Seriously to implement a 'three visits work system effectively change the ideological style of cadres'

      In order to further meet the job requirements of the current rural grass-roots level, to accelerate the pace of change the functions of village grass-roots organizations to continuously improve the working methods, change the style of work, effectively promote the service-oriented government building, in the town party committee and government under the leadership of the town to keep party members in accordance with the advanced the general education requirements, and actively explore the new era of party members and cadres to strengthen the ideological style in new ideas and new measures, from August 2005 onwards, the town authorities of party members and cadres to carry out carefully in order to reception of visitors, interviews and the next visit as the main the contents of the 'three visits' work, in accordance with sound mechanism, procedural norms, accountability, management, evaluation of the general requirements of the strict and effective in promoting the 'three visits' work systems are successfully implemented. The town authorities of the thinking and work style of cadres significantly improved markedly enhanced sense of governing for the people, all work has shown vigorous development of a good situation.
1, the basic situation of
Hedong Dian Hantai District is located in the north, and Mianxian, Liuba County Hill with water, economic and cultural characteristics of adhering to the ancient town of domains in the modern market economy under the impact of the wave, revealing the beginning of the end. Agricultural restructuring in full swing town, township and village enterprises to deepen restructuring a heat wave after wave of urban function improved gradually, and in particular is in a period of vast social transformation in rural friends, their desire to get rich, willing to enjoy the happiness of the hard work of their own good life. It desperately requires a perfect style of thinking, he will seriously serving the people, and actively listen to their opinions and voices of the party members and cadres. To this end, the town party committee closely studying and practicing the 'Three Represents' important thought of this theme, focusing on advanced education in highlighting issues to raise awareness of this study and education center in the 'advanced education, Reading', General Secretary Hu Jintao The 'speech' and other three systems, based on the study, based on transformation of government functions, work style of cadres and Party members and cadres changing job content changes, rural development and stability of the requirements and needs, and timely study and formulate a 'three visits' work system, focusing on to solve the grass-roots party members and cadres to go to the people, services to help solve the grassroots masses to carry out the work, economic development, and production of the specific difficulties of life issues, the party's advanced nature reflected solid and good things for the masses of them, reaching an activity to promote efforts to working to promote the activities of the objectives and requirements, has been widely welcomed by the masses town received remarkable results.
Second, specific practices and characteristics of
(A) Strict procedures to ensure that no mere formality. The town has set up a 'three visits' offices, as the people receiving letters and visits of external window and places, and providing advice and accept the mass petition letters and visits of specialized department also undertakes the processing of the petition, and monitoring and evaluating the piece. Determined mainly under the leadership of a major 'three visits' work, agencies and departments in accordance with their departmental duties and responsibilities, each share by the 'three visits' to do the transfer of responsibilities in this sector with the functions of the departments within the organs of the handling of Letters and Other DocumentsWork . The leaders in charge and heads of departments must assume the corresponding responsibility and direct responsibility for the leadership, so as to 'three visits' to carry out work system has laid a solid organizational foundation, ensuring the smooth progress of activities.
(B) focus on 'three visits' form, highlight the problem. Adhere to people-oriented, service-oriented government to establish a timely and properly and effectively solve the difficulties of production and livelihood of the people and problems to grass roots and the needs of the masses into their actions is to implement the 'three visits' work system, the fundamental starting point. Reception of visitors is the traditional reception crowd, providing advice and received letters from the people visiting the work of Yue Fang is working at the reception or in the process of handling petition cases to distinguish between different conditions of the telephone booking reception processing method, the next visit is take the initiative to visit the people, the investigation found that the grass-roots among the masses to understand the contradictions and problems, as well as to guide the grass-roots work. Under these interviews and visits to traditional forms of letters and visits to enrich and deepen the work, which change from passive to active acceptance petitions to communicate with the masses, take the initiative to find signs of contradictions an important measure in order to facilitate the source of lead to prevent the occurrence of various types of Letters and Other Documents is an effective way to resolve conflicts, problem-solving means. In the usual work, we highlight the 'next visit', urged the cadres to take visits, Yue Fang, unannounced visits and the holding of seminars and other means, in the village and the fields with the masses undecided talk Fangpinwenku knee, face to face serious to listen to the masses of the hot, difficult and doubtful questions to learn more about the villagers ideological trends, contradictions and disputes between farmers and the urgent, difficult, dangerous thing to be able to be resolved on the spot to be resolved, moment can not be resolved, there will be reasons to explain to the masses, commitment to the people within the time limit Banjie. At the same time, also received the next visit to troubleshoot problems with delivery service and do practical things combined, so that the people in a harmonious atmosphere of the problem, form a mutual support between cadres of the good situation of mutual trust.
