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  • College Libraries is an important carrier of the campus culture construction
    Paper Keywords: university library campus culture carrier Abstracts campus culture is an organic combination of material and cultural, spiritual and cultural, and institutional culture. University library is an important carrier of the campus culture construction, str

    Mar 29,2013

  • Discussion on Management Mode of University Library
    [Paper Keywords] Library Management Model [Abstract] University Library is the school's Documentation and Information Center, is a teaching and interdisciplinary research academic institutions for service, and also the schools and the community to achieve an important

    Feb 1,2013

  • On College Library System of Subject Librarian
    [Abstract] library is an important part of vocational colleges, which work as teaching and research institutions to provide services subject librarian system better able to provide comprehensive services for the teaching and research paper from the concept of subject li

    Jan 29,2013

  • Analysis of University Library Service Innovation and Education Students
    [Abstract] modern university in education innovation, cultivating innovative talents and university culture generated in the process, the school library bears a very important position and play an important role in expounding the meaning of quality education in colleges

    Jan 29,2013

  • Libraries in Higher Vocational Education Information Theory and Practice
    Paper Keywords: Information Literacy Education of University Library Abstract: Library Information Literacy Education activities to cultivate the public's ability to obtain information, to adapt to the modern information society in the definition and analysis of infor

    Dec 27,2012

  • A discussion on university library building of professional ethics analysis
    Abstract: Through the analysis of the importance of the building of professional ethics of the University Library, and a number of factors affect the current construction of university ethics, all-round, multi-level to a new method of construction of the university libr

    Dec 8,2012

  • On the Construction of University Library for sustainable development
    Abstract: University Library is the school's literature information management center for academic teaching and research services organization. Strengthening university college libraries are an important part of sustainable development based on sustainable development f

    Nov 30,2012

  • On the Information Age Management Innovation of University Library
    Papers: Abstract: Information Age University Library function has been expanded from the basic characteristics of university libraries, university libraries under the new era new features, management innovation university library three aspects of the information age m

    Nov 30,2012

  • Enhance the quality of the test proposed network of librarians
    Abstract: a network environment, library development and job requirements occurred great changes, analyze the characteristics of the network library shift, summed up the network library management staff should have the necessary qualities, and then from the reality impl

    Nov 7,2012

  • The meticulous management seminars for the University Library
    Abstracts: implementation of sophisticated management in the university library work, the only way of library science and management, improve service quality, improve reader satisfaction key, is to improve the effective needs of library human resources. Practiced in the

    Sep 29,2012

  • Public libraries in the United States the new library science "to
    Papers to write network: In recent years, under the impact of the financial crisis, the public libraries in the United States is under attack because of budgetary constraints. Against this backdrop, the major libraries innovation through more diverse range of services

    Sep 15,2012

  • Development Trend of University Library Information Service
    Abstract: The University Library as a subsystem of the social system in the era of knowledge economy should shoulder the responsibility to provide information services for the community. The article discusses the advantages of university library to provide information

    Jul 25,2012

  • A discussion on digital library collection development and maintenance
    Abstract: This article by the Digital Library collection development and maintenance of traditional libraries and digital library collections "development status, find the main factors affecting the development of the collection," collection " maintenance and the basic

    Jul 25,2012

  • On the pop culture; mainstream culture; value fit; functional interaction
    Abstract: The analysis of digital resources construction of the Library of Hainan, to explore the overall planning and construction, for use in research, construction and promotion of digital library resources in Hainan. Paper Keywords: libraries, digital resources, t

    Jul 24,2012

  • In the University Library is currently the "bottleneck" phenomenon
    Abstract: In this paper, the principle of "Theory of Constraints" analysis of the three hinder library development, to take these factors raise awareness of service and service quality, strengthen the retrieval literature skills, to enhance the digital resources integra

