Administering the City '45' Franco-Prussian start reporting on the situation of

Under the correct leadership of the Party, according to the law in the province and the Office of the Provincial Leading Group for specific guidance, in order to implement the five-year plan according to law provinces and provincial '45' Franco-Prussian plan, the city closely around the 'wealthy and strong city,' the objectives, tasks, has developed a 'Nanjing from 2001 to 2005 according to law and Urban Planning' and 'on the city's citizens to carry out law publicity and education of the Fourth Five-Year Plan', and take a series of effective measures to carry out the implementation of two 'planning' to start the work. This year in March, following in the city to carry out self-examination on this organization, we are again in 15 districts and counties and some law enforcement agencies conducted a focused inspection. From the overall situation as reflected in the city's implementation of the two 'planning' to start the work progressed smoothly completed its scheduled objectives and tasks.
One or two 'planning' and the launch of the formulation and implementation of
(A) 'according to law and City Planning' in the formulation and implementation of the
City in the implementation of 'Nanjing from 1998 to 2002 according to law and City Planning' basis, to meet the province's work of administering the province's overall steps, has also formulated a 'Nanjing from 2001 to 2005 according to law and City Planning'. The new five-year 'plan' reflects the three characteristics: first, according to city '15' program's overall plan for the building of material civilization and spiritual civilization as a unified goal, so that 'planning' is more adapted sex. Secondly, according to the Ministry of Justice in administering the city of Nanjing and '45' Franco-Prussian efforts to explore continues to be a good 'advance guard', types of good 'plots' requirements, so that 'planning' has a corresponding forward-looking. Third, the breakthrough in the past only from the legal system of legislative, legal literacy, law enforcement, judicial and supervisory framework of the basic links to economic development, spiritual civilization and democratic legal system up to the idea of building a unified, so that 'planning' the content and structure of the layout of reflect the innovative. City in July last year, issued the 'planning', the Provincial Office and the Ministry of Justice according to law and legal advocacy Provincial Division have in-house publications, forwarded a 'planning' text, it is recommended to the field refer to the city.
In order to implement the 'city of five-year plan according to law', since last year, the main city has taken specific measures in four areas:
1, from the height of the overall situation, strengthen the work of administering the city's leadership.
According to 'plan' on the Municipal Committee of the municipality according to law to implement the requirements of unified leadership, a new term last year after the formation of municipal leadership, and adjust according to law and city leaders of the city, members of the group, party secretary Li Yuanchao as its head. Meanwhile, the city will be the Leading Group Office of the City according to law and deputy director of increase to 8, the city strengthened the leadership of the daily work of administering the city of intensity. Second Session of the Eleventh Party held in the (enlarged) meeting, Li Yuanchao, secretary's report clearly pointed out that 'in the new historical stage of development, we must further promote the process of administering the City', and from the legislative, grassroots democracy in a comprehensive way, administration according to law and other areas set forth requirements. Subsequently, the municipal government according to law the General Assembly to convene the city's municipal work carried out concrete plans. Resulting in an overall grasp the direction and process of administering the city has played a central role in the leadership. Party committees at all levels have effectively put the city's municipality on the agenda according to law, seriously organized and carried out according to law city planning, deployment, coordinating the work of various departments to guide and organize cadres and the masses to actively participate in administering the City's work. At all levels of people's congresses, governments, CPPCC National Committee also put work into the city, according to law an important agenda, to work into the city, according to law at all levels of leadership performance appraisals, insisting on unified leadership, namely, implementation, compartmentalized integration in order to block the main and who is in charge of Who is responsible for the principle of governance according to law extended to the grassroots level, industry, the consolidation has formed a whole network of organizations to ensure that the municipality according to law leadership organized manner.
2, from the focus on democracy and strengthen the dominant position of the masses.
