A discussion on university library building of professional ethics analysis

Abstract: Through the analysis of the importance of the building of professional ethics of the University Library, and a number of factors affect the current construction of university ethics, all-round, multi-level to a new method of construction of the university library ethics only further improve, new ideas. system of supervision and management mechanism, establish a set of effective measures, in order to promote the development of the university library career, better for the university's teaching and research.

Paper Keywords: college library, professional ethics, librarians

So-called professional ethics, is closely linked with people's professional activities meet occupational characteristics required by the code of ethics, the sum of the moral sentiments and moral quality. Both in the behavior of professional activities on their own personnel requirements, while vocational society The negative moral responsibilities and obligations. Documentation and Information Center of the University Library is a school, and the important positions of spiritual civilization, and how to effectively carry out the work of library services, to improve the quality of library service for readers, in addition to library literature resources necessary to do well of the building, the strengthening of the library building of professional ethics is extremely important, especially in today's information technology, network era, strengthen library building of professional ethics is the key to good reader service work is to promote the career development of university library building The key to a harmonious socialist society.

First, the importance of the university library building of professional ethics

Contribute to the implementation of the scientific concept of development, explore the new situation of the University Library
The University Library is the university teaching, research, and construction of spiritual civilization and important position in the scientific concept of development of the new era of the cause of building a guide to action, but also the University Library Construction guide for action to implement the scientific concept of development, and to strengthen the building of professional ethics, University Library to do around promote scientific development, improve the quality of service around strengthening management and services to promote the harmonious development. university library should work closely with the the university scientific development objectives, close contact with the actual work of the department, working in the library business to firmly establish and comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development, to develop the sector adapt our development objectives, and promote the work of University Library comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, and strive to open up a new situation in the work of the University Library.

2 helps to cultivate the spirit of dedication of librarians to do their work

Dedication is an important aspect in the building of professional ethics in the university library. Wholeheartedly serve the readers is the bounden duty of the librarian, is the core of the library work, the basis upon which the existence and development is also a library. Many libraries at all times predecessors regarded library work as one to raise the quality, the rich wealthy and noble cause, also has paid a lot of time and effort. the librarianship love with the basic spirit of each person engaged in library work. strengthen the university library building of professional ethics to help cultivate the love and dedication of the majority of librarians to do their own work better.

3. Helps librarians to enhance service awareness, and serve our readers, contributing to society

Library Documentation and Information Center of the university, the academic institutions for teaching and research librarians should clearly recognize that the ability to provide satisfactory service for readers, to a large extent depends on the mentality of the majority of librarians and sense of service. Therefore, we need to clearly understand the mentality and awareness of the librarian of library work, strengthening to be able to face up to their own identity and status of librarians sense of service and quality of education, embassy members do on their own role accurate positioning. librarians should strengthen ideological training, establish the correct values, strive to cultivate the sentiments of selfless dedication, a correct understanding of the important role of the library of social progress and economic development. especially to understand that under the conditions of market economy, can not simply use the point of view of the market economy to assess the value of libraries, librarians establish vocational sense of mission and sense of honor, dedication to the community as a conscious action, so as to realize the value of life.

4. Contribute to shaping a good image of the library, and to improve the social status of the library

Good image of the library is the supporting elements of the library to flourish and grow a library professional ethics, a direct impact on the library's reputation in the community and social benefits related to the cause of the success or failure of the University Library should strengthen professional ethics in information technology today, the construction of the image of the university library has become an important means to achieve management objectives show the Hall Wind Pavilion Maung as well as teachers and students trust the library image is a very rich connotation of cultural morphology , it is the mental image of the behavior of the image of the organic unity of the visual image. university library to better play to serve our readers, good overall image of the library functions of teaching and research services, the need to shape the image of knowledge and learning, not The walls of the University of the image, the information center of the image, the image of the spiritual civilization base, quality service image, environment clean and comfortable image of organic integration, enhance the image of their own force to improve the social status of the library.

Second, the impact of a number of factors in the university library building of professional ethics

An external environmental impact
College library management attention should be paid to the impact of the external environment, this is the need to do a good job in the library services, is also a library better serve the needs of the university teaching and research services. Market economy, subject to a number of economic factors, the part of the book Librarians do more and get less, leading to psychological imbalance, thus affecting the faith and confidence of their dedication. librarians career philosophy shaken, so negative work part-time to make money, the outer business that frequently clashed with readers seriously affect the majority of the professional image of the librarian. impact of the external environment has become an important factor to affect the university library building of professional ethics.

2. Majority of librarians burnout psychological

Currently, some college librarians working poor attitude, serious psychological burnout, treat readers especially student readers yelled impatiently consulting services to students. Partial librarians utilitarian first, simply engage in the so-called scientific research, writing papers project to do, do not do their job seriously, and earn more money for the upgrade post. engage in research this is understandable, but should also encourage and support, but completely away from work to engage in scientific research, in our hearts and in our management said barrier part librarians to work on time, but not in the workplace as a work string Kong to find colleagues chatting or playing online games, the existence of these circumstances affect the development of science, health librarianship. Librarians the ability to adapt to the new technology is not enough.