    Jul 24,2012

  • University Library in binding work the problems and ways to improve
    Abstract: This paper describes the significance and necessity of the University Library in binding, and appear in the Journal Binding analysis, and proposed an improved approach. Paper Keywords: University Library, periodicals, journals binding The journal is an imp

    Jul 24,2012

  • For the construction of rural libraries in the Central Plains Economic Zone in the context of the role and Countermeasures
    Abstract: many of Henan Province Population, while the rural population accounts for most of the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone without the involvement of farmers, improve the cultural quality of farmers, promote farmers to update their knowledge, the

    Jul 24,2012

  • On Brief Analysis of "people-oriented" management philosophy in the library
    Abstract: In this paper, Inner Mongolia University Library, for example, described in the work of "people-oriented" management mode, the needs of the modern library management, it is imperative, but also practice the concrete manifestation of implementing the scientific

    Jul 18,2012

  • A discussion on the importance of creating a library database and effective program
    Paper to write network: Abstract: Based on the working practices, analyze the importance of creating a library database, and highlights should be in the process of creating the library database synchronization and update the relevant information resources, to establish

    Jul 18,2012

  • An Analysis of Higher Sports College Library and cultural quality of education on college students
    To write papers network: Abstract: Sports College is to develop a socialist sports in important positions for qualified personnel. Of College Students in the acceptance of physical education, all aspects of competitive sports has the advantage, but because of their spor

    Jul 18,2012

  • Problems for the digital library as well as strategic analysis
    Paper to write network: [Abstract] This paper describes the university digital library construction features as well as the existence of the problem, and propose some solutions for the problems of strategy. [Paper Keywords] digital construction of library information

    Jul 18,2012

  • Library management and teaching peers.
    Important theory in modern librarianship is people-round development of the guidelines. People-centered management, its core is the humane care, implementation of people management, human services, school education even more powerful. Library for people to provide the b

    Jul 16,2012

  • For the digital age and University Library
    Abstract: This paper introduces the concept of information-sharing space, discussed information sharing environment, the security system on the basis of the connotation of the key factors - library management and configuration, and library staff to put forward higher re

    Jul 9,2012

  • A discussion on digital reference analysis of small and medium-sized libraries
    Abstract: This paper discusses the small and medium-sized Libraries Reference to some misunderstanding, promotion strategies, such as the institutional setup, staffing, resources, facilities, and other factors, and details the five main forms of digital reference. Pap

    Jul 9,2012

  • Analysis of the new situation of library cataloging staff quality training
    Abstract: Under the new situation, the library cataloging technology is constantly updated, increasing cataloging species, the catalog in more detail, therefore, the basic quality of the cataloging staff should have the new situation and by strengthening human resources

    Jul 9,2012

  • Thoughts on Books hanging Museum phenomenon of loss of readers
    Papers network: Abstract: The application of modern IT services to library readers brought new changes, and how to use modern means, comprehensive, cost-effective service for readers, and attract more readers to use the library to become library work to explore the subj

    Jul 8,2012

  • University Library How to improve the quality of information retrieval teaching
    Abstract: This paper described the importance of information retrieval education in higher vocational colleges, analysis of the two main problems of the vocational colleges in China information retrieval education, combined with the author where the college library prac

    Jul 3,2012

  • The characterization of the trial Yee University Library
    Abstract: the good image of the library, with its spirit of healthy library, a good work style, civilized service attitude to influence readers Probation readers. Libraries only adapt to the new situation, and efforts to establish a good image, the implementation of bra

    Jun 18,2012

  • This training to Analyze the western local institutions Museum
    Abstract: The college library in the western places due to geographical and other reasons caused the quality of personnel suited to the current situation of the library of their own development needs, to develop an understanding of the training of the Museum, to carry o

    Jun 12,2012

  • Analysis of book publishing industry and moral construction management mechanism
    Abstract: The book publishing industry has its own industry particularity, correct and comprehensive understanding of the ethical issues of the book publishing industry is of great significance for the development of industry-wide. From the morality system of consciousn

    Jun 11,2012