The city's municipality by law, adhere to the 'planning' set to rely on people's fundamental principles. In order to implement the provisions of the Constitution and laws to effectively protect the people administer state affairs and social affairs, rights, promoting grassroots democracy and strengthen supervision by the masses, the progressive realization of socialist democracy is institutionalized into law, the municipal government in order to establish a courageous ordinary citizens The advanced model - Zhou Guangyu as a starting point and put forward 'to the people and learn things for the people, please people, supervision, and making the people happy' demands and initiatives, stressing the party and government organs and leading cadres' attaches great importance to the people's' voices' attaches great importance to the people 'attitude, from the perspective of the rule of law aspects of building a socialist democracy reflects a specific exploration and system innovation. Mainly: First, the local legislative process, highlight the legislation for the people's guiding ideology. Municipal People's Congress and the municipal government by adhering to the holding of legislative hearings, the legislative advisory group of experts to play a role and to solicit public comments on the draft regulations and so on, strive to improve the transparency of legislative work, and actively expand the orderly participation in politics. City People's Congress enacted 'on citizens to attend the meeting of the Interim Measures for City People's Congress', and in accordance with the 'means' the provisions of the legislative National People's Congress invited citizens to attend meetings, to facilitate local legislation to prevent and overcome the tendency of the departmental interests, so that legislation embody the people's will and interests. Second, in grass-roots democracy, the respect and uphold people's rights. General election of village committees in order to grasp the work of the city in strict accordance with 'Villager Committee Organization Law', 'Jiangsu Province, the village committee election methods' and other relevant laws and regulations, to implement the dual elections. The city's 989 general election of village committees, a successful up to 976 participants voters 1,702,498, accounting for 95% of the total electorate. All the city's village committees have established rules of procedure of group of villagers, democracy and financial management group, is conducting a village affairs and financial disclosure. City is also earnestly implement the Party Central Committee and State Council, a series of rural policy, according to law the various arbitrary charges to farmers to reduce the burden on peasants and effectively protect the interests of farmers, promoting rural reform and development. Grass-roots level in the city, the city according to the law to strengthen and standardize the community building. City party committee and the government will reaffirm and provisions of the government agencies should not interfere with the rights of community committees, self-government organizations are not free to send missions to the neighborhood and assessment under the abolition of neighborhood committees convened by the Director of the Office of regular street system. Gulou districts established a separate account for the neighborhood, with a part-time accountants and establish a community of democratic financial management system to apply for a pension committee head, such as social insurance, and implement committee head rotation. The city's neighborhood are the full implementation of all community services, finance, home services three open system, the establishment of community residents 'democratic procedure' system, community neighborhood committees and the members of the community representative system. These measures are essential to democratic self-government and wider community residents to participate in community-building played a role in safeguarding. Third, democratic supervision in the work, pay more attention to the role played by the people's judge. Improve the supervision system of party and government organs, is by law the work of an important part of city. City of adhering to the legal supervision and inner-party supervision, democratic supervision, social supervision, and public opinion combine to play a supervisory role in a comprehensive, based on a more prominent 'let the people judge'. In which the greatest impact, but also for the masses to know is that the municipal government organization's 'open-door deliberations organs, strengthen the work style of the building' activities. In this regard, China Central Television 'investigative journalism' part of the investigation team conducted a detailed and reports. The 'million people comment' activities, not just out of a number of leading cadres, more importantly, to establish the satisfaction of the people are not satisfied with the work as a measure of body test.
3, starting from the effectiveness of law enforcement, regulate the market economy and social order.
