xx Party School on the city's leading cadres to implement the spirit of the report of the General Assembly

Improve the county according to law the land second-round work will be held, we have nine-funded Changhe Town Party Committee, the Government is arranging the deployment of higher authorities, to improve the land second-round work as a major event, events, urgent and difficult task, to take resolute tough measures to improve the ideological basis of understanding to regulate the operation is an important means to a solid and steadily push forward as the purpose, in the town set off in accordance with law within the framework of improving rural land second-round-up climax. As the method properly, work is meticulous, the whole operation has achieved remarkable results. To the end of April, the town was completed in 35 villages signed a land contract work, the signature rate of 98%. Second-round throughout the land are in accordance with established programs to promote healthy and orderly, well done stage work tasks, our main approach is:
        First, propaganda, and the policy word for word to the masses
        The past two months time, according to the law to improve the rural land second-round work of the town has always been a hot topic to talk about cadres and the masses, through in-depth investigation, we found that treatment of improving land second-round work at different levels who hold a different mentality, and cadres mainly in 'four noes' mentality, that is' not willing to engage in, for fear thankless; afraid of fear of a mistake involving their own heads; they would not engage in fear of things to do not understand the policy; do not really engage in, stream in the the form of going through the motions'. Masses, there are three main fears: a fear of policy advocacy has changed taste, 2 fear of policy implementation, disfigured, the three fears the policy cash off the air. For the cadres and the masses have different thinking and understanding, the town party committee and government to realize that to improve the rural land second-round of work is done well is not good, the key is whether the policies are fully implemented, its cadres and the masses must know the premise of the policy, master policy. To this end, we have held several party committee, party Joint Committee, all state cadres will be. First, the cadres unity of thinking, eliminating distracting thoughts, to form a consensus. March 20 we held the town in accordance with law to improve the rural land second-round work of mobilization. At the meeting, to the town party committee, the town government issued in the name of 'the law to improve the rural land second-round implementation of programs of work' and 'work discipline' two files at the same time to carry out all-round, three-dimensional information, has released more than 7,000 copies of promotional materials , brush to write more than 100 promotional posters and do regular propaganda columns 37, and essentially every village there was a column, group group embankment embankments have slogans and every household to have information. In order to deeply understand the spirit of the grassroots cadres, thoroughly understand the policy, we also held by all the live-point state cadres, and agriculture-related departments and cadres, the village Party branch secretary, and clerical training to participate in the backbone of business, and a number of major policy published in book form, distributed to people in order to facilitate and guide our work. Not only that, the town has organized more than 100 cadres, villages and peasant households to take the convening of village and group cadres and representatives of the masses and the individual seminars and other means to communicate face to face with the masses, to the policy faithfully to the masses, so that farmers on the proper improving second-round knowledge and truly support the complete second-round active part in improving second-round for the subsequent reduction in the smooth operations of the resistance to lay a solid mass foundation.
        Second, standardized operations, engage in all aspects of the problem clearly.
        Improve the land according to second-round, following the reform of rural taxes and fees again after the revolution, and involves a wide range, heavy workload, policies, and pay close attention to the community, the people are very concerned about, which requires us to be giving some deeper thought to work do careful and meticulous to make a specific. To this end, we have improved the land in the whole second-round process, has not the slightest relaxation neglect psychology, an aspect of a stage to do a good job effective manner in order to effectively promote to improve the rural land second-round packages. Specifically, we strictly kept to the good 'six off': First, strictly proper procedures. According to the law to improve the rural land second-round strong work policies, procedures, complex and heavy workload, adhere to the law in accordance with regulations according to the procedures is essential, in the actual operation process, we always adhere to procedures prescribed by program, not simplified, Mongolia is not prepared, not going through the motions, not a mere formality. A phase is completed a process to achieve a goal. A program in place to achieve steady progress. Second, strictly investigated thoroughly and customs. Determine the situation, grasp the actual situation is to improve the land second-round of an important part of the work is the key to success. To this end, we state cadres, and agriculture-related departments in cadre composed of four Gongzuozhuanban hand drawn deeply into the villages and households to take access to information, on-site viewing, such means would be to convene representatives of the masses as possible to find out find out the real village All the arable land the status quo; good understanding of the town land contract. Investigated thoroughly and in-depth process, we have all of the arable land of the town to require town and village cadres not only remain in the original data access or verbally asked the farmers, but also should go deep into the terraces, to located, first-hand information on master and effectively do so to 'the Village, not leak group, group does not leak households, households without omission'. Third, strictly inventoried off. On the basis of in-depth investigation, we have all of the arable land by the village town of terraces for registration, household inventoried, door to door fill in the land contract of registration form. And organizing the registration table someone repeatedly reviewed carefully checked to ensure that a good board, missed a field was recorded, the strict registration closed. 4 is a strict policy of customs. In the investigation thoroughly and registration of households, we found that some farmers Which will lead to the existence of such contradictions and disputes, we have collected all kinds of conflicts and disputes in land contracts are classified and analyzed to find the problem, analyze the reasons for seeking a solution; the other On the one hand to hold the masses in units of groups of villagers would be patient and meticulous to the masses of the law to improve the rural land second-round relevant laws, regulations and policies, so that the farmers are fully aware: The Improvement of Land law is a second-round packages to 97 years, two contract-based, is a 97-year contract to improve the second-round filled, rather than re-letting, re-measurement of land, farmers in time to lift the hearts of mystery and effectively resolve conflicts. 5 is a strict program development off. Development of practical program of work is complete according to the second round of the rural land extension packages in the work of a Hom. In order to try to draw up the program was perfect, accurate, reasonable, and we are carrying out the sunshine operation, get rid of 'flat head shaving' a simple approach that means the convening of village representatives of the General Assembly discussed and decided, in line with 'big stable, small adjustments' and' do not increase increase, the reduction were not reduced to 'the principles of right do need to change the farmers from the village cadres, villagers hosted panel will discuss the decision to avoid the individual words, through this form, and try to program development work to do to an open, fair, reasonable and transparent. 6 is a strict contract closed. In order to ensure that the contract signed with a higher rate, we have two organizations, town and village cadres went down to the majority of farmers at home, door to door to do painstaking ideological work, so that the people take the initiative to sign a land contract; the other hand, a timely manner to all town family reunification of migrant workers, sent a letter, asking them to return in time I signed a contract or commission signed on behalf of immediate family members, until their return home after the retroactive approach, so that the town land contract signing rate of 98%. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://eng.hi138.com

