Records management under the new form of innovative services

Abstract: The current archivist's mission is the development and use of archival information resources, innovative file service mechanism, pro-active for the main battlefield of economic construction, for building a moderately prosperous society in service to provide services for users through the computer network, and strengthening of transaction management, to promote the modernization of records management.

Paper Keywords: network, new forms, records management, innovative services

One up from the service means innovation

Archives (room website, carry out online using the service. With the establishment of the archives (room intranet, file will make full use of the Web site of the enterprises and institutions to make their own web pages, actively organize Internet data and information, so that the system of records management services together on the site of the enterprises and institutions, to achieve the retrieval of archival information online to provide users with better service. many units of archives (room use the Internet for online services, has become important files using the service for the society and the unit form. file workers to the site-based into a step to accelerate the database development of archival information resources, especially the full text of database construction, real-time management and utilization of the electronic documents on the site, the digitization of archival information resources, databases, file use of networked information services, automation of file management, file management legalization.: Enter the directory management database, open some files in the online catalog to facilitate query retrieval, file coffin (room and publicity department in close coordination can be the unit's major News video archive digitization activities in the form and timely filed, the establishment of a digital video file database in order to facilitate advocacy and use.

Electronic file (file data management center. Archives (offices and enterprises, information management department can strengthen close coordination, the establishment of the electronic document (file data management center "The center is located in the archives of the enterprises and institutions (offices, enterprises an important part of information resource library. electronic file (file data management center to focus on the archiving of electronic documents for units in the management site, and restrictive or non-secure electronic document access available on the website, use of services, electronic File sharing of information resources. the advantage of wide coverage, high utilization.

Automatic upload of the electronic document collection. Collection of electronic documents in a single machine, has become a records management department can not be ignored. Collection of traditional paper files are very different, the formation of many electronic documents by downloading and upload is complete, so the archives department can change the traditional mode, automatically upload electronic documents on a web page window, a time will be collected and archived in the archives (room on the server, for example : In order to facilitate subordinate or management of users on the Internet through the website of their own units non-confidential files full text of the archives (offices develop their own electronic documents automatically uploaded to the archiving system. "The software can take advantage of the computer side connected into the site in their homes can be full text of the electronic file is automatically uploaded to the file server archiving, without having to go to Archives (room, do not have to pay any CD-ROM or floppy disk.

To carry out the online service. Files use methods, such as use of the files, to participate in the exhibition of the file, reading file copies or published to the archives department, in particular, is bound to change in the information to the archive department to file the original, at least part of the change. comprehensive information technology has changed the way people work and living environment, to make people pay more attention to the timeliness of the information, information systems, information network access to a variety of timely and accurate information. Therefore, passive, manual style files that take advantage of the inevitable and gradually replaced by the active, modern way of file.

Department can file on a web page by compiling the corresponding topics, database queries, e-mail and other services, so use with archives (room by e-mail on the Internet for quick communication, information exchange, to answer clients real archival material and preservation of the value of advice, inquiries and credit services.

The existing file reading services. With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up to the archives (room access to the personnel of government agencies and relevant departments of the files is increasing year by year, especially after China's WTO accession, citizens for safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests, and investment Societe Generale, etc., want to be able to more easily learn about the policies to adapt to the new situation and requirements, into a step-by-step changes in job functions, improve work efficiency, relations between the party and government links with the masses, safeguarding the fundamental interests of the masses. Hubei Provincial Archives of requirements at all levels across the province archives (room all the current file services center in 2003, requiring all departments across the province, each unit is first sent to the archives (offices at all levels of the existing documents, and at all levels to file Hall (room to do the existing documents to receive good job in the Reading Service of the existing documents.

