Management Information and Performance Salary implementation of personnel files to match the

One, the implementation of the background information of the job performance wage reform

Deployed in accordance with the institutions of the State Council pay for performance reform, reform of the institutions pay for performance will be divided into three steps, the first step in the implementation of compulsory education schools from January 1, 2009; the second step, from 1 October 2009 from the date of the implementation of the professional health institutions; the third step, from January 1, 2010, in the implementation of other institutions.

School as an entirely secondary schools, junior high school teacher first implementation of the pay for performance, while the high school non-compulsory education should be synchronized with other institutions of the same school to implement two different wage system, different positions to implement the different wage levels, The school is necessary to implement a comprehensive assessment system to adhere to the hard work and excellent merit pay policy, according to the different characteristics of the teachers, administrators and other skilled jobs in the allocation of focus to the front-line teachers, key teachers, and made outstanding achievements in other work tilt, the ensuing problem is that synchronization is imperative in the management of personnel files.

, Personnel files, management of information technology to improve the urgent problems

(1) the personnel files MIB.
(The importance of the MIB in a file. Personnel files from the personnel, human resource management activities, in turn, personnel, human resources management services, it is the national institutions, social organizations, personnel, human resource management activities in the formation of records and reflect the the has experienced of teachers 'learning, work experience, the the contents of of in social activities, personal credit, and and so on on, to save the for future reference the original records in order to the teachers' personal as a unit. personnel files is but also is the the an important basis for of the use of cadres, is also the the personnel departments for the the all kinds of talents to provide the services the main basis for With the introduction of the wage system under the new situation, a sound wage data is essential in each individual's personnel file, job changes each year, post variable pay to change, and vividly reflects the growth of each faculty trajectory, which reflects the full value of life.

(2 sound files MIB amount of data. Personnel files biggest feature is the large amount of information, complex information structures. The personnel files of information management is to establish a database of information for the overall management and records staff, existing library only has a simple faculty basic information can not post the implementation of performance pay, a one-year appointment, Kong match variable pay to change and we build the information base, which requires a lot of information and data stratified by type of input, so that valid data with the previous changes make an effective analysis of information and data for everyone in each group, contracts aging analysis, training analysis, and incentive analysis.

(3 play file MIB effectiveness. With the implementation of the policy of the depth of job performance, the school posts according to each person to develop a new performance, the separation of the corresponding level for each job, the senior secondary school for five, six, seven file secondary level eight, nine, 10 stalls, secondary two for eleven, twelve files. the level is not static, will post the implementation of the Performance Leadership Group once a year for every teacher competition after induction, when a strong information base to analyze the stored data, the sum of each of the score, score high on the enjoyment of the highest level, and give full play to the efficacy of the file repository.

Personnel files of information technology personnel with problems.
(1 to strengthen the self-cultivation and Quality of file personnel political. Familiar with the policy with the transparent countries, advancing with the times, pioneering and innovative, and enhance the ideological consciousness, this is the the the the professional quality of shall meet the as a a personnel files workers, we should to master management theory with the various business work the principle of combining the use of information processing technology in-depth development of the ability of the file resources to meet the information needs of all levels, while maintaining the authenticity of the file, reliability, authority and the original.

(2 to improve the professional skills of archivists. The requirements of the personnel files for the new situation, have a focus and destination to develop knowledge and skills of archivists can be concentrated teaching, self-other way to master a number of skills, re- stressing practical results, to avoid a formal exercise, going through the motions, the key and difficult to overcome, explore emerging issues separately.

(3 high-quality compound talents since ancient times, surgery industry, specializing in "the new situation is more necessary personnel, files, computer Trinity complex talent, scientific ideology, organization, methods and means, the file the effective management of work to make the best of the effectiveness of the work. need to use modern information technology, innovative ideas, technology, equipment, records management business processes, the performance of the implementation, management models re-integration and positioning, policies for the implementation of job performance provide strong data protection.

Measures, personnel file management information and Performance Salary reforms to match

(1) to establish a file system.
Every teacher wages in the form of a spreadsheet showing that over the years in every wage increase, job title, job setting, competition situation, so convenient retrieval at a glance, can be used as teachers' growth of electronic files for future reference.

(2) optimize the storage device.
To ensure that the custody of security of the information, to provide convenient and accurate use of scientific development perspective, according to the amount of information to configure the network storage devices, storage systems. Share free paper download center

3. formed the control of the process.

Archival material from the formation to the archive across multiple departments, to strengthen the organization and leadership of the archive, a clear sense of responsibility, it is recommended to downshift to read-only access to prevent deletion and misuse caused by changes in the file.

, Personnel file management information into the job performance of wage reform to provide value-added services

File management is a strong service work, and resources more efficient and reasonable use, development and utilization of archival information resources to become a necessity for the central authorities issued a new document, the development of useful information hidden in the file, and actively use, static activation, so that the file data to provide effective job performance wage reform policy is the ultimate goal of the archival work.

, Personnel file management information into the job performance of wage reform to resolve disputes

After the introduction of any new policy will encounter this and that problem, especially the conflicts between the job preparation and the actual number of demand exceeds supply, will inevitably encounter all aspects of the resistance. Job is a competition for teachers, not the leadership of a word will be able to decide who qualified, "the public that goes, and she said, rational woman", the end who is rational, the file is the best basis for collection of complete honor and other personal files, effectively safeguarded the interests of the teachers and dignity, with the basis to resolve other teachers refused to accept psychological, and thus unnecessary disputes zero.

6, the implementation of the dynamic tracking of each teacher personnel files of information

Timely addition to the information of each teacher improvement, check the personnel-related information, his every wage movement, the promotion of titles of honor made at any time to update the static information described as dynamic, constantly enrich the personnel The information content of the file, comprehensive and accurately reflect the true face of the individual to improve the use efficiency and credibility.

Files, each teacher is not divided into big and small full save

To occur in the body of teachers each year to help organize the archive, did not miss any detail, especially remarkable achievements in the teacher, such as training, papers, academic exchanges, interviews, videos, precious photos so 11 save, pay attention to collect, collate into a book, which will have each teacher's job classification, promotion post wages play no small role.

Eight, management of personnel files to radiate the light of education

In the process of log file for each teacher to reflect individual behavior in the subconscious, professional ethics, and psychological qualities, interpersonal skills, the invisible code of conduct, the values ​​of self-image and school integration, external radiation sterile the role of the people, not only in the communication process as part of the spiritual and cultural, but also greatly enriched the image of the school, the values ​​of the show due to the original file data processing, interpretation from the perspective of thinking to role in educating people of the outer radiation.

Nine, the editing and studying the material so that the teachers' level of sublimation

To the development of deep-seated school file, the preparation of various monographs, meet the trend of their own professional development of teachers' professional topics, subject teaching the new curriculum for the current discipline in the classroom teaching focus on the difficulties and hot, modern educational theory and a new vision, new ideas to find a new entry point in the ordinary course of education and teaching, a breakthrough in the exploration and practice of innovative topics focus primarily on the level of education and teaching practice up to expand, the make teachers teaching standards in virtually sublimation.

In summary, personnel file management is a transcontinental various important foundation for the work of the new situation, new policies give the file a new concept, new development opportunities, but also a new subject, new requirements. Personnel files work the innovation is a need of future wage reform and the development of another for the development of the work of the personnel files to open up a blaze any new paths. Personnel Records only provided a new diagram, innovative service mechanism, in order to make the personnel reform is full of vigor and vitality, forging ahead in new areas. Share in the free paper download center

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