On College Library System of Subject Librarian

[Abstract] library is an important part of vocational colleges, which work as teaching and research institutions to provide services subject librarian system better able to provide comprehensive services for the teaching and research paper from the concept of subject librarians, Subject Librarian System of inevitability, as well as the duties and subject librarian training and other aspects of the implementation of Subject Librarian System in Vocational some in China.

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To promote the overall improvement of the quality of vocational education, since 2006, the Ministry of Education launched a nationwide demonstration vocational colleges to create this strong impetus to vocational college library service mode change, innovation and development model, Subject Librarian System is to adapt to this requirement. Vocational College Library from the disciplines, user professional, personalized service and a library of their own development and other aspects of starting, the subject librarian system gradually introduced into vocational colleges library, so that the Subject Librarian System in College Library became the new service model.

A librarian concept

Subject Librarian is a library set up special units with a faculty or discipline as counterparts to establish contacts in the faculties, disciplines and bridge the gap between libraries, communicate with each other, the initiative for the user targeted collection provide information service for teaching and research to provide effective help our country was first established in 1998 Subject Librarian System, then more and more universities have adopted this system.

2 College Library to implement the inevitability of Subject Librarian System

2.1 pairs of new knowledge and information needs in the Internet age, the reader how vast, uneven quality of information in the literature to obtain the services they need their own demand is gradually increasing. Vocational colleges teaching and research staff of various disciplines and students new knowledge and information needs of more and more urgent, no less than undergraduate institutions, the information carrier technology, information processing technology and information transfer technology, intervention, College Library is moving into a new era of a new service for readers to improve vocational colleges Library resource utilization, information needs to solve readers manage change and conflict between traditional library.

2.2 becomes generally active service subject librarian system is an active service model, more traditional subject librarian librarians with strong comprehensive professional qualities, knowledge is more extensive, but also have professional knowledge of Library and Information by Subject Distribution corresponding librarians, enabling service change from passive to active, for readers more rational use of resources in library collections advice and guidance play an effective role as a reader's right-hand man, to improve efficiency in the use of information resources, fully meet the needs of readers at the same time, in order to give full play to the functions of university libraries to expand a broad service space, and truly reflects the people-oriented service concept librarian libraries and schools is a bridge between the various faculties. Academy building and books Museum of Literature Resource Construction are complementary, subject librarian system enables libraries to better serve the teaching, research and providing comprehensive services to meet the teaching and research, and the reader's individual needs.

3 librarian training

3.1 Key responsibilities of subject librarians familiar with a subject and write books Literature Resource Guide readers, responsible for a disciplinary network resources to collect, organize and establish a network of these resources home, in-depth consultation to answer issues, by organizing lectures related continuously improve counterparts faculties and students information literacy, and actively maintain contact with their counterparts in college, faculty and students to provide counterpart library information resources and training services, assisting faculty and students for their counterparts in literature searches and other related topics.

3.2 To strengthen the team building librarian to have team spirit, to strengthen collaboration with other subject librarians, department, contact the user to build the project and accountability mechanisms. Need strong support from the House leadership and the active cooperation of other departments. Need clear thinking, to have an overall plan, but also need to have strong willpower and execution, such as job rotation can be implemented, can strengthen exchanges and contacts between jobs, helping to play each librarian's enthusiasm and creativity. Because the library is a complex and comprehensive work, all aspects need to cooperate with each other, particularly in a network environment, the dependency between the posts and constraints of growing.

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3.3 To strengthen professional ethics Library Readers' First, adhere to the reader first "as the basic working principles, the right attitude toward labor as the core, dedicated, dedication to Reader service. an ethical librarians in the process of serving the readers, to everything from the reader's interests, the reader interests, in accordance with the requirements of information technology to play the "information navigator" "Ask the Experts" in effect.

3.4 Deepening services librarian vocational colleges in the good on the basis of common services, but also to enhance service innovation, improve service quality, and conduct in-depth services.

3.5 Subject Librarians close contact with the School of subject librarians have the time and energy to participate in the institutions of scientific research, teaching, and Academy of various academic activities associated with college, contact the laboratory for experimental subject librarians to provide the necessary environment.

3.6 improve the professional quality as the network era, making information in large quantities, update speed. Resource changes in the environment makes a lot of readers to the limited amount of time to fully retrieve the required information exists the difficulty. Then you need to have a professional librarian can help the reader to retrieve, which requires not only have the academic librarian expertise, but also have professional knowledge of Library and Information, in the usual constant attention to the information frontier development and changes, the use of solid expertise of disciplines the status quo and for the reader to play the role of navigator disciplines. most effective and direct professional capacity to improve literacy librarian way of training and participate in academic exchange activities. Libraries should be based on the quality of the structure and requirements librarian librarians participate regularly organized international and domestic provincial city held a variety of training courses, seminars meetings, lectures, expert forums and interlibrary exchanges, improve quality, expand their horizons, expand ideas.

3.7 foreign language professionals and computer professionals with the library network environment and the popularity of multi-lingual, multi-media collection of information resources for librarians foreign languages ​​and computer skills have become increasingly demanding librarian as libraries in a group with a higher quality, more should have strong foreign language literature information inquiry and evaluation capacity, so as to provide library users more choices and reliable information resources for the library collection development multilingual provide advice and opinions. librarian should be able to master and use of network and multimedia technology, information browsing, publishing, master Web search engine tool that can take full advantage of network conditions to understand the latest and best information resources.

4 Conclusion

Subject Librarian System is an active and positive service model, is an integrated services, vocational colleges should be adapted to local conditions, create conditions suitable for their own school system, in order to promote better development institute.

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