University library to enter the information technology, networking, automation era, the part of the older library management expertise has been aging, many people lack modern management basics and modern information processing technology, the computer is very weak, it is difficult to adapt to technological and cultural requirements of the new situation, which is the urgent need to solve this important problem. Some librarians making progress, to meet the status quo, the lack of knowledge update. Entire the librarian team in knowledge structure is irrational, uneven level of the existence of these circumstances can not meet today's rapid development of the information society, and seriously affect the University Library The level of service and quality, affect the building of professional ethics in the university library.

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4. Backward Human Resources Management of the University Library

The overall quality of the university library staff, lack of human resources is a prominent problem faced by some colleges and universities. Backward Human Resource Management, many librarians expertise that can not learn learning master not to acquire new professional skills. personnel management, selection and use of personnel arbitrary large. part of the University Library on the number of personnel, structure, qualifications, skills are very complete, but these people in the post but did not play out of their proper order. fixed rules and regulations, management, without the development of management models do not adapt to the construction of the ethics of the University Library.

Lack of effective communication between readers and librarians

Lack of effective communication between readers and librarians, affecting the quality of service of the University Library. The readers attitude of good or bad is one aspect of the emotional impact librarians and librarians in their daily work, lack of effective communication with readers but also affect service the quality of the important reasons for the library building of professional ethics require librarians to do their job, all services in order to readers, to create a harmonious interpersonal environment to achieve the harmonious development of the library., University Library building of professional ethics means

1. Regular vocational morality education
University Library to regularly carry out professional ethics education, can be achieved by accepting two forms of education and self-education. University Library should first use of its own favorable conditions, organized, and there are plans to carry out a wide range of ethics education. Advocate self-education of librarians, through the study of political theory, social practice and training, to organize job training of the rectification work style to such activities, as well as library management professional ethics discussion, depth and sustained manner to carry out dedication readers, wholeheartedly serve the readers, when the ideological and moral education of good teaching and research logistics soldiers, further emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts, in-depth study and implement the scientific concept of development, to establish a correct outlook on life, world outlook and values, and the path of sustainable development, the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

2. Establish and improve the supervision and management mechanism

University Library to establish a set of effective supervision and management system. Libraries must develop practical supervision and management system, so that rule-based processing library related matters, will more clearly define the university library to set up Library Oversight Panel unified leadership by the curator, on a regular basis from time to time to supervise and found the problem to timely unprofessional librarians be dealt with severely, and the protection of the normal operation of the library work.

3 to establish an incentive mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm of librarians

Incentive is to stimulate the process of human motivation and psychological make some internal impetus in the role of some sort of external stimulus, people always in aggressive state of pleasure, the formation of positive motivation is to inspire results, therefore, as a university library to timely understand and grasp the needs and motivations of the library staff, targeted incentives, realistic manner incentives to stimulate the enthusiasm of the entire library staff, mobilize their inner consciousness, their potential. In recognition and awards for outstanding librarian in the building of professional ethics in the university library, thus forming an incentive to drive the initiative and enthusiasm of the staff of the Museum, better services for the university's teaching and research .

4. Research on the building of professional ethics of the new methods, new ways

Building the University Library. Scientific and realistic attitude of seeking truth from facts is the fine tradition and style of the Chinese Communist Party, is also the starting point and destination of all work. College library management should have new breakthroughs and new creation, the work should respect the objective facts from objective reality, both so-called innovation is to steal the show, put superfluous, not only stress innovation without respect for objective reality or away from the objective facts. should find a university library status quo can not be considered a combination of the best work and future trends breach of the combination of points, find a job, on a point of integration to create new ideas and new ways suitable for the specific circumstances of the Museum.

5. Librarians readers to evaluate the main ethical evaluation feedback mechanism

Librarians ethics evaluation mechanism is essentially a social supervision University Library Services, the main target of the majority of the teachers and students groups, they can directly observe and feel Librarian Professional Services in words and deeds of the Museum the evaluation of most of the members say University Library Librarian ethical evaluation system should be established to readers evaluation as the main practical work, you can consider the librarians quoted posts liability regime set up suggestion boxes, issuing library views questionnaire, on the network opened the message column and timely solutions to the problems encountered by the majority of teachers and students in the reading and lending environment, to keep abreast of the deficiencies in the process of library services, can also be constrained librarians ethical behavior, better for teaching and research services.

IV Conclusion

Library building of professional ethics is not an overnight can be completed, it is the university library should grab a long-term work, it needs the joint efforts of the majority of librarians also need the strong support of the university teachers and students. If libraries members can consciously take the initiative to abide by professional ethics and understanding of the work to comprehend its own connotations, will be able to expand its communication range, and to improve its business and improve its style of work, to better provide a strong teaching and research universities protection.

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