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Dear leaders:
In my March 9, 2006 became the company's trial staff, to today's 6-month probationary period expired, according to the company's rules and regulations, hereby apply to the company full-time employees.
As a fresh graduate, first came to the company, had been very worried about did not know how to live together, how to do a good job; but the company is relaxed and harmonious working environment, unity and progressive corporate culture, let me be completed soon, from students to staff changes.
In the rotation during the internship, I worked in engineering, cost the Department of the Ministry of enterprises made in various departments and offices, study and work for some time. These sectors the business is I've never been exposed to, and my expertise is also a larger difference; leaders and colleagues in various departments, but the patience of the guide, make me in a short period of time to adapt to the company's work environment, but also familiar with the the company's entire operation process.
Work in this sector, I have been strict demands on themselves, seriously in a timely manner each of the layout of the leadership task of the leadership at the same time take the initiative to share those concerns; professional and non-professional colleagues do not understand the issue with an open mind to learn from consult to continuously improve and enrich its own I hope as soon as possible endeavor for the company to make greater contribution. Of course, entering the workplace, it is inevitable some small mistakes will be leading a small deviation corrections; but before the matter of the lesson guide for the future, these experiences also made me more mature in dealing with various issues to consider more comprehensive, to prevent similar mistakes place. At this point, I would like to specially thank the heads of departments and colleagues to my entry guidance and help, thank them for their mistakes in my work appears in a warning and correction.
After six months, I have been able to independently handle the company's accounts, sorting various types of information within the department to carry out various tax returns to assist in fund analysis, from an overall grasp of the company's financial operations processes. Of course, I have a lot of lack of experience dealing with the problem should be further improved, team collaboration need to be further enhanced, need to continue to continue to learn in order to enhance their operational capacity.
This is my first job, the past six months I learned a lot, a lot of sentiment; to see the company's rapid development, I am deeply proud of, but also a more immediate hope in his capacity as a full-time staff work here, and realize their goals and realize their life values, and the company to grow together. In this I raised to positive applications, urge me to continue to exercise their leadership to achieve an ideal opportunity. I will humble attitude and full of enthusiasm to do my own work for the company to create value, together with the company's prospects bright future!
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