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Dear branch: Hello!
In 2005, the time just to work, I submitted to the party its first application to join the party. I am a favorite to better themselves, not far behind the person, from childhood to the student, to tell the people around me: the meaning of life, as Zhang Haidi said, is to offer rather than taking. A three-year military career has made me understand that the Chinese Communist Party is such a people's interests for all political parties. I firmly believe that the Chinese Communist Party is an advanced collectives and glorious body, and so I aspire to join the Chinese Communist Party.
Recalling the glorious course of fighting the party, the Party led the people in overcoming all obstacles, experienced the first time, of the Second Revolutionary War, Anti-Japanese War and the liberation war, and finally overthrew the three big mountains, the establishment of the People's Republic. After the founding of the party leadership and the people to overcome difficulties and achieved great victory in socialist construction. China could have today, the Chinese nation have today, it is the Party's correct leadership, grass-roots organizations to play a fighting force party members to play an exemplary vanguard role and effects.
The party's position in China's history and role of Communist Party members outstanding performance, so I am even more convinced that leading our cause forward is the Chinese Communist Party, without the Chinese Communist Party, there would be no socialist motherland today. I, as a progress-seeking youth, I would like to their personal ideals, the future of the party linked to the great cause, in order to achieve the great goal of communism the struggle for life. Therefore, I determined to take concrete action and accept the party's on my tests, I solemnly presented to the party and joined the CPC application.
In the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China was a large melting pot, I thought the experience of infant and growing a new improved after the exercise. I think that a person immune is not enough, it should be active in their own words and actions to influence others. These men know a good play to maximize their potential, not only in their posts on the conscientious, concern and care for the people around, but also practical and flexible to drive everyone to care about the country, the collective and the interests of others. While a party member's responsibility by doing so, we should be happy for the service of others but also the leaders have come to care about you. I think that if it becomes a party member I had the opportunity to learn more of the outstanding elements, take others long to offset our own weaknesses in safeguarding the collective interests of adhering to principles, while those who do live in harmony with the surrounding; I may from time to time everywhere to be more strict requirements on their own, more profound enhance their sense of social responsibility and the determination to overcome difficulties.
I have engaged in saving work has paid great attention to providing customers with high quality service standards, and I study hard business skills, proficiency in the original business process, based on the active and serious learning new business, new knowledge and experience do not understand place with an open mind to the leadership and professional advice to study subjects that he mastered later unreservedly taught to understand my colleagues to achieve Hubanghuxue purpose. Along with the need for banking reform, my ability to work and the overall quality has been great improvement in the level, business level and professional skills along with the various stages of the reform of the ICBC has been updated and progress. Times are changing, the environment is changing, banks work constantly changing every day something new emerged, a new happens, as a new era of youth, we need to follow the situation in pace, and constantly improve their theoretical, and ideological consciousness, to improve their ability to Lu Gang, to train themselves into a full-service ICBC employees, and strive to backbone, always with 'endless service, service to innovation, service to be lasting' spur and improve the service concept self, more stringent demands on themselves, the services are implemented. Therefore, I sincerely hope the party can get the help and education.
I know according to the party's request, their still a big gap, there are many shortcomings, such as: political and theoretical level is not high, deal with problems such as not mature enough. Want to party and strict requirements in order to make me faster progress. I'll set strict demands on their own party members, and consciously accept the party members and the masses of help and supervision, and efforts to overcome the shortcomings of their own to make up for lack of an early date in terms of ideology, thus in the organization to join the party. If I failed to pass the organization's investigation 1:00, then I will work harder to identify the shortcomings of correction, with the members of the standards themselves, continue to work to create conditions for an early party for ICBC's reform and development process building blocks. Please party testing me!
Applicants: XXX reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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