XX town to carry out activities to create reports on the situation to create safe

In July, the municipal government held a building 'flat Annan An' mobilization meeting to convey to implement province, Quanzhou to carry out peace building activities on the work arrangements. After the meeting, I held a party town in time enlarged to convey municipal government 'on building' flat Annan An 'the work of the views of' the spirit of connection with reality, make arrangements for my town, the work of creating peace, and further a clear mandate to implement the responsibility to ensure that conduct the activities carried out to create a solid peace. Now I create a safe town to create reporting on activities carried out are as follows:
        First, unity of thinking, awareness-raising
        July 19, I have enlarged the town held a party to convey Nanan building 'flat Annan An' the mobilization of the session, unify their thinking, clear objectives and tasks to study the implementation of the advice and held a July 23 town-building 'Ping XX' mobilization of the General Assembly, formulated and issued a 'XX Town, the building of' flat Annan An 'implementation of the advice' to the village (community), the unit implementation. After the meeting, the cadres and masses to realize that to carry out activities to create peace is to ensure that social and political stability, security and stability in good and safe production conditions improved, rapid and healthy economic development and people live and work an important measure; recognized that to create 'safe XX' must bear in tight around the town, the overall work situation, focusing on the 'three civilizations' coordinated development, persist in the town party committee and government under the unified leadership, give full play to the various departments and units in particular, comprehensive management, the functional role of the judicial stations, extensive mobilization of the entire society participation, continue to focus on the people satisfied with the rate of increase of social security, criminal incidence rate has dropped goal to establish long-term mechanism for maintaining social stability, took me into town, Nanan city, township, one of the most harmonious and stable.
        Second, clear goals, and firmly implement
        First, a clear mandate to develop objectives. In accordance with the municipal government of the deployment, the town party committee, the Government decided from this year until the end of 2008, in the town carried out the construction of 'safe XX' activities, the overall objective is to adopt five-year effort to reach the city's 'Green township' standards, and strive to create a united and harmonious political environment, stability and a stable security environment, fair and competitive economic environment, and a standardized legal environment, a comfortable living environment, and strive to achieve the 'five to improve', 'five down', 'five containment', '5 to prevent the' target. XX, etc. At the same time I identified the town of 8 villages (communities) for the safe construction of the pilot, through grasping the point, and solid progress, and ensure the quality and progress. The end of 2006, I will try to reach the town of city of 'safe towns' standards, 90% of the village (community) to achieve 'peace village (community)' standards; in 2007 and 2008, while continuing to grasp the rest of the village (community) compliance at the same time, grasping Good 'Ping XX', and has been compliance of the village (community) to consolidate, improve, improve and expand the achievements in the creation. The town-building activities will be summed up and spread the good experiences and good practices, to promote 'safe XX' building, and the formation of long-term working mechanism.
        The second is to strengthen leadership and implement a responsibility system. I persist in the town of 'development is the primary task' and 'stability overrides everything else' organically united, and to carry out the work of creating peace XX economic and social development into the overall plan. An enlarged meeting of the town party committee, periodic reports, research the work of creating peace issues, the Government this year for six months and full year work plan and the summary of the government work to create a safe work, and to integrate the work of the Government Center, implement, truly and economic work with the arrangements, with the inspection, with the implementation. At the same time, firmly establish the overall situation awareness, a sense of crisis and sense of responsibility, focusing on the implementation of comprehensive management accountability is not relaxed, continuous improvement, and implementation to maintain the party and government 'top leaders' overall responsibility for leaders in charge of work specifically dealing with accountability . Through the implementation of comprehensive management accountability at every level, the comprehensive management accountability, letters and visits work responsibility, and production safety responsibility system with the objective of assessing the work of cadres linked to carry out an annual assessment, the same time, to make this work as the main administrative villages the village cadres, one of the focus of examination, and a direct link to their year-end evaluation results, and further ideas of cadres and the masses to create a safe major policy decisions and arrangements, the wisdom and strength to the implementation of various measures to create safe up.
        Third, sound institutions, and make concerted efforts to form a situation. In order to ensure safe town, I created the smooth conduct, first of all, I have set up the construction of the town 'safe XX' office, is mainly responsible for the establishment of contact telephone the situation, coordination, inspection and punishments to guide and assess specific work, so that the work of creating some pipe was arrested. Secondly, I put the building of the town of 'peace XX' of the work of a special provision in the budget to solve, according to 'who benefits and who financed' principle, to take the village to allocate more financial, benefit units and individuals point out the appropriate approach to solve Qunfang Gunji financial requirements. Again, I have created the town of strictly implement the responsibility system and the liaison system, regular meetings of the town Commission for Discipline Inspection, the public security branch, the courts, the town of judicial offices and the Home Office, the Letters and Visits Office and other relevant departments to work regular meeting to listen to the progress of the member units to create reports study and arrange the stage to create the work, adhere to 'who is in charge, who is responsible' and 'horizontally and vertically integrated in order to block the main local management' principle, carry out their duties, cooperate closely with the formation of the overall force, and make concerted efforts to ensure the safe construction of implement. . Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://eng.hi138.com