        Third, strict responsibility, and work earnestly carry it out.

        In order to land second-round work and realistically, grasping thin grasp concrete, we base ourselves upon our own actual conditions, and continuously improve the work measures and mechanisms to promote the town, improving land second-round work has played a very active role.
        First, highlight the central task of extending.
        'The quarter of the year is the Spring'. At present, the rural areas with many things, the town party committee and government from implementing the party's principles and policies in the rural areas, and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of farmers, and always put the law to improve the rural land second-round work as the current town Rural the most important task, the implementation of the leadership, energy, time, three concentrated, town and village cadres to go deep into the work of extending the first line, to the farms, to block the use of a good time to find someone sooner or later the opportunity, going door to door work, the masses will be held the head of household will, on the difficult households, and difficult groups, and difficult to take the village guidance to tackle them properly resolve the difficulty of extending the work. In the method, taken from both ends, with the middle and focus their efforts demonstration households, model group, the work of extending the model village to urge the these villages to shine, backward group of stronger measures to catch up and implement a whole.
        Second, the clear lines of responsibility among the cadres.
        In improving the land second-round process, we first established a secretary for the head of the leaders in charge as deputy head of the relevant departments responsible for human members of the leadership team, the implementation of leading officials personally take overall responsibility, with the leadership of the full-chip grasping, division of labor. Second, is to focus on a specific grasping cadres, in order to fully implement the task, we live in the village cadres to establish Kaneyasu responsibility, the implementation of township cadres package village, village cadres package group, and hierarchical classification of cadre households packages accountability.
        Third, based on the policy grasp mediation.
        In the concrete implementation of second-round course of its work, the town 35 villages involved in land disputes over hundreds of contradictions, these contradictions and disputes, broadly grouped into three categories: The first part of the demographic changes at the household, by few people Tin and by the phenomenon of people Tada serious imbalance between the existing land per capita. Second, tax reform ago tax burdens are heavy, farming efficiency is low, the original part of the farmers in order to evade taxes, take the initiative to abandon Abandoned fields were commissioned to work on farming village and payment of taxes, but now abandoned Tabe also raised the issue Back to the contractor, the contract farmers were reluctant to let go. Third, households and household contracted land between the four circles is unknown and so on. In response to these land disputes, conflicts, town, village, group 3 of extending the depth of staff to the village and farmers in a timely manner to determine the situation, identify the crux of the basis, in strict accordance with the township Party committee, the town government 'on the second round according to the law to improve the rural land of extending the number of policies and regulations' of the relevant provisions of the pigeon-holing, to the masses made it clear that reason, mediation work in a timely manner, to deal with the contradictions and disputes do not delay, do not deviate from the policy, does not leapfrog handed. So far, the town has been mediating conflicts 136 various types of land disputes, the people reflected in the availability of each piece is basically done everything there is an echo, the masses and are more satisfied with both parties to ensure the policy of extending the put in place.
        Fourth, grasp the progress of cash rewards and punishments.
        In order to ensure timely completion of comprehensive land-second-round task, we have created incentives to develop the incentives and disincentives, to implement Jiangyoufalie, Jiangqinfalan, we have the law to improve the rural land second-round performance with the cadres and the wages of working Hook, the town cadres took out 200 yuan from the wages of village cadres took out 100 yuan from the wages of the task with the Tudeyanbao linking knot hard deadline for accounts closed due to insist on hard-off, hard cash checkout policies, to fully mobilize the town and village two cadres enthusiasm for work, effectively promoted to improve the rural land second-round working smoothly.
        Fifth, check the quality at supervision.
        Focus attention on the progress of work at the same time, we also pay special attention to ensure that improving land second-round quality of work, so do not become a mere formality, not going through the motions. To this end, in practical work, we first focus on leading members of party and government from time to time to tour the villages, it was discovered the problem in time for rectification; second is strict customs inspection. To declare the registration form on the village information, we have repeatedly check the check, so that to declare one, acceptance of a qualified one, write-offs 1, uphold high standards, high demand, high-quality do a good job improving land second-round work.
        Leaders, while we follow the county, the county government arrangement, administered by the county Board's strong support, I Town, according to the law to improve the rural land was negligent second-round initiative, has achieved some results. But when the county, the county government's request, the control of all the advanced experience of rural brothers, and we still have many deficiencies, in later work, we will be more full of enthusiasm, a more responsible attitude, more detailed work, bar - solid and real, stable and secure properly accomplish my town, according to the law to improve the rural land second-round task. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://eng.hi138.com

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