On the electronic information file management risk control methods


[Paper Keywords] electronic information file management risk control methods

[Abstract] At present, the growing popularity of computer technology to make some of the traditional carriers have disappeared files, and computer office automation is gradually being many companies promote the use of office automation most obvious sign is the information file creation, this means for recording information For businesses, more convenient and faster, avoiding the drawbacks of traditional paper files, but the foundation, that the computer itself, but there are some flaws, leading enterprises in the use of this information means the file when there are some drawbacks to this problem enterprises in the use of this technique point to make risk prevention measures, and strive to minimize risk. Based on this, this paper files to electronic information management risk control methods are discussed.

Currently, people living in a very important tool that must be computer, which has a variety of functions, which for the business office has brought great change to make corporate office has become more convenient, while in the information technological age, the latest way to electronic information file archives, its hi-tech enterprises in the innovation and development of great significance, but depending on the situation, not all electronic information file optimization, it also has its own shortcomings, such as with the traditional paper files, compared with a greater risk, if not actively developing risk prevention measures, then it is easy to cause corporate data theft, so enterprises in the use of information files must pay attention to information security, proactive to avoid the risk of developing a number of measures to make information resources more secure.

One, to avoid the risk measures

Early prevention, risk has not yet appeared, when the conduct containment is the most effective way to avoid the risk, but also the most economical way, for electronic files, it should be in its own potential pitfalls to implement controls based management, to ensure that the internal safety and reliability of the information, the main measures are:
1. Actively introduce the latest technology - Computer in the work process to simultaneously combine various measures and to avoid the risk of the best way is to introduce new technologies, new technology enables more secure and reliable electronic information file which is a very important way set a password, this is the most modern operating systems use manner, on the implementation of electronic information file password is set, we should actively training technical personnel to implement some computer management control, information resources to avoid interference by some external factors.

2. Develop some systems in order to guarantee the security of information resources, the necessary management systems are essential, so enterprises should take the initiative to develop some targeted system to prevention, may also need to develop their own license file management system For example: you can specify that only managers can be related to system control, and unrelated persons have no right to the operating system and so on.

3. Timely elimination of risk in order to ensure that the information file data security, timely elimination of potential risks is very important in the computer maintenance period, the enterprises with particular attention to the risks that may exist at any time, active response measures, because the complexity of computer networks , making it extremely risk control work is not easy, however, to do as long as timely and comprehensive look at the problem, then you can get rid of the problem, such as, for the kind of radicalism is extraordinarily sensitive to the computer's organization, in order to respond to potential danger, then take certain measures are necessary.

4. Timely prevention and protection in order to eliminate the risk factors of electronic information file, which is a very important measure is security, which can effectively avoid the message data destruction by external factors, to ensure information security and reliable.

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Second, risk mitigation measures

Electronic information files in the event of outside interference, in order to minimize the risk, we need managers to make the greatest efforts to control risk in a certain range, then managers should how to do to make the risk be mitigated? Currently, many companies began to take advantage of the transfer of risk mitigation strategies, electronic information file management through the development of risk mitigation is to implement contingency plans, disaster recovery plans, electronic information files related assets and other means to reduce the re-arrangement of files and electronic information itself or the value of the underlying risk consequence or effect. common risk mitigation methods include: prior measures, measures afterwards. former refers to the damage occurred prior to the implementation of programs to reduce the extent of losses; latter is to reduce the loss after loss method executed. needs to be emphasized yes, during the management of electronic information file if a hazard, then no matter what the situation, companies should be proactive and timely treatment, this is the most critical.

Third, risk diversification measures

Records management in the electronic information, there is a frequently used measure is to avoid the risk transfer strategies, the so-called transfer strategy is essentially a dispersion of risks, namely the risk to other places, in order to put the risk already exists to a minimum, in general, be able to shift from multiple perspectives approach in the implementation of the risk correction, such as: modify the configuration mode, buying insurance, outsourcing to other institutions, or to sign a service contract with the provider, etc. After such a treatment , we can simplify the complex risk issues, and then the original implementation of the electronic information records management strategy optimization improvements, to create a more advanced electronic information file management system. Additionally, you can co-ordinate with the network provider, supplier of safety service meets the need to use electronic information files. Also emphasized is that outsourcing also implies risks if outsourced workers do not meet the standard contract, then the consequences will be very serious, so in order to prevent damage to the enterprise caused by human factors, then those who use electronic information files do is must be strict compliance with the operating standards.

Fourth, measures to assess risk

When the risk of coming, companies need to do most is to take active measures to deal with, in order to control the impact of risks in the smallest range, but also actively used in conjunction with other measures. Risk assessment is intended to enable prevention programs more scientific and reasonable, in the implementation of electronic information file on the basis of a comprehensive analysis to explore the risk factors and the cause of its consequences. need to implement analysis and evaluation of the basic elements are: the probability of occurrence of a dangerous, dangerous consequences of how much Analysis of the cost of risk, what are the appropriate control precautionary approach, etc. In addition, the concept of corporate risk managers to establish, develop a proactive system to improve the risk prevention programs for a variety of needs to be emphasized that, if each organization one has been identified weaknesses can be controlled through recognition, which shows the work of security companies failed to pay enough attention to the enterprise risk prevention biggest drawbacks is that many managers mistakenly believe that electronic information file no danger in the use of file data does not take appropriate safety management program, which for electronic information archives a lot of inconvenience, while for records management staff, which, during the administration to control all aspects of the work, which is very key for file management The. conducting the assessment, in order to ensure the security of the file information, file managers must be very alert to potential risks to timely detect and put it nipped in the bud, the risk has already occurred to actively take measures to strive to make the risk of losses due to a minimum.

Simply put, managers or management of electronic information in records management, there must be such a sense that the risk of electronic documents is not subjective, but objective reality, this risk is not certain, but not determined, but also may bring great danger, so there must be risk awareness degree, the prevention of risk seen as the most important task of all, and actively develop risk prevention ways to make electronic information file management levels are increase, which effectively avoid risks and reduce losses has important significance.


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