On the university financial management of electronic records

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Abstract: For these continuous development, ever-updated "new" file effectively collect, organize and save for the future to provide fast and convenient use of services, an important part of colleges and universities in the computerized accounting applications, is also currently university financial records management an integral part of the main contents.

Institutions of higher learning in the highly developed electronics and information technology at the frontiers of knowledge of computerized accounting has been widely popular. Generated by the computerized accounting, contains a high-tech file storage media, financial electronic files. It is not only the volume small, large capacity, and easy to access and pass much favor. do these financial electronic records management, and effective custody, maintenance and use, give full play to its convenient, fast and features a modern records management an integral part.

One, the financial characteristics of the electronic files:

Financial electronic file is stored on disk, CD-ROM and other modern electronic media in a variety of instruments, documents, books, statements and other financial data and systems developed to run a variety of basic language program and application. Here mainly refers to variety of electronic media to store financial data and procedures as the product of the modern high-tech - Financial electronic records, compared to the traditional financial records, with many new features:
A financial electronic records storage media has a variety of forms can be stored on magnetic media can read and write and also directly onto non-rewritable CD-ROM can also print the output stored in paper materials.

2, financial electronic files easily amended, copy and reset, to facilitate error correction, carry and pass.
3, the financial volume of electronic records is small, large capacity, small storage space occupied, but demanding storage conditions.
4, most of the financial electronic files can not be directly TV, read, it needs a certain amount of equipment to be replicable, but it is easy to calculate, analyze, fast and achieve the desired results.

5, high-tech information content of financial electronic records require a higher quality level of management.
6, the wide connotation of financial electronic files, including bills, vouchers, accounting books, reports, and other traditional accounting files, including computerized accounting system software and applications.

Second, the university financial situation of the electronic records management

Higher computerized accounting to generate financial electronic files for the new media file, neither the previous mode of management can refer to, and no current technology can be traced, so the early management is often somewhat unsatisfactory mainly reflected in:
1, the defect in the storage environment. Electronic output file generated by the early computerized accounting that printout paper documents, books and reports. Older dot matrix printer ribbon output paper-based information was originally not clear enough, but also by the space of economic conditions, sunlight, weathering, writing is extremely vague, and some even have disappeared.

2, an early software program retention position and run the program version of the update, resulting in the dummy of the original data, such as in the early DOS system environment, the generated magnetic data, although well-preserved, but the original operating environment no longer exists, is not compatible with today's program, most of the data can not be reproduced exist.

Aging a quick update of the elimination of the machine as well as machinery and equipment, resulting in the old and new operating environment out of touch, such as running in the early microcomputer win3, win95, etc., has been difficult in today's machine running smoothly.

With the continuous development of computerized accounting, financial electronic file format and number of the increasing number of more alternatives to the features and benefits of the original financial records, financial electronic records management has also been given due attention. Many colleges and universities put into a lot of money for the necessary protection, query, reproduce facilities acquisition and management of professional and technical retraining, financial electronic records management environment, conditions and other "hard" parts facility has been an overall improvement.

Modern university financial electronic records management

Modern financial electronic records management is the use of modern technical means to implement effective management of financial electronic files, including the four areas, namely financial collection of electronic files, organize, save and use.

(Collection of electronic records of a financial

1, set a fixed collection interval. The general size of the visual volume of business, monthly, quarterly or annual set;, as the project cycle length, the implementation of segmentation, breakdown or the whole set, but must be taken to ensure that collection range is continuous, without interruption.

2, the development of a fixed data collection procedures. The selection of good quality, high reliability storage media, backup all the financial data stored on magnetic media, and burn to CD, to ensure coherent and effective backup, if necessary, print copies on paper-based media, while on the magnetic media additional language version of the program running and operating environment identifies the current reference, as the later complex.

To develop the collection process of the replacement of the software environment. Replaced with new software, you should first back up the original operating system and language to run the program, to prepare the old data back and forth queries before the conversion of the initial data backup, to ensure correct , then a cautious conversion.

4, the development of hardware updated collection procedures detailed record level of computer motherboard, model, memory size, hard disk capacity and an external device supporting type, sometimes the computer can record the brand and use from the ending of. Update, depending on storage conditions of the license, as far as possible retained a complete set of equipment, accident prevention. Links in the free paper download center http://eng.hi138.com
collection of the relevant registration information. The production of the register, detailed operating data recording system administrators, programmers, to distinguish between the specific operations of the business, in order to follow-up to inquiries and conscientiously fill in the electronic file transfer of inventory, differentiated responsibilities.

(The collation of financial electronic files and save

The collation and preservation of financial electronic records is the key management related to the effectiveness of the management not only needs both financial, files, and knowledge of modern electronic technology professionals to manage, but also according to the characteristics of various media, implementation of different finishing and preservation measures.

A magnetic media storage magnetic media file should be kept away from magnetic fields or a dedicated magnetic shield cabinet to prevent demagnetization loss of data collected by two backup should contain the name of the operator, operating environment and the formation time, in sequential order number. points and then put in the different storage cabinet, to prevent accidents.

CD media storage disc media files on the cleanliness of the storage environment are higher, you need a special dust-proof storage cabinet, disc protective film should be intact to prevent disk wear, scratches, each disc should be accompanied by rigid retaining shell avoid squeeze damaged, unreadable.

Storage of paper media, paper media is the secondary text of the electronic media, mostly print output, writing formed by the toner and see the light, moisture and easy to blur, fade away from light and moisture, so pay attention placed on the backlight dry place.

Financial electronic files of a variety of media has its own nature, management quality varies a good storage environment each medium are necessary to maintain a clean, regular ventilation, control wet temperature, to create a good storage environment to enable electronic file to maintain a good state, in order to optimize the use of effects.

(Use of electronic records of the three financial

Financial electronic files take full advantage of the new carrier of the electronic media, a complete picture of the high-tech features, but also the ultimate embodiment of the effectiveness of records management, financial electronic files with intensive and micro-resistance, the need of supporting high performance complex now media can be fully maximized its effectiveness.

1, the financial access of electronic files.
Query accounts, the direct use of computer retrieval, by reference to the record identifier of the version, open the appropriate procedures and the operating environment for reading, time-saving, fast and easy to modify the magnetic media, so a dedicated access to the computer, read-only access interface. prevent illegal modification. only allowed to use a dual backup disk, to ensure that no involvement of another disk, archive.

2, the calculation of financial electronic files and analysis files of financial electronic data collection, integrated to produce a number of analytical results by computer calculation, but because they involve the disk, a wide range, there are potentially dangerous and should therefore be designated Professionals internal control on a dedicated machine access to, the operation to avoid the really dangerous. Also note that the operating environment of the media, in order to avoid the error caused by the different software, generates an error analysis. analysis has been obtained, can be printed directly, copying or transmission of provide rapid, efficient, detailed data and information for policy-makers.

With the advent of the digital information age, financial electronic files have constant new development, file management workers to keep up the pace, and constantly update their knowledge structure, so that the financial performance of electronic records to be fully tapped.


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