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Dear Party organizations:
          The care and cultivation of the party, I was **** on ** date ** years of Communist Party of China prepare to become members. As members prepared this year, is once again the role of changes in my life a year, covering me as a student and as a teacher in two stages. Over the past year, I am strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Party Constitution demands on themselves, and especially in ******** work, in order to maintain the advanced nature of the educational activities of party members as a turning point in my ideological and political quality, political and theoretical level and practical ability to work made considerable progress in all aspects. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Party Constitution, my one-year probationary period expired, are to apply to the official Chinese Communist Party. In order to facilitate the inspection of my party, now own over the past year to report to the party as follows:
            1, and strive to master the political and theoretical knowledge and improve their political quality. A period of time before graduation, though faced with writing thesis and looking for work pressure, but I still insisted on political theory, adhere to care about international and domestic situation, in order to keep pace with the times. After graduation, I had the privilege to enter as a ***** ****** work, and coincides with schools to carry out educational work to maintain the advanced nature of Party members to this study as an opportunity, I review the party's basic knowledge, systematic study an important speech on leadership to carry out a more profound analysis of party spirit, to find their own shortcomings and to work together. Through this study, I feel the political and theoretical knowledge is perfect, their quality has been greatly improved, basically reached the requirements of a formal party members.
              Second, a firm political stance, firmly support the Chinese Communist Party's leadership, maintain a high degree of agreement with the Party Central Committee. From the Internet, newspapers and various news media, we see very few countries do not correctly understand the history, not objective reality, and has become increasingly fierce. This brings me to see clearly that in the current international environment is based on peace, development mainstream, but it does not rule out the ulterior motives of individual countries or even deliberately provoke incidents. Development is the last word, its own weight and strength of the words only. This requires that we closely around the party around economic construction as the center, build a harmonious society, forming the harmonious development of economy and society, so as to play in the international arena, countries should play a major role, can the Chinese nation and race can stand tall among the nations of the world. I, as a Chinese Communist Party prepared to fully support and respond to the call of the CPC Central Committee, at a time when the party and the country needs duty-bound to give their all.
                3, fulfill their duties conscientiously do their jobs well. As a ******, I work diligently and pay attention to students good study habits and improve the overall quality of students. In the course of work, I also constantly learning, and focus on the exchange with other colleagues, mutual promotion and common progress, to form a good interpersonal relations and working environment.
Study and work in the future, I will further the strict demands on themselves, with an open mind to the advanced party members to study, to overcome their shortcomings and deficiencies in various aspects at an early date to achieve greater progress. I look forward to arranging a formal party to the Chinese Communist Party, please consider my regularized party application, I would seriously accept the party for my review and test!
                                                                                                                            Applicants :******
                                                                                                                              **** Years ** on ** date reposted elsewhere in the paper for free Download Center

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