The key lies in the city by law enforcement, that is, to reflect the will of the people in the law enforcement see the results. Facing the new situation of China's accession to the WTO, the city's law enforcement efforts clearly reflect the characteristics of the times. First, WTO rules against clean-up local laws and regulations, government regulations and regulatory documents and in accordance with the requirements of administrative examination and approval system reform, clean-up approval. The municipal government to follow 'the rule of law unification', 'non-discriminatory', 'transparent' the three principles of national and provincial control issued by 20 criteria, completed by the end of September last year after the founding of the city enacted prior to the current effective The 531 local laws and regulations, government regulations and other policy measures to clean-up work. Districts and counties and departments, the normative self-published documents and other policy measures, as well as district offices, township governments and departments subordinate units to develop a 'local policies', but also be clean-up completed by the end of December last year. Meanwhile, the city canceled last year, does not meet requirements of market economy 809 administrative examination and approval projects, a decrease of 45.6%; approval, the approved reduction of 575 items, a reduction of 52.4%. This year, with a higher standard of administrative examination and approval of the clean-up project again and requested that the city's municipal administration authorities, districts and counties to establish administrative examination and approval publicity, monitoring and accountability system for illegal examination and approval, this work be completed by the end of April, May to comprehensive inspection. Second, the principle of transparency under the WTO to expand government open channels and enrich the contents of government affairs, improve the public disclosure system, and further transform government functions, improve the effectiveness of public administration services. The municipal government for the proposed promotion of cadres appointment publicized to solicit opinions of the masses; the city's various departments with the work-style building, from the convenience of the masses, to start, any can be made public to implement all the issues that are open, and in accordance with statutory responsibilities and public commitment to provide a good way for the masses of public administration services. In this context, summing up the promotion of the city Department of Transportation 'administrative law enforcement publicity network', Municipal Labor Bureau of 'window-type office', Shimonoseki areas 'street Chief Supermarket' and other typical examples. Third, the relative concentration of an active and steady implementation of the pilot work of the right to administrative punishment. Last year in May, the State Council and provincial governments ratified the relatively concentrated in the city to carry out administrative punishment of the right to experiment. Municipal government pilot project areas in the Drum Tower, based on the relative concentration of administrative penalties will be implemented in the right of the pilot study as a big city issues, the main leaders in research and listening to the reports in person, based on the separately held municipal standing committee, the mayor office, study to determine pilot the necessary organizational structure, establishment, funding and so on. At present, the city has set up a municipal power is relatively centralized administrative punishment Coordination Group, Municipal Committee, vice mayor in charge of the head of Legislative Affairs Office of the municipal government and related administrative law enforcement departments, as well as the pilot city's leadership for the coordination of team members, specifically responsible for organizational implementation. And developed a 'Nanjing Urban Management Interim Measures for the relative concentration of the right of administrative punishment' of the first draft of government regulation to focus on the right to exercise the responsibilities of administrative punishment, punishment type and magnitude, as well as disciplinary procedures, law enforcement and supervision, working with the other elements to be clear, executive session to be submitted to the municipal government is designed to focus on the exercise of the right of administrative punishment law enforcement officers to provide direct basis for the penalties. In addition to these preparations, the city management of the transition administrative law enforcement personnel evaluation methods and the new members of the recruitment programs, training programs, and internal management systems and external coordination system, and so on developed. Fourth, the judiciary at all levels around the city to establish the law of development in line with modern judicial goal of the judicial operation mechanism, vigorously push forward judicial reform, to further improve the case handling responsibility, supervision over law enforcement system, cases of a return receipt system and so work system. The court system's operating rules focus on standardizing and full court to play the full court of the functions of an independent referee to realize the full court to hear an independent referee's unity and independence, and actively explore the application of summary procedure to hear cases. Attorney arrested detection system that is focused command mechanism, prevention mechanisms, steering mechanisms for supervising the reform of the full implementation of the chief complaint as well as their responsibility, set up a job-related crimes investigation command center, formed by the city's Procuratorate, as the leading pattern of the anti-corruption work. The city has also vigorously strengthen the building of the judiciary, and strive to improve the quality of judicial officers and judicial fairness standards. 5 in accordance with the unified arrangements of the national and provincial law, effective implementation of the 'Strike Hard' struggle to improve, rectify and standardize market economic order, and special governance. The city's political and legal organs of 'Strike Hard' rectification as the axis of the work, bring to justice a number of serious harm to social order and economic order of the criminals, dealt a heavy blow to serious criminal activities that endanger public order, effectively curb the rising crime trend . The public security organs have cracked down on the billions of issuing false VAT invoices and other types of serious cases of economic crimes nearly since arrested two suspects over a hundred people, for the state to restore economic losses of more than 2,000 yuan. City Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the Quality Supervision Bureau and other law enforcement authorities to take measures to further regulate the market players and rectify market order, launched a crack down on fake goods production, undocumented business, economic fraud and other special operations, in order to establish a good market economic order escort. With the 'Falun Gong' struggle, the city destroyed a number of underground groups, Falun Gong, arrest, detention of a group of Falun Gong criminals, and actively do a good job 'Falun Gong' the educational transformation work in this area of work experience in the country were presented at the meetings. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

4, from the ways and means of innovation and raise the level of organization and coordination.

