Residential property commercial rental contract

Party: (a property company Lessor Party B: (B lessee for the rental housing business premises Party, the two sides after full consultation, to enter into this rental contract, mutual respect.

1. Housing Location

1. Located in:

2. Area: 13 square Party A Party B to be made fully aware of rental housing, is willing to lease the house.

2. Lease term of the lease period from 20 January 2007 to January 20, 2008 only.

3. A, B sides agreed annual rent for such housing yuan (upper case is 9 thousand, total 9,000, the rent every six months clearing 1.

In the first use of the principle of payment by Party B in every six months 1 month 15 days prior to delivery to the owner.
Property management fees per month per square meter of construction area of ​​1.5 yuan, from B 1 with the delivery of rent to the owner.

4. Party to ensure that the housing property ownership clear, with the party event of disputes or claims relating to property debt will be borne by Party A to pay compensation.

B to ensure that rent for such housing is only used as business premises.

5. The lease term, Party A guarantee and assume the following responsibilities:

1, according to the contract time will be delivered this contract to Party B to use the housing .2, for sell or mortgage the property, Party A shall notify Party B prior months. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http:// 6. the lease term, Party B shall guarantee and assume the following responsibilities:
1, occurred during truthfully will bear the cost of utilities.
2, for the housing modification or add equipments, Party A shall obtain the written consent of the expense of the party themselves.
3, No. 3 for sublease or 3 people who use interchangeable housing use, or the right to use the housing co-operation with others, must obtain the consent of Party.

4, due to improper use, or other man-made causes damage to the equipment when leaving the house or Party B shall be given compensation for repair.
5, Party B shall pay a deposit to one thousand dollars, returned after the expiration Party.
7, ownership of property upon termination of the contract termination, Party B shall return the housing, housing movable property acquired by Party B to Party B, Party B can be removed. B investment in the lease during the renovation, sub 2 situation attribution:
1, B breach of contract caused by the expiration or termination of the contract, the decoration of all investments shall be vested in Party, Party without any compensation.

2, early termination due to breach of the contract party, contract termination, Party A combination of replacement cost according to the new compensation.

8, breach of contract: one party fails to perform any of the terms of this contract, the other one has the right to terminate this contract ahead of time, responsibility for the losses caused by a party, party B fails to deliver the rent, for each overdue 1, by A. side the amount of annual rent per thousand, an additional penalty to the party.

9, in the performance of this contract in the event of dispute, both parties should adopt a consultative approach to resolve, the consultation fails, any party may apply to the housing 1, the local people's court.

10 Matters not covered in this contract, both parties may otherwise agree, the supplementary contract signed by both parties after the contract has the same effect.

101, 1, three copies of this contract, Party 2 copies, Party B 1.

102, the two sides agreed upon other matters,

Party A: (signature Party B: (signature Representative: Representative:

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