Housing sublease contract

In particular this

1, the contract for the city housing within the administrative areas (including public rental, the lessee during the lease term to lease houses and then lease some or all of the behavior.

2, before the signing of this contract, the parties should be at <<Shanghai Municipal Housing Rental Bill>> advice and the implementation of the provisions of relevant documents for examination with each other, such as: housing lease contract registration certificate, written proof of the lessor agreed to sublease or lease to sublet the contract terms and the identity cards of both parties and so on. which will sublease the house to rent floating staff, Sublessee shall show the public security department issued <<housing rental permit law and order>>.

3, after the signing of this contract within 15 days, should be required, with the district and county real estate trading center Receiving Office or the farm system for housing sublease contract registration certificate. To protect the interests of the parties, not for registration, shall not be against No. 3.

4, where the parties to a registration request, the other a party fails to cooperate, requiring only registration of a holding of the contract, valid identity documents such as registration record.

5, the Department of City Housing is the text of the contract and the Shanghai Administration of Industry and Resources Bureau under the <<Municipal Housing Rental Ordinance>> to develop a model text. The indicative terms of the contract are the terms agreed by the parties for sublease. The contract the outstanding issues, the parties may, after consultation with a cause, to make supplementary provisions to be clear.

6, the text of the contract may, with the district and county real estate transactions at the center or the admissibility of acquisition of the farm system. Both parties prior to using this contract should be read carefully and seriously understand the terms. If they are not clear, may apply to the district, County real estate management or real estate trading center inquiries.

7, the text of the contract as a model for the parties with reference to use.
8, the contract between the leasing agent or intermediary by the brokers, then the lease should require brokerage clients and brokers in the last page of this contract signed and sealed.

Shanghai Municipal housing rental contract transfer

(Contract number:

The parties are:

Sublease (Party:

Sublessee (Party:

According to <<Contract Law >>,<< Lease of Shanghai Housing>> provisions, A and B sides of equality, voluntariness, fairness and good faith basis, after consultation with a cause to Party to lease of the premises according to B use, income, rent paid by Party B to Party matters, entered into the contract.

1, sublet situation
1-1 according to the lease of Party A is located in ____( District / County ____ ____ Road, Lane (Village No. __ __ ____( public living room / non-public residential housing has been (the lessor in writing inform the public housing / rental contract by transfer rental agreement / consent of the lessor written consent, Party A will be the rent house ____( all / part of the room __ No __ (hereinafter referred to sublease to Party B the house. The area is ____ square meters of housing construction. The Housing Plan in Appendix (1.

1-2 shared the housing or the use of parts of the contract, conditions of the requirements, the existing decoration, auxiliary facilities and equipment status, the A and B parties hereto (2, (3 to be clear. A, B sides agree that Annex (2, (3 as Party A to Party B in the delivery of the housing and sublet the contract expiration to the Party's acceptance of the return of the housing basis.

2, leasing purposes
Party B has 2-1 housing ____( lease contract to produce the registration certificate / rent public housing rent card (No. ____. The houses were used for ____, ____( Party undertakes to lease contract registration certificate / proof of public housing rental used for the purposes set forth in the house.

2-2 B that in sublet without prior written notice to Party during the by the Party to obtain the lease contract the lessor's written consent and approval by the relevant authorities before Anguidingbao not alter the intended use of the premises .

3, sublet period and the date of delivery
3-1 A, B sides agreed that Party in __ __ __ month before delivery to Party B of the housing. Sublease period of __ months. Since January __ __ __ years until January __ __ __ years ended. Party to ensure that the sublease term lease contract does not exceed ____( / sublease contