How to write an application to join the party to positive

Party application called party regularization regularized application report is prepared in the preparation of party members after the expiry of which I presented to the branch where the party had not been formally regularized written material. Party regularized application was prepared to party members to discuss whether a timely manner to fulfill duties of party members, whether they have one of the basis of party members, but also prepare a formal party members to positive, one of the essential procedures. Preliminary party member to positive application, the branch should promptly discuss the regularization problem, according to my performance in the preparation period and to positive attitudes, make a resolution, and report to the higher Party organization for approval. If there are no exceptional circumstances, party members should not delay in preparing and discussing the issue of regularization. On the preparatory period, the probationary Party member I have not put forward an application regularized, generally will not be discussed.

Prepare members of the party to positive application should normally include the following:

1, the title.
Can be written "into the party to positive applications" or "into the party to positive application report."

II title.
Should write "the beloved party" or "Dear branch."

3, text.
Generally include the following:

(A) I profiles.
Note when and where I introduced the party by whom, when it was approved to prepare for the party, when preparing expired. To extend the probationary period if they are party members, we must specify what is cause and what is due to be extended when the preparatory period, when the extension expires, and formally presented to the party members to a formal request.

(B) I prepared during the performance.
This is a regularized the main elements of the application should try to write specific and detailed. First, we must focus on preparing to write clearly to be the party has, through the party's organizational life and practice, in the ideological and political, work and study, etc. What are the advancement and improvement. Secondly, according to the standards and duties of party members party members to conduct inspections, and to see whether they are eligible for party membership, what basically, and what is not doing enough, there is also what weaknesses and shortcomings. Third, we must specify the party organizations and party members in to discuss their views of themselves when the correct circumstances, what to correct, and what is not correct or not completely correct, what are the reasons. In short, we must truthfully and fully report to the party in the preparation of their own during the performance.

(C) the need to explain the problem to the party.
If I joined the party when the party should explain the problem and did not say, or in the preparation that took place during the party should explain the problem, we must take a realistic approach to the party make it clear, so that the party Organization to better understand ourselves.

(D) demonstrate their ability to positive attitudes and the direction of future efforts.
Party members should be prepared in the preparation period based on their performance, especially with regard to the shortcomings and deficiencies, the presentation of future endeavors. If you feel not quite have the regularization conditions, is difficult to schedule a formal party members, but also to the party that their own attitudes.

4, signature and date.

Attached application form to join the party regularized Fan:

Application to join the party to positive

Dear branch:

May 28, 2001, the General Assembly discussed and adopted by the branch, the higher party committee's approval, I have become a glorious Communist Party of China prepared to party members, has been one year since. In accordance with the provisions of the Party Constitution, my probationary period expired, the middle of this special to the party made a formal party to the application, please party based on my performance in the preparation period to discuss the party through me, from the preparation to the Chinese Communist Party official Party . Here, I will own the performance of the preparatory period, a detailed report to the Party organization.

In the one-year probationary period, I strictly in accordance with the standards of a party member himself, conscientiously perform duties of party members, study hard, practical work, and strive to model, so that in their thinking, work, and style have made great progress in .

Over the past year, I have conscientiously study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" important thought, and especially through in-depth study of Comrade Jiang Zemin's "71" speech to make itself a more profound understanding of the party, the party's high ideals and faith in building socialism with Chinese characteristics more determined. Through the study, the level of his own Marxist-Leninist theory has been further improved. As a journalist and reserve members, I support the party's basic theory, basic line, basic program and policies, consciously abide by the party and state laws and regulations and the party's rules and regulations, abide by professional ethics of journalists. Over the past year, I combine actual work, conscientiously study the party and state policies and principles, and always with the Party Central Committee ideologically and politically highly consistent, always adhere to the correct direction of public opinion. At work, I have strict standards to use party members themselves, abide by discipline and state laws and professional ethics, and units in the community and foster a good image.

In order to continuously improve their ability to work hard for the party's press and publication contribute more to the past year, I have to study hard and assiduously, so that their businesses have made great progress in the ability to effectively ensure that they can successfully complete the entry task. Over the past year, I have worked as an editor and a reporter's work, completing a large number of groups asked him to, edit, and interviews, writing assignments, editing and news-gathering ability has also been greatly improved. As I am a party member's standard of strict demands on themselves, therefore, work style, than in the past been greatly improved. In the past, I have to compare the style of work floating, in an interview not go far enough. But this year, I have a number of grass-roots deep into the city, as well as twenty or thirty towns and villages, districts and counties of the Association, to conduct research and interviews to gain a lot of first-hand materials, and written articles and writing levels of depth has also been improved greatly, won the leadership with colleagues at home. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

Last year, the branch of the General Assembly discussing my party, there are comrades of my comments, saying that I more lax style.
This year, I have this weakness for their own existence, and strive to improve, largely overcome the problems. At the same time, I worked hard to unite comrades, and consciously safeguard the collective interests of a better way to play the role of a party member.

In short, over the past year, I have in every respect, has made great progress, but with the standards of Communist Party members, I have still some drawbacks. For example, the work of the initiative is not enough, and sometimes are afraid of difficulties, edit, and interviews are lacking in the planning sense. For their own shortcomings and inadequacies, I will in the future continue to be overcome and corrected. If this schedule I can not regularized, shows that he does not have the conditions for a formal party, I must continue to strive to become a full party member as soon as possible. If you can schedule to positive, I am not complacent, but also his life as a new starting point in the future journey of continuing efforts to trying to do a good party member.



Applicant: ***

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