Second, the expansion of service areas

Information services, multi-agent from the main object services within enterprises and institutions into a full range of services for the community, has become the consensus of the file manager. This is because the archives sector to face the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions The use of a cut in social activities or organizations and individuals may use file information, but also targeted to provide specific services for the special use in the information society, it is increasingly urgent demand for all kinds of information. as technology, people engaged in scientific and production, construction, administrative activities become increasingly complex, the more we rely heavily on information services. single one needs to file information must be replaced files, documents, books, and information retrieval of information, comprehensive needs. turn affixed to the free papers Download Center
to set up service entities, development files industries. in the information society today, from the perspective of the development of information resources, files are no longer simply the custodian of the files, but also should be the owner and provider of the wealth of archival information, archives (room is no longer a mere collection agency or file information gathering centers, communication and IT users. knowledge archives (the direction of reform and innovation of the room is the path of information technology, on the basis of file information services to provide the community, create a file of information services industry, the establishment of archival information collection, processing, storage, retrieval, and services for the main work of the entity and the opening up and development of archival information, archives workers should establish a sense of service and industry awareness for the main battlefield of economic construction, to take the initiative in the compilation of thematic information such as: the development of information, helping to introduce the development of advanced technology products, to develop economic information to serve the corporate restructuring, development of market information, provide marketing opportunities for enterprise development, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of service for the enterprise, the development of real estate information and services for urban renewal and construction.

To improve horizontal integration, sharing of information resources. With the development of the information age, human knowledge and the amount of information in the rapid growth of the face of the vast complex of intelligence, any one department of literature are not all the knowledge and information all be collected , sorting, processing, preservation and utilization, therefore, must be broken files, books, and intelligence departmentalized situation, the establishment of a complete social system, the implementation of an integrated management, give full play to the overall advantage. to establish a union catalog, the implementation of resource sharing, it is prerequisite for the establishment of social information system and one of the core.

Each other to share their resources bibliographic format and presentation of the unified, joint report of two or more archives, library (room collections of archives directory to achieve resource sharing can make files, books, intelligence and other literature departments to establish a joint directory to make use of easily get more, a wider range of knowledge, information, intelligence, through the establishment of the union catalog, the formation of sharing resources, so that all literature departments to fully tap the resource potential complementary literature resources to improve the Hall (Room Tibet resource utilization, to avoid unnecessary duplication and waste, and thus can effectively alleviate the crowded storage space, personnel and funding constraints and contradictions, and at all levels, all types of archives, libraries (Room collection in a direction that focuses characteristics, specialization, systematic direction to better meet the various needs of society.

Third, the main task of the school archives service innovation

The face of the University Archives department of "survival" status quo, we can not rely on the benevolence of God, can not wait for the school's "gift", we must use the ideas of reform and development to solve the difficulties in advance.

(A further strengthening the basic position of the construction of archival resources in the file service innovations, to close the file, manage well, with good use is the fundamental tube is a means of income is the basis, therefore, the Museum established the base is the construction of archival resources, the base of the file service is the construction of archival resources is a major event because of the construction of archival resources in a basic file service innovation, decided to further deepen the concept of regulation of the construction of archival resources at its source, focus on the major activities of the school, important meeting, key construction projects, major research projects, important work and an important figure in the supervision of the carrier file, and comprehensively promote the combination of conventional archiving and instant archiving, and vigorously carry out the school history characters, school history information and social media collection of school reports, school history stand Kong schools to serve well, for the school tomorrow to accumulate the wealth of good spirit.

(Two archives in digital infrastructure of the school archives service innovation. Archives in digital main purpose is to facilitate the use and protection of file archives in digital is no longer a theoretical exploration, but an example of how to create the conditions, seize the opportunity, strive to support the school archives service innovation is an important basic task of building some brand-name college archives department has completed the digitization work before the founding of the historical archives of University Archives department is seeking the complete collection history, the party and administration, teaching file class digital work.

(Three efforts to train personnel to create a high-quality is the fundamental guarantee of the file service innovation. School archives sector is still a vulnerable group, is a weak sector. Reason, the key is talent, the key difference. at the same time with a sense of crisis, but also the founding update the concept, efforts to explore the file service road of innovation. can not muddle along, content with only the strong room of the prospering Hall, to achieve the face of adversity rise, as long as there is a file service innovation team, school archival work in order to achieve leapfrog development. to adhere to a planned training and the introduction of highly educated, high-level innovative talents of file service. Share Free paper Download Center

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