(C) developing the 'three visits' mechanism, focusing on practical results. To ensure that the 'three visits' system of work carried out, we have taken six measures, first adopted a cadre 'three visits' work diary system, the town has produced a unified 'visit to the work of cadres and three logs', dispensed to Each cadre, from the 'three visits' object and village cadres, Party members and cadres to go in the interview to confirm the signature, effectively put an end to the fraud phenomenon. The second is to implement the system within limited Letters and Other Documents. Fan Shu general and a clear responsibility to petition cases handled by the department have the responsibility to implement the processing, the processing time can not be more than one weeks time; where the problem is rather complicated, involving more than two departments were conducted in collaboration, the processing time can not be more than one months; for those dealing with considerable difficulty, the lack of case-handling condition and timing should be based on the actual situation Banjie determine the time frame, so that piece is a reply are implemented. Third, the establishment of a supervision and inspection system. Town 'three visits' to do according to the specific circumstances of each petition and processing parts requirements, depending on their significance and urgency to take timely understanding of the situation, urging the handling and supervision in handling methods, the main leadership has also personally involved in investigation, personally supervise the implement, and ensure the timely pieces of each petition Banjie. Fourth is the development of the Letters and Other Documents processing feedback system. For those of major pieces of handling letters and visits, the contractor and departments must understand the situation in a timely manner, the existence of difficult problems and measures to promptly apply for the program step by step to the leadership and feedback. The host departments in Letters and Other Documents Banjie, it should apply the results of timely feedback and advice. Fifth, the immediate implementation of a strict penalty system. Provide that the masses do not receive warm, blunt language on the petition is not handled piece seriously, prevarication fear of difficulty, not according to 'implementation measures' and the system of work called for work, the work has failed to timely solution can not solve, or even to do human case caused by mass bribery complaints or adverse consequences leapfrog petition, and in immediate financial penalties to be at the same time party and government discipline dealing with. 6 is the target responsibility system practice management, and penalties and rewards. Town Party Committee to 'three visits' work included in the annual comprehensive assessment of cadres important and taken with the signing of cadres 'three objectives of the responsibility to visit the book' approach, to provide that the annual year-end examination shall not be qualified as advanced, at the same time for the corresponding criticism and education or economic penalties, assessment rated as excellent, and shall be rewarded. And thus from a system to protect the 'three visits' work in order to carry out and achieve good results. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

Third, the actual results achieved by
Through a solid serious 'three visits' work, so that the people see the government act effectively for the people's determination and confidence in the tremendous changes in the entire work are:
(A) changed the style of cadres, party-masses relations closer. 'Three visits' work has been carried out, the town authorities have in-depth rural grassroots party members and cadres to receive, resolve and coordinating the handling of complaint cases, Mopai letters hidden, with its action moved the masses to obtain the trust of the masses, thus more closely in between cadres relationship.
(B) to solve a number of hot and difficult problems, promoting social stability in rural areas, working in the care of those long-standing backlog of unresolved petitions in the petition, and some households may be symptomatic cases leapfrog petition has taken of leadership to be focused on ways to grasp resolved, the people see with their eyes, joy in their hearts to live and work in harmony situation in the town everywhere.
(C) the flow through letters and visits, a sound mechanism for the petition. The work of implementation, all departments (units) have adopted a variety of measures to facilitate the masses, and reflect problems, such as to set up a 'secretary of the reception day', released persons responsible for functions such as smooth a telephone number through letters and visits. Letters and visits from time to time to carry out the same time, instability in mediating in Council, conducted a study on the investigation, analysis, warning letters to form a good mechanism to promote effective solutions to parts of the petition. According to the statistics 'three visits' work carried out since the total amount of letters and visits the town decreased by 20% compared with same period last year.
Fourth, some enlightenment
Through 'three visits' since the work of the great change, we deeply feel that 'three visits' work education in the cadres, the cadres and clear changes in the style of work under the new situation, close party-masses relations of the extreme importance of the town cadres to further emancipate the mind, and guard against formalism and bureaucracy governing for the people getting markedly stronger. As a result, we have come to the following understanding:
1, leadership attention is the key. To carry out the 'three visits' task is to further transform government functions, change the style of work, constantly strengthen the building of service-oriented government's important work, we must strengthen leadership, clear lines of responsibility, and strengthen measures to form a cohesive force, so as to carry out the entire work of laying a solid ideological and organizational foundation.
2, raising awareness is the premise. Propaganda 'three visits' work can be deeply rooted among and to be effective, must be carried out extensive publicity, the cadres and a clear purpose and significance of the work, thus bringing the government documents into conscious action. This is the 'three visits' work to achieve effective premise.
3, problem-solving is the core. Seriously address the people concerned about the hot, difficult problems, too popular will to truly change people's production and living environment, increase people's income, which is the 'three visits' the core of the work.
4, satisfaction of the masses is fundamental. By changing the style and real solution to the problem, eventually settled at a place to see if the masses happy, satisfied with this fundamental starting point. Only in this way can we say 'three visits' work to achieve the desired purpose. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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