Regularized applications of basic writing

Regularized applications of basic writing
(1) regularized applications of basic writing
 regularized applications, is to prepare members in preparing to carry to the party made a formal party members in writing.
 regularized application for the basic format and content is usually written as follows:
 ① title. In general as 'regularization applications', centered writing.
 ② title. That the applicant or the party branch of the party called, the general wrote 'beloved party' or 'branches'. Top grid written on the title the next line, followed by a colon plus.
 ③ text. Mainly include: stated that they have been approved as a Chinese Communist Party preparation time and preparation time expired. Party members to extend the probationary period be extended to specify what time, and to what extend the probationary period expired and the extension of the reasons for the request to the party to the official Chinese Communist Party. In preparing his report on the performance of the situation, this is the main part of the application for regularization. This part should be drafted in a comprehensive, specific and detailed. First of all, in general terms to write about themselves to join the party after the party's education policy, in improving the ideological and political consciousness, strengthen their party spirit, to solve problems with regard to the ideological party made gains. Second, the states themselves to standards of party members themselves, in the political, ideological, work, study and play an exemplary vanguard role of party members with regard to the progress and achievements. Again, existing at the time of their own party's shortcomings, and now of how to overcome the correction, there is also less than what should be written in a realistic manner. In particular, to extend the probationary period to highlight the issue during the extension period to correct the shortcomings of the situation. Indicate the direction of future efforts. Should address the shortcomings of their own to write, it is best to work out practical and concrete measures. If there is anything the situation and problems in joining the party had not made it clear to the party, or what happened in the probationary period should be explained to the issue of party organization should also be clearly written. Party organizations should be willing to accept a long-term challenge that attitude.
Regularized Application
Dear Party organizations:
I am a Information Engineering College, a branch of four members prepared to accept party examination of almost one year. One year, I am prudent, constant attention to improving our self in all aspects to a formal party members set strict demands on themselves, regardless of ideology, theory, or action, and have greatly improved, based on this I solemnly made to the party to apply to positive.
Since its founding in 1921, our party has gone through a difficult ups and downs, today, our party has become increasingly robust, is after the hard work of several generations of party members, while more and more people to join the party organization, to become members of our community. Undeniably, this is also among a handful of speculators, therefore, correct to join the party motivation is a prerequisite to join the party. Thinking is the precursor of action, the correct action was motivated by the spirit of the proper motivation. A person seeking to join the party process, with the proper motivation of this inner power, will be able to work, study and live in strict accordance with the standards of party members themselves, personally, and unremitting efforts. Especially in the new historical conditions, the requirement to join the party comrades will face a variety of new situations and new problems. Only correct the motivation to join the party before a firm conviction, direction is clear, brave, consistent toward the party's established goal. Seek to join the party must establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, which is a requirement for each to join the party comrades who are very important.
In today's highly developed market economy, a number of party members regardless of the party's laws, set the expense of the party's fine tradition of daring to defy the law, greatly damaged the party's image in people's minds. Therefore, strengthening party building, maintenance and implementation of strict party discipline is extremely necessary. Style is a political party and the performance of the external view of the world. What kind of a political party with a party spirit and world view, there is what kind of style. Theory with reality is our party's ideological style, work style. History has proven that: When adhering to the style of integrating theory with practice, all proceeding from reality and seeking truth from facts, our party will be able to correctly analyze the situation, so that the victory of the revolution and construction and development; when the theory is divorced from reality, not guilty of dogmatism, would have committed the error of empiricism, resulting in guiding the work of the above mistakes. Comrade Jiang Zemin of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in 1997, the eighth was stressed that: "Many cadres make mistakes from a quantitative to qualitative change, is often a gap in the beginning, but because there is no criticism is allowed to so, over time, finally a big mistake. One of the reasons this problem occurs is usually a lack of criticism and self-criticism. Therefore, I again remind you, pay attention to carry forward the fine tradition of criticism and self-criticism, which we have to persevere. "As a contemporary university students to learn science and culture in our knowledge, we must pay attention to improve their ideological self-cultivation, continuous self-improvement, self-improvement, to become the party's excellent successor.
Third year coming to an end, and I'm in the future and work hard the road of life. Is necessary to set foot on the community, and mind being somewhat nervous, but I firmly believe that as long as I always follow the party, dedicated to serving the community to contribute to the future, no matter what positions, can create some success, it achieved a the value of my life, so I aspire to become an official party member. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

I hope the party approved the application, and my supervision and guidance.

Applicant: certain reposted elsewhere in the Download Center

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