Along with economic and social development, and constantly enrich the connotation of administering the city, but also the corresponding mode of operation methods require innovation. By law the city's leading groups and offices have conducted active exploration. First, to further enhance the municipal government on the direction of the city according to law and major decision-making sure the city was established last year by the province, more than 10 prominent legal experts of the municipality by law advisory group of legal experts on the municipal party committee, municipal government leaders to conduct feasibility studies on important policy decisions, provide legal advice, and achieved good results. The second is the first municipality in the province set up a WTO legal services center, to carry out with the WTO-related legal services for the city's response to WTO at all levels of government and society to provide legal advice and services. Third, according to law and the city in order to increase the impact and radiation power, last year we opened up the Internet according to law and city sites, are being taken measures to further improve in order to better play to advocacy, communication, publicity and interaction. Fourth, integrate resources, closely focused on economic development and urban construction focus on legal services. Successively for the Nanjing Metro, Nanjing-Qidong railway and other key projects to provide integrated services to form a legal services group for the whole process of Chinese entrepreneurs to provide services to the General Assembly and has successfully handled a large number of state-owned enterprise reorganization, restructuring, public finance law. At the same time, the city's legal aid, '148 'legal service hotline, to maintain social stability, and address the legal requirements of the masses played an important role. And actively extend to the in-ning force set up to safeguard the interests of national defense and legal assistance centers to conduct 'to safeguard the interests of national defense with 100 line' activities, to send France to the barracks for the troops to provide legal seminars, consulting services, handling legal aid cases of the officers and men , creating a 'double support' new ways of working. The Nanjing Theater in February of this year in the 'safeguarding the interests of national defense work forum' on the promotion of the city's approach.
(B) '45' Franco-Prussian start of planning and implementation
According to provincial '45' Franco-Prussian planning requirements and the provincial law publicity and education in the twelfth session of the provincial working experience in administering the province, the exchange of conference, the city comprehensively carry out the law publicity and education work for the implementation of the '45' Franco-Prussian Planning to open a good start. Main methods are:
1, leaders attach importance to the formation of '45' Franco-Prussian operation mechanism of the organization. Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress and the municipal government to launch and implement the '45' Franco-Prussian planning an important item on the agenda, specifically to listen to '45' Franco-Prussian planning across debriefing to discuss and decide '45' popularization of the major problems. Clear the city's law publicity and education efforts by the city, according to the law organizing the implementation of a unified leadership group, give full play to the Propaganda Department, Bureau of Justice as the functional role of Franco-Prussian authorities, the legal publicity and education work as a basis for administering the project in the city, so that the personnel, equipment, and funds 'three implementation'. To protect the '45' Franco-Prussian planning smooth implementation of the Franco-Prussian municipal finance to allocate special funds each year nearly 70 million in special funds allocated by the various districts and counties totaled 1.06 million.
2, development of planning, the focus of the study of law program. Last year in June by the Municipal Propaganda Department, the Municipal Bureau of Justice seeking the views of all sides, based on the timely drafting and repeatedly revise and improve the city '45' legal literacy plan. By the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal People's Congress report on the situation, the city on July 27th People's Congress held its twelfth meeting of the Standing Committee of the 25th to make a 'further law publicity and education on the' resolution, the municipal government in the August 30 to '45' Franco-Prussian city planning batch of implementation. Ministries Missionary Council and the 15 district and county with the department, the unit's actual circumstances, to develop their own '45' Franco-Prussian planning, district and county people's congresses have also made corresponding resolutions. In accordance with provinces and municipalities '45' Franco-Prussian planning requirements, the city established the focus of the study of law programs, such as leading cadres of the study of law Scheme, the study of law, plan, enterprise management personnel, the study of law program, the young law school program and clear the responsibility of units and support units to ensure the implementation of the project.
