Museum records management analysis and countermeasures

Abstract: in today's enterprises, most people think file management is dispensable, the lack of sufficient awareness of the importance of records management work. In fact, the file management of enterprises and institutions healthy and steady, sustainable development plays a vital role. Scientific and standardized file management with the times, focusing on basic work, increase the emphasis of the unit managers, especially their own quality of the file managers to adapt to the new situation. To create a new situation in the unit file management, and continue to improve the management level of the unit of archival work is an important task for all enterprises and institutions must do, the status of Shenyang University of weapons museum archival work analysis to identify the current file management of the problems, and proposed countermeasures to improve file management, many archivists ideas.

Thesis Keywords: file management, status quo analysis, countermeasures

I. Introduction
Today's enterprises, most people think file management is dispensable, the lack of sufficient awareness of the importance of records management work. In fact, the file management of enterprises and institutions healthy, stable, sustainable development plays to crucial role in scientific and standardized file management with the times, focusing on basic work, increase the emphasis of the unit managers, especially their own quality of the file managers to adapt to the new situation and create a unit records management a new situation and continue to enhance the unit file management level is an important task for all enterprises and institutions must do, some people think that the file management of the unit does not matter, lack of sufficient awareness of the importance of this work. In fact, the healthy development of this work on the file system of the enterprises and institutions play a vital role should be based on the status of the file management of the unit to absorb and learn from excellent research, and constantly adapt to the new situation of the file management gradual improvement of records management, and so down the road of scientific, standardized and legalized.

Second, weapons Museum Archives Management Analysis

(A hall a short time, file management is not on track

I school weapons museum, started at the end of 2006, was initially built in May 2007, the Museum has been completed, the main work is to improve the Museum building, including the renovation works of the exhibition hall, exhibits the collection of work, although the competent leadership attaches great importance to file management, but the content of the work of the museum range, coupled with its limited staff, resulting in the file management has not been fully integrated into the track.

(B archiving lack of attention

That the technical content in archival work, no real attention to units, only in the transfer I receive, you do not pay me no matter the work status is a common problem in the management of each unit file.

In recent years, universities have begun to be built according to their own academic characteristics museums, museum services of the system of universities, colleges and universities are generally limited to students and teachers, or related to the education system, and most of the implementation of unpaid voluntary service, resulting in the file management took the initiative concepts and consciousness, the file will be difficult to reflect the value of labor from the work, not from the fundamental importance of records management. Overall, our library special collections content, exhibits a wide array of sources, some left over from history exhibits. can not be traced back to its exact source, combined with the number of objective factors of the hall early, file management only in custody for the purpose, the museum exhibits have been initially "tofu account" form of management.

(C personnel management, records management staff to wear many hats

Weapons museum staffing is limited, the library is no specific set of records management staff responsible for records management personnel responsible for archival work, but also to shoulder the day-to-day maintenance and management of the museum, visit the reception and so many tasks, so file management is very hard to do the person responsible for a serious impact on the quality of file management.

Third, the improvement of weapons museum records management countermeasures

(Based on the norms, improve the rules and systems work

Since the reform and opening up, the Party and government departments attach great importance to the file management, has promulgated regulations to standardize the file management. Normalization is to do the work on the basis of file management, to do file management it is necessary to regulate the filing simply to achieve the standardization of file management file management equipment modernization, file types and carrier diverse characteristics determine the file management method to be continuous reform, only to keep pace with the times, in order to adapt to the new situation, and open up a new situation for file management. ever-changing situation in the archives staff in the business knowledge, scientific knowledge and management ability to operate new and higher demands file the cause of the development must adhere to the path of regulating governance files Share free paper download center

(b determine the idea of ​​reform, file management for sustainable development

Development and reform of the two main themes in today's world, must be reformed, but the purpose of reform is to develop records management work as a subsystem of the social system is an important part of the whole social body, it must society to establish coexistence, mutual assistance and coordination. file management, sustainable development must take the road of reform or that reform is the driving force of sustainable development file management for file management, reform The success or failure is that whether obsolete incompatible with the reality of the concept can be updated, that is, whether the ideas formed under the planned economic system into ideas compatible with the socialist market economic system, the legal concept, the concept of service public relations concepts, benefits concepts to be established.

(Standardization, standardization of work procedures and methods

First, comprehensive survey of all the exhibits of the museum, kept crude sperm retrieval, which is the standardization of records management, standardization of the first step. I Museum since the hall without making a comprehensive inventory, I think inevitably there are some non-traced value of the file, so, we must first remove these useless files in order to avoid future duplication and inefficient. Second, the re-combination of the relevant information, to achieve data standardization. Those filing too thick, the content of mixed files to regroup in the process of restructuring information should also be no page numbers, title or title is not clear archives to re- processing, preparation, in order to ensure more standardized collection of archival material. Third, the specification title, to ensure to find the data accuracy and efficiency of the words of the file to ensure the retrieval recall rate, while the title accurately in order to ensure retrieval precision.

(D improve the overall quality, and explore the new ideas of management

File management is maturing, and optimize the use of scientific management methods, which rely on archives professionals to master modern technologies and management methods to achieve as a university museum archivist, can not be satisfied with the status quo should take the initiative and actively enhance the own business theory knowledge, scientific and cultural knowledge and archival knowledge. First, the request file to establish a strong sense of dedication and hard work style file, although the work is an unknown, but is an indispensable work has a certain degree of confidentiality requirements, and file workers to fulfill their duties, do a good job meticulously. be done according to the law file, the file to ensure the safe custody and scientific use. Second, learning the business and all levels of files in professional magazines, clear laws and regulations of the file management in a timely manner to implement the new provisions on records management, implementation of the new specification, go to work in accordance with the new requirements. In addition, it should pay close attention to the domestic outside the developments of the archival work, learn the advanced management experience and technology, improve the management level, improve the quality of archivists is to improve the file management work. request file has a good overall quality, scientific knowledge, good language skills and text writing skills and a significant level of foreign language.

(E) as soon as possible to file the Computer Management

With the rapid progress of science and technology, social development, the connotation and extension of the file system also will change the scope of management of the file should be the development of text, pictures and files to electronic files, data files, photo files, The new file of the audio-visual archives and microfilm files. our library should be based on the characteristics of their own collections, as soon as possible to establish a computer file management system, in order to achieve fast, safe and accurate management of files.

Fourth, the Conclusion

In summary, the scientific and standardized file management only adhere to the times, focus on talent, improve the quality of records management personnel in order to create a records management work in a new situation. Scientific and standardized file management can continue to improve the file management unit level and the level, not only can realize the value of records management work, but also that the unit's continuing anti-war to make some contribution. Share in the free paper download center

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