        Fourth, focus on advocacy, an effort to make known.
In order to 'safe XX' the creation of a universal activity, I stepped up publicity efforts to the town and will create a propaganda into the Franco-Prussian peace propaganda and education in an all-round, multi-angle to carry out propaganda work to create peace through a variety of ways to create an atmosphere to create a and establish the people is to build 'safe XX' awareness of the subject, I believe that relying on the masses, fully mobilize people to participate in peace-building initiative, the real party committee, government decision-making into a conscious action of the cadres and the masses, through the administrative, legal , economic, educational and other means to mobilize and organize all social forces to successfully carry out peace-building work to improve people's ability to self-awareness of prevention and preparedness. A stage in recent years, I have the town to use cable TV, dispatched trucks to create a fixed time broadcast propaganda slogans, wide publicity to the building of 'peaceful XX' of great significance, were published to create presentations, newsletters nine, from time to time in the villages ( communities), published to create 'safe XX' banner banners, etc., and a unified production of 20 broadcast tapes distributed to the village (community) for non-stop propaganda, effectively improving the people's right to create activities in the county of awareness and participation rate.
        5 is a focused, do a good job special governance. Nanan City in the 'Green 1' (against lottery 'gambling activities),' Peace 2 '(centralized Firearms activities) documents issued, the town party committee, government departments and timely coordination of implementation. In carrying out the fight against lottery 'gambling activities, hold the town against' lottery 'gambling activities, the mobilization of the General Assembly, set up the fight against' lottery 'gambling special rectification action leading group set up telephone hotlines and special funds, which together with a report' lottery 'gambling cases of awards 200 -1,000 yuan, the mobilization of the town cadres, workers, people actively involved in the fight against 'lottery' gambling activities; in carrying out 'Green 2' of the Firearms work, the first deputy secretary in charge of the town to set up a rule for the head of the burst and firearms leading group and offices, the program of work to develop specific action, the convening of the village (community), the unit security officer meetings, arranged Firearms work. The second is from the Public Security Bureau, creating an office of the town 'of the three small' companies thoroughly, and find out 'three small' enterprises to use the sources of Explosive Materials, and area 'of the three small' business register and record archiving. Third, by the Public Security Bureau of the 'five' to meet the focus of conversation, like the signing of the responsibility to strengthen management by the Public Security Bureau, create an Office on a monthly basis mines, gas stations, liquefied petroleum gas point of sale, explosives storage, etc. to conduct an inspection, and responsible security checks to confirm the signing of books, he discovered hidden timely rectification. Through a period of years of investigation thoroughly, and in May this year, since the town has dealt with 'lottery' gambling cases 5 cases, and arrested 16 bookmakers and Candu officers, arrest two people, one person re-education, law and order penalties 13; were investigated and dealt with explosives and related Gun cases of nine, of which 3 cases of explosives, fireworks, starting six.
        Third, targeted tackling the problem
        Construction of 'Ping XX' is a difficult and complex social system project, I created the town to carry out safe work, has made some achievements, but there are some problems, mainly lack of awareness that some people in place, that the construction of 'Ping XX' is a something the government can not take the initiative to put into creating the work; because of this 'three mentioned five unification' levied by cancellation, the town financial difficulties, the work of creating financial constraints; 'lottery' gambling hidden strong, individual officers to take across town to buy Candu , difficult to find; individual officers to take to the mountains Candu cellphone purchase, difficult to capture; every feudal festive stalls in rural areas from illegal channels, small individual purchases a small amount of fireworks for sale, require regular checking and so on.
        In response to these problems, I work in the future the town will be further in the implementation of its responsibility of providing protection to form a concerted effort to create atmosphere, enhance team building and so work hard to create stability and a stable social environment to promote 'three civilizations' coordinated development of the to better serve and protect my town, Nanan eastern town of radiation. One, step up publicity efforts to create peace, and further mobilization of cadres, workers, especially rural people actively participate in creating peace, through grasping the township with a rural, urban and rural interaction, a whole. Second, continue to implement the City 'Green 1', 'Peace 2' spirit of the document thoroughly investigated 'lottery' gambling and explosives and firearms cases, and create a safe environment, strive for greater effectiveness, in order to lay a solid foundation for creating safe. The third is prominent in this town, security problems and security risks in time to carry out special rectification, further mobilizing the masses, in-depth investigation and thoroughly, and to strengthen production safety inspection and prevention, and resolutely to eliminate hidden dangers. 4 is a reasonable arrangement for public expenditure, increase financial input created to ensure the smooth implementation of the activities to create peace. Fifth, to build the party and government contact with the masses of the multi-level, multi-channel pattern of the petition to ensure that 'graded responsibility, centralized processing' principle and carried out, to ensure that the mass petition to reflect that this problem can in time, in situ, and properly dealt with . Active and steady manner to resolve various disputes, and refined to mediate the disputes hot and difficult form, on a regular basis from time to time to troubleshoot the study on the impact of social peace and stability of possible instability and possible signs of sudden events in advance so well preventive plans, so that no small village, no major towns, and strive to resolve problems and conflicts in the bud stage, at the grass roots. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://eng.hi138.com

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