3, propaganda, and to create a '45' Franco-Prussian momentum. 2001 Nian November 14 to December 14, in line with the nation's first law publicity day activities, according to law and city municipal offices, Municipal Propaganda Department, the Municipal Bureau of Justice carried out jointly organized in order to 'enhance the rule of law and promoting the city, according to law 'as the theme of the city' 45 'popularizing and propagating the Month, the city's receipt of legal advice the people will reach more than 10005 times, release' 45 'popularizing and propagating the information and the laws and regulations in nearly five thousand volumes of books. The city's main street, crossing a total of two thousand flying pieces of legal propaganda posters, post '12 * 4 'rule of law posters more than 1,600 pieces, and organized the city's 15 districts and counties to carry out a people-oriented and focused on the larger members of the public square the rule of law cultural performances and blackboard newspaper Zhanping activities, such as legal literacy, there are six county leaders in television, the 'strengthening the rule of law concept, according to the law to promote district (county)' speech. The end of the municipal authorities according to law and city hall held a city-cum-law publicity and education in recognition of the mobilization of the General Assembly,市四套班子 relevant leaders, municipal authorities, district and county leaders in charge, office person in charge is responsible for large and medium sized enterprises A total of 300 people who attended the meeting. 157 was commended by law cities, legal education, advanced collectives and 239 advanced individuals. Deputy secretary, city according to law the deputy head of the municipal leaders Wang Zheng-sheng, WANG Hao-liang made a speech respectively, and work arrangements. All districts and counties, the system also have been summarized in recognition and mobilization deployment, forming layers of propaganda, a good trend.
4, strengthening the backbone to form a working network. Last year, we further rely on a healthy city, by law the work of liaison team, formed in the end the city of horizontal, vertical to the side of a strong legal publicity and education network, specifically responsible for the 'planning' and implementation. To improve co-ordinators of the theoretical level and ability to work, we have organized the city '45' Franco-Prussian core courses, municipal ministry and commission according to law and City Council liaison, publicity chief of the county Bureau of Justice and the street (township) Judicial Director , a total of more than 180 people participated in the study. The districts and counties have also organized various training courses Franco-Prussian backbone of a total of more than 30 (times), training more than 4,000 types of Franco-Prussian backbone of (sub), effectively improved the legal work to staff the level of legal knowledge. This year we have an open recruitment for the community of legal experts, scholars and volunteers set up '45' Franco-Prussian 100 obligations of lecture groups, for municipal authorities, districts and counties, Street (town), enterprises and communities to provide basic legal education, teachers team. Districts and counties have also established their own team of instructors, the total number of 600 people. To more accurately '45' legal work to progress, according to the law approved by the Municipal Statistics Bureau, we have also established a formal statistical reports, issued by the legal work to fill in the backbone.
5, we are preparing the basic work to expand the building of positions. We organize major law publicity and education activities, pay attention to the role played by the mass media, run a variety of legal topics section. Nanjing TV station run by 'the rule of law Corner', 'the court fax', 'Stone City police, as', 'social big wide-angle', 'the rule of law aspect' and other columns are very popular among the people's affection. Such as 'social big wide' part around the social hot and difficult, saying that people around things that people wanted to say, they often put lawyers Come live room, on some of the hot topics of public concern, to the case of interpretation. According to the city's 15 districts and counties reported Franco-Prussian tables of view, the rule of law theory, research last year writing the article more than 400 articles, provincial and municipal newspapers and magazines more than 1,500 articles, TV specials than 600 radio stations 300, and adhere to the press You-wen, screen people like, radio and audio. Various districts and counties to play a showcase and community-based legal advocacy, towns and villages reported the role of propaganda and tailgate, combined with the focus of the work of different periods and the masses are concerned about hot issues, advocacy legal knowledge. To create a Franco-Prussian atmosphere, we are still the main urban sections of the establishment of the municipal and district levels, large-scale public service advertising 4 the rule of law, aimed at enhancing the public's rule of law.
