Sample office lease contract

Party A (lessor :_______________________

B (Lessee :_______________________

Party A and Party B under the <<>>,<< PRC Contract Law of Urban Real Estate Administration Law "> and other relevant laws and regulatory requirements, A and B sides of equality, voluntariness, honesty and credit principle based on Party B agrees to lease its housing matters agreed as follows:

1, the housing is located, size and decoration, facilities

1-1, Party A will legally owned located in Zhengzhou City __________________________________ lease to Party B to use.
1-2, Party A to Party B for use of the rental housing construction area ____________ square meters.

2, leasing purposes

2-1, Party B shall promise to lease the house for office use only.
2-2, in the lease term, without prior written consent of the consent of Party A, Party B shall not change the intended use of the premises.

3, the lease term

3-1, the rental of a total of _____ months from ____ until ____ years ____ months ____ years ____ months ____ date.
3-2, the lease term expires, Party A is entitled to recover the full rental housing, party B shall return. B if required renewal, the lease must be 1 month before the expiry of a written intention to the party, re-signed fixed lease contract.

4, rent and payment

4-1, the housing rent is RMB _________ per month. (Uppercase :___________________.

4-2, the housing rent payment: quarterly months years of monthly, prepaid for later use, No. 1, the date of signing the contract rent paid in advance _________ days after the payment of the rent each.

5, other costs

5-1, B in the lease term, the use of Electricity Telephone Water access charge management fees _________, rental tax in accordance with relevant provisions by Party B to bear.

5-2, according to Party A require Party B shall pay Party A housing deposit of RMB _________ dollars (capital ________ yuan a whole, to settle charges pending expiry of the lease, Party A shall be refunded in full settlement of the date of the deposit B. Party B fails to settle the costs provisions, Party A has the right to refuse a deposit. If Party B settlement, the employer may a full refund of deposit.

6, housing repairs responsibilities

6-1, in the lease term, Party A shall ensure the safe use of rental housing. Party B shall take good care and rational use of its leased housing and ancillary facilities. If Party B due to improper use or facilities damaged houses, B shall immediately be responsible for repair or financial compensation.

6-2, such as force majeure, resulting in housing damage or loss caused by Party B, both sides do not take responsibility.

6-3, interior of existing facilities:

Appliances are as follows :____________________________________________________________

Furniture follows :____________________________________________________________

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7, sublease agreement

7-1, with the exception of both parties in the supplementary provisions of this contract otherwise agreed, the party in the lease term, requires the prior consent of Party A's written consent before the lease of the part or all of the sublet to others .

7-2, B sublet the house, entered into sublease contract should meet the following requirements:

(1 sublease termination date of the contract shall not exceed the date of termination of this contract.
(2 sublease period, Party B shall be entitled to sublease and assume the rights and obligations under the contract, we must also continue to perform its obligations under this contract.

(3 sublease period, the contract changed, discharged or terminated, the sublease contract should subsequently be modified, canceled or terminated.

8, change and cancel the contract conditions

8-1, in the lease term, non-1 of the following circumstances, shall not change or terminate this contract.
(1 Party B due to special reasons or by mutual agreement, a cause, agreed to by Party B in advance to withdraw or retire early to pay part or all of the houses,
(2 due to non-party to appear and the situation so that the normal operation of the housing facilities, or water, or interrupt the normal supply of electricity, and the interruption of a time more than 7 days, Party B that seriously affect the normal use of the house,

(3 for party B breaches this contract, and by 105 days after Party A, Party B shall not be rectified,

(4 due to force majeure resulting in damage to the housing and ancillary facilities, the contract can not continue to perform,

(5 of the lease period, the housing by the city or district (county government moved to by the operation, or by judicial and administrative organs according to law to limit their property rights, or there due to laws and regulations prohibit non-party the responsibility of the other cases .

8-2, change or terminate this contract, the requirements change or terminate this contract a party should take the initiative to another one side made, due to modification or termination of this contract, so that a party suffered losses, with the exception of the contract (Article 8-1 (4, paragraph (5 legally exempt from liability, shall be compensated by another one.

9, the responsibility of Party B

9-1, in the lease period, Party B 1 of the following acts, the Party the right to terminate this contract, the recovery of the housing, thus causing loss of Party A, Party B should be compensated.

(1 without the written consent, without the subleasing, lent to another user,

(2 without the written consent, without Chaigai housing structure changes, or damage to housing, and with a written notice, fails to remedy in the limited time and repair,

(3 without changing the purpose of the lease contract, or to use the house for illegal activities,

(4 accumulated rent arrears of more than two weeks.
9-2, in the lease period, Party B without the consent of court without surrender, Party B shall be twice the monthly rent payment of liquidated damages to the party, if the payment of liquidated damages insufficient to cover the loss of Party , Party B shall pay compensation.

10, the responsibility of Party

10-1, Party A has not the time of the contract, delivery of the premises used for B, for each overdue day 1, Party A shall 0.3% of the monthly rent payment of liquidated damages to the party. Delayed by 7 days, depending on Party fails to perform the contract. Party In addition to the above requirements shall pay a penalty, the payment of liquidated damages if insufficient to cover the losses Party B, Party A shall pay compensation.

10-2, in the lease period, Party A section 9 of this Contract, paragraph 1, of the situation, terminate this contract without authorization, call the house, the Party shall be twice the monthly rent paid to Party B breach of contract Kim, if insufficient to cover the payment of liquidated damages losses Party B, Party A shall pay compensation.

10-3, B surrender for any reason, then Party B will be based on the actual number of days of rental housing, and the remaining (if any return, default implementation of relevant provisions of this contract.

10-4, Party A shall ensure that all of its rental housing, no property rights and use rights disputes, property rights and the right to use the event of a dispute, shall be borne by Party B's entire loss.

101, other provisions

11-1, matters not covered in this contract, the A, B 1 induced both parties, may make additional provisions. Supplements and accessories are an integral part of this contract, and this contract has the same effect.

11-2, A and B sides in signing this contract, with full civil capacity, on their respective rights, duties, responsibilities clearly understood and is willing to under the contract are strictly enforced. If a party breach of contract, and the other one is entitled to Claims under this Contract.

11-3, A, B and the two sides in the course of the performance of this contract, if the dispute should be resolved through consultation. Negotiation fails, the parties may apply to the housing area of ​​the people's court.

11-4, the contract (the original plus 2 copies of Appendix 1, by each party holding a copy, have the same effect.

102, other supplementary agreement

Lessor (Party A: Lessee (Party B:

Phone: Phone:

Date: Date

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