding the limited number of books to borrow, one can not put all of your favorite books borrowed, but was worried about other readers borrow these books, so readers have a destination in its collection of books required for the shelter alternative bookshelf to facilitate their next loan, resulting in the wrong frame of the phenomenon.

(Four Disorder contradictions arising museum open-shelf reading mode, the reader can read directly into the library to find books, book-marked and therefore easily damaged, incomplete, fall off, the staff was not able to immediately repair because the books written standard is not clear, the reader can not the book back into place while casually on other shelves, so retrieved can not I find books available for lending books. librarian neglect patrol libraries, wrong planes, Disorder books did not promptly adjust homing, and some books due to lost, damaged or because the old tick off the shelf, but not any time to change the database records, there have been inconsistencies query records and the actual situation of contradictions.

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Fourth, the university library should actively carry out service innovation, quality education for university students to provide protection

Library network environment completely changed the way traditional services in order to adapt to the needs of changing times, the library community proposed a "reader first, people-oriented" concept, librarians how this idea into practice, how to improve the service literature quality, not only to the library's image, but may be related to survival and development of the library, so how to adapt to the network environment, innovative service concept, update service, improve service performance has become the university library service must be addressed problem.

(A library staff to improve the professional quality of library staff is the spokesman for the image library, librarian service attitude is not to be underestimated is the role of the reader by the different attitudes of service will produce different psychological, and different service attitude produce different results. readers are satisfied with library services, mainly through the actual work of librarians to feel. According to my observations, the reader has a great discontent was partly due to apathy library staff, harsh, impatient, leaving readers love to ignore the answer caused hurt pride, which requires the reader service work, library staff should be strengthened professional quality, readers understand and respect the reader, to strengthen communication with readers, training Library staff roles habit of empathy, if you are the reader, you expect to get what kind of library staff attitude? answer is yes, that is enthusiastic, patient, kind, responsible hospitality and help. passion , patience, kindness, responsibility is a library staff should possess professional quality. one have good professional quality of librarians, from work to find services are inadequate, but also to take appropriate measures to remedy the situation.

(Two collections to strengthen the construction of the harmonious development of library collection development issues are also a reason for dissatisfaction with readers some unscientific Library structure, possession of non-required, to be non-possession, can not meet the needs of readers. Along with social development, academic development and professional adjustment accelerates, Literature Resource Construction work regardless of the form and content have undergone significant changes, the establishment of collection development and harmony between disciplines, to meet the needs of readers, the library must first grasp the development of the subject dynamics and trends, as well as the latest research achievements in key disciplines, development, in-depth investigation to understand the needs of readers and users of the collections building objectives, content areas, literature carrier and the specific methods of operation to scientific norms, the reader needs to develop in line The collection development planning, through various channels, in various ways, purposeful, to focus on systematic, continuous, comprehensive collection of Tibetan literature people short, scientific collections service recovery is achieved building material security.

(Three enhance library services different readers diversification have different needs, wants readers have become accustomed manner in accordance with a variety of different services, only the diversification of services in order to meet the various needs of different audiences, the reader's needs are met, the library service will naturally give good reviews, if limited library service mode, the reader can not reach the requirements, the reader will generate disappointment of the library, so standing readers perspective, to provide readers with quick and efficient service is the library of the times demands. diversification benefits of the service is that when a reader needs can not be met, you can use another way to remedy.

(Four enhance library services Library personalized, personalized service, that the user's unique information needs of targeted services and it should not only be able to request the user to provide the most precise information services, but also to be able to predict the possible personality development initiative to collect the appropriate information based on the user's individual personality traits, knowledge structure, psychological tendencies, such information needs and behavior to user needs sufficient incentive to promote users to efficiently retrieve and access to information, and on this basis of knowledge innovation.

On information services in the form, there are four services concern:

1 Knowledge Network Intelligence Service This service is different from general information to inform, it is to inform high-level of personalized information, in close connection with the design characteristics of the knowledge itself, having increased sexual and effectiveness.

2 Push pull personalized information service is an important form of service. Pushed automatically collect user needs and may require information that will push it into the computer, prompting the user to explore the use of high frequency information they need its technical means, First, the use of electronic mail, push human involvement, a class of intelligent software to complete fully automated information push. pull provides network information retrieval efficiency, simple and convenient, its categories are classified directories, web search, multiple search.

3 Vertical Vertical Information Services Information Services refers specifically and deep information consultation, namely personalized consultation with specialized, creative forms. Throughout the research process, from the topic, given questions to gather broad information needs to consulting Support.

4 call center services using communication networks, computer networks even as one multi-user The user can choose to access the call center phone, TP telephone, fax, computer, call the user based on the stored information to users to publish regularly updated information .

The university library has a connotation of humanity personalized service, whether it is from the service concept, service model, service quality and efficiency, or specific to each service detail, so that readers can obtain a library of high-value knowledge and information at the same time, feel to fully humane care and spiritual enjoyment, feel library values ​​and cultural heritage.

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