6, seize key targets, mobilize the public to legal education. First, do a good job of leading cadres study and apply laws. Since last year, the city's leading cadres of the rule of law lectures were organized in 42 games (times), but also has prepared and issued the 'rule of law with morality' and other albums, and to provide the Central and the National People's Congress lecture presentation for the City, District (County) and leaders of relevant departments refer to, and increased decision-making leading cadres to establish the concept of propaganda in modern rule of law. Second, set up the study of law, the city's civil servants leading group and office, issued a 'on the city's civil servants to carry out study and apply laws and carry out administration according to law training to inform', formally launched the Civil Service law school. Third, focused young people study and apply laws, has organized more than 300 vice president of the rule of law school more than 100,000 primary and secondary students on the legal system given in combination with the characteristics of young people of different ages will be the rule of law combine education with moral education , organizational learning fun, interactive, participatory and a variety of educational activities, the overall improvement of the city's legal awareness of young people to prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency. The fourth is striving to improve enterprise management personnel, market economy, laws and regulations relating to publicity and education, municipal departments and basalt, Drum Tower, Dachang District, etc. were held on enterprise management personnel, corporate law, contract law, tax law, labor Law, the Product Quality Law, intellectual property protection law and other legal seminars and training courses. Municipal Judicial Bureau with the task situation and the needs of various periods, has produced the Nanjing '45' Franco-Prussian legal system and publicity materials 1 - 4 copies, issuing more than 10,000 of this, and legal advocacy Album 1 - 6 period, 15 districts and counties issued 1400, Zheng Ding provincial series '45' Franco-Prussian teaching more than 26,000 cadres, Reading books, more than 40,000 people read the book, so that new laws, rules and regulations to be timely, widespread dissemination, and implementation.
2, the next step implementation of the two 'planning' initial intention to
The city should focus on 'wealthy and strong city, take the lead in basically realizing modernization' strategy and municipal party committee and municipal government of Nanjing to build credit city of the safest cities, UN-Habitat's goal of good urban environment, focus on the building of 'integrity, a safe, order 'rule of law environment, the full implementation of administering the city and' 45 'Franco-Prussian two plans, the process of the rule of law and promoting the city. The idea is to:
1, establish the image of the credit for building a city to create a good social environment. First, strengthen the building of government credit. Explore the establishment of a scientific, democratic, and standardized decision-making mechanism and enhance the leading cadres and civil servants of the law-based administration capability to fully enhance government credibility. Generally speaking, the Government should establish a '5 G' image, that is: Stick to the purpose for the people in power to establish 'good governance' image; improve decision-making, science and governance, to establish 'good governance' image; standardized management, according to law, establish a 'Norimasa' image; focus on performance, efficiency in politics, establish a 'diligent' image; to strengthen supervision, and strict governance governance, establish a 'clean' image. Second, strengthen the building of business credit. Implementation of social legislation in the areas of credit management research, a joint industry and commerce, taxation, quality supervision, courts, customs, banking and other units, through the information network technology to connect their own data, information collection, review, classification, entry, publication and consulting, enterprise credit information query, exchange and sharing, and gradually establish a credit collection, query, evaluation, disclosure of corporate credit as the main content of the evaluation system and enterprise credit management information system. Third, strengthen the building of personal credit. To carry out individual credit credit and credit intermediary institutions, the legislative research, explore the establishment of collection according to the law of personal status cases, commercial credit records, social public information records and specific records of the four major categories of credit information such as the implementation mechanism. Fourth, according to rectify and standardize market economic order, and equal protection of the legitimate rights and interests of market players and create a legal environment conducive to investment; the establishment of the city early warning mechanism of international trade disputes and advisory services network, improve enterprise application of WTO rules to protect competition in the international market capacity.
