Guaranteeing that the application of rural Fan

An application
XX County, XX Town, XX village committee:
My name is XXX, male, December 11, 1934 born, Han nationality, his wife, XXX, female, October 20, 1943 born, Han nationality, is now live in XX County, XX Town, XX village, X group. We are husband and wife due to old and sick, especially my many years of hemiplegia, paralysis in the bed, life can not take care of themselves, leading to the difficulties of the family, annual income can not maintain a basic living, life extremely short of money.
To this end, husband and wife for us to enjoy the state to take care of our sick and elderly,
Special apply minimal needs so that we can grow old! Wang approval! !
Applicant: XXX
X years X months X days
2 Application
Dear leaders:
I called *** *** Qiyang County, Town, Village, the first * *** group of people. Born in August 1932, aged 75 years old, due to the original family was poor, primary read-only five copies, in October 1950 in the Guangzhou Military Region 46 Army soldiers, 52 years participated in the Korean War in September Ru Zhao, participating in numerous well-known large-scale battle in a tough fight, the fire was buried in the trenches, survived, thigh glorious wounded, awarded a third class, After returning home, again in 54 years to join the league, 56 years in February demobilized and sent home, 60's, by the well-known historical events because it has not been a result of family background organizational relationships, and now can not work, old and sick, his wife early mourning. in winter there is no quilt cover, on a cold day and no charcoal grill. two sons are also local farmer, his family has been very good for raising grandchildren grew up in talent, Ju Yi heavily in debt. can not afford to take care of my old man widows and orphans. As the old wounds in the body, legs, rheumatism, has been unable to obtain full recovery. medical expenses each year in San Siqian yuan, by virtue of the power of their own simply can not afford. coupled with the basic ability to work has now been lost, broken only by daily to pick up some to maintain a basic living needs. there is no fixed source of income, often there is Gordon, not under the Dayton, whose lives are particularly difficult. Now, even the usually controlling a patient's medicines had stopped; Fortunately, I heard that I can apply for guaranteeing that this situation I am pleased to abnormal, as if caught a life-saving straw, saw a gleam of dawn, you can save me from untold miseries. So a carefully, I personally special to you to apply for minimal needs in order to survive the current difficult time.
I have reason to believe that the great Chinese Communist Party, believe that the great government give me to solve practical problems and solve the crisis of my life to me a helping hand!
Applicant: ***
January 26, 2007
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