Junior enrolled and applications Fan

Dear XX Middle School Youth League Branch:
    In the 54 Youth Day comes, I solemnly group organization request to join the Chinese Communist Youth League.
    The CYL is the party's loyal assistant, is a large school of Marxism. In this melting pot of communism, the trained group after group of communist fighters - Huang Jiguang, Lei Feng, Zhang Haidi ... ...-type figure.
    Join the Communist Youth League is my long-cherished wish for many years. Previously, I've always wanted to join the Communist Youth League, but I will own when compared with those of outstanding Communist Youth League, they felt a lot of shortcomings, a far cry from, so the courage to request. In recent years, due to the enthusiasm of Mission branch to help himself I came to know there is a lack of perseverance, can not withstand criticism, overwhelmed by such aggrieved shortcomings, began to have progress, I am grateful to the care of my league organizations and help.
    I am determined to join the CYL organizations together before the Communist Youth League to set strict demands on themselves, with excellent Communist Youth League as an example, study hard and constantly improve their ideological level and the level of awareness, trying to do a fully qualified Youth League.
    Finally, I once again request to join the CYL CYL accept my application, I will never live up to the mission organization's expectations.
Noble salute
Two days (4) Class XXX
April 23, 2007 reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://eng.hi138.com

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