2, lay a solid foundation to continue to further promote grass-roots literacy and governance according to law. In accordance with the requirements established in the modern sense of the rule of law to take hold lectures on legal system and other methods of leading cadres above the county level to enhance the quality of leading cadres of legal training and assessment; civil servants study of law, has a system of training plans, assessment methods, to master this profession, familiar with the requirements of the industry's knowledge of the law, the use of legal means to improve the capacity of handling matters; start of schoolchildren in the nine-year compulsory education popularization of legal knowledge to complete the task during the experimental work of law reform, the contents of the youth and examination forms, results-oriented; make full use of the news media to carry out extensive propaganda and education on the legal system to continue to run the rule of law Topics; the formation of 'joint enterprise legal system will be', to explore business managers new ways to study and apply laws, establish and perfect the legal system. Focus on innovative urban community management mechanisms, the establishment of the government management according to law, community law of autonomy, community-wide participation of residents to build a community-operation mechanism. To continue to do a good job 'Villager Committee Organization Law' implementation, to improve the level of village self-government, and to promote the village, and township government affairs focus on promoting grass-roots governance according to law and promote democracy.
3, strict governance, ensuring political stability and social peace. Severely crack down on all kinds of serious crimes, especially violent crime, organized crime, burglary, theft, crime, and continue to do a good job with the Falun Gong cult, in-depth hard and rectification struggle carried out to create 'best young defenders Kong' and urban communities, migrant youth training and other activities to prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency. Strengthen the comprehensive management of social security, improve the 'compartmentalization combined with block-based' community safety prevention and control system and do the work of investigating and mediating contradictions and disputes, strengthen petition work, smooth channels for the public to express concern for laid-off workers, difficulties, and other socially disadvantaged farmers groups, to eliminate hidden dangers, as far as possible to avoid the work of administrative misconduct or mistakes lead to social conflicts, to play a grass-roots democratic self-government and people's mediation role of the Organization, to divert to resolve conflicts and disputes.
4, strengthen management, in order to build a quality living environment to provide legal guarantees. Developing the 'two levels of government, three-level management' of the work system, to play a grass-roots level in the main force in urban management role in the six urban areas of city management to fully implement the relative concentration of the right of administrative punishment trial, adhere to strict law enforcement, civil enforcement, strengthening the city long - effective management. To strengthen planning and management and supervision according to law, improve the system of expert advice and the public to public notice system, constraints on planning departments and individuals from arbitrary interference; legally strengthening the historical and cultural relics protection, rational development and utilization of cultural heritage resources; for the new district building, the Old City to provide legal services regulation and legal protection. According to the law to strengthen urban landscaping construction, management and remediation stalls road occupation illegal structures and to strengthen the integrated management of transportation, the consolidation of 'smooth flow of projects' achievements to intensify the 'six small' service industry and health management efforts to further improve the living environment, to ensure that the Indicators years to achieve the national health standard of the city.
5, do a good job specification, build to adapt to WTO rules, the social intermediary system. According to nurture and promote the accounting, tax, business, legal representation, commodity quality inspection, construction quality supervision and international standards certification inquiry and assets, credit rating and other intermediary organizations, standardize the legal services market, improve the lawyers, notaries, arbitration, corporate legal counsel , grassroots legal services, legal aid and other legal service system. Increase the quality of agency practice, service quality and competence to practice assessment, examine and supervise the establishment of a standardized agency annual audit and certification system.
6, strengthen supervision, establish a standard mechanism for guaranteeing the healthy operation of the power. To strengthen legal supervision and democratic supervision, at all levels of the Standing Committee continue to examine other means of law enforcement, supervision, and support the government and its departments standardize administrative practices; strengthening legal supervision and work of the judiciary to monitor, promote accordance with the law and fair administration of justice; the level of the CPPCC to visit, research and other means to strengthen democratic supervision, improve the CPPCC National Committee members, non-partisan members of the appraisal as a government agency monitors the organization and systems. The implementation of 'government work style' all the work, discipline inspection, supervision, and other special supervisory bodies should strengthen supervision over leading cadres of party and government of the people in the organization of organs in the comments to reflect a more serious problem of departments and units, leadership and the main person in charge and responsibilities of the people, by the organization and personnel departments to take appropriate action after the examination. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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