How to write an application to join the party?

(A) the basic written application to join the party
        According to the Party Constitution requirement to join the Party comrades must apply in person to the party. The application can be divided into two kinds of oral application and a written application form. Under normal circumstances, to apply to join the party comrades should write a written application.
        Application to join the party's basic format and content is usually written as follows:
        1. Title. Middle write "Application to join the party."
        2. Title. That the applicant called on Party organizations, the general wrote, "dear party." Top grid written on the title the next line, followed by a colon plus.
        3. Text. The main contents include: ① understanding of the party to join the party to join the party motivation and treatment attitudes. Write this part of the party should indicate their wishes. ② individuals in the political, ideological, study, work and other aspects of the performance of the main. ③ the future direction and how to take practical action to seek to join the party.
        4. At the end. Applications at the end of the Qing party inspected the main expression of the feelings and aspirations of general use, "Please test for me in practice party" or "Please look at my party action", etc. In conclusion. At the end of the full text of general use 'Yours sincerely, salute'.
        The final in the application should be signed and dated the date of application. General the right to write home, "the applicant ***", the next line write "**** years * on * Day."
        In addition, in order to make the party organizations that they have a more comprehensive understanding of, the applicant may also write an additional materials, curriculum vitae of the individual, family members and major social relations, the situation clearly. Own political history and write a clear reward and punishment situation. If our own family members and major social relations, the situation was more complex political history, or have received criminal or other major action, we should also write a realistic manner.
        (B) to write an application to join the party should pay attention to the problem
        1. Must seriously study the party constitution, master the basic spirit and deepen the party's nature, purpose, tasks, members of the rights, obligations and other basic knowledge, understanding.
        2. Is necessary to link the actual thinking about the party's knowledge and motivation to join the party, not to comment on someone else blindly bystander status.
        3. Loyalty to the party who really, to reflect the true ideology of party organizations.
        4. The application is written in simple, dignified, not the pursuit of rhetoric, rhetoric. Basic writing the contents of the various parts of the body may be the actual situation according to their own master.
        (C) an application to join the party example listed for reference
Dear Party organizations:
        I volunteer to join the Chinese Communist Party is willing to fight all my life for the communist cause. The CPC is the vanguard of the Chinese working class, is the pragmatic interests of the people of all ethnic groups in China on behalf of, is the leading core of China's socialist cause. The party's ultimate goal is to achieve the communist social system. Our party is based on Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory as the guiding ideology. . . . . . . .
        The reason I want to join the Communist Party of China, because. . . . . . .
        At present, I insist that in their spare time learning the theory of knowledge, ideology has been tremendous progress. . . . . . .
        At the same time, I am in their own their own work, practical work hard, played an exemplary role. . . . . . . In addition, I also served as ... social work, achievements are not small. . . . . . .
        With some of the advantages of their own, I often make self-criticism, found himself in the following areas are inadequate. . . . . . . But I will be corrected as soon as possible, while also requested the organization has given the guidance and assistance.
        Today, I though the party made the application to join the party, but I know that in me there are many shortcomings and deficiencies, so I hope that the strict party asked me, so I make quicker progress. In the future, I will have to set strict demands on their own party members, party members and the masses and consciously accept the help and supervision, and efforts to overcome their shortcomings and deficiencies, at an early date in terms of ideology, thus in the organization to join the party. Please party in practice, testing me!
        Applicant: certain
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