Report on the idea of building a harmonious society

        Ministry of Public Security spokesman today on the day in some parts of demonstrations involving a speech to remind the masses to act in accordance with law, the maintenance of stability is very necessary. Enhance the legal awareness, and in strict accordance with the Constitution and laws and regulations, maintaining good social order, for us to correctly deal with complicated situation, proper handling of international affairs, to ensure that we concentrate on building socialism with Chinese characteristics is of great significance.
        The legal system is the unity of the national will of the expression is to maintain the basic rules of the modern social order. Accordance with the law in modern society of citizens is a basic code of conduct. China has established the basic strategy of governing the country according to law, all citizens should consciously abide by laws and regulations, the provisions of the Constitution and laws within the expression of desire to uphold the law and authority. Without a sound legal system, no civil legal awareness and observance of law, improving the quality, it is impossible to maintain normal social order, it is impossible to ensure the smooth development of the socialist market economy, the people can not live in peace and to achieve well-off society The goal would be impossible.
        Conscientiously abide by the laws and regulations, using the law to rein in their behavior, promote social harmony and stability, is every citizen's responsibility. Only all law-abiding in order to create a good social order and social environment, in order to achieve social harmony. Firmly establish a legal concept, strictly according to law, it should be in people's ideas on establishing the legal authority to obey the law. Is only bound by the law accepted by all, everyone in compliance with law, to the enjoyment of the right to freedom, society can move forward coordinated development of the people's interests to get the fullest protection.
        A stable and peaceful social order and a good international environment is the smooth development of a national economic and social basis. China is in building a moderately prosperous society in a critical period, the urgent need for a stable domestic situation and a good international environment. This is the overall situation before us. Maintenance of this overall situation and guarantee the basic premise is that law-abiding use of the whole nation, so that their words and deeds are in line with laws and regulations, any compliance with the law is conducive to stability in the just do it; that do not conform to the law is not conducive to stability in the firm not do it, so that everyone can consciously act according to law, everyone has to maintain overall stability.
        Recently, some parts of some of the people and students at the Wataru Day spontaneous demonstrations. This is because the Japanese side on the issue of history and a series of errors caused by the attitude and behavior. On the masses and students of this patriotic fervor that we fully understand. At the same time, enhance the legal awareness, calm, rational, legal and orderly way to express their feelings. We must believe that the party and the government is fully capable of from the country's fundamental interests, including relations with Japan to properly handle the various issues, including resolutely implement the central authorities a series of major decisions and plans, and consciously safeguard political stability and unity, value and make good use of rare historical opportunity for both long-term perspective, but also down to earth, turn their patriotic passion into doing their own work and diligent study of the practical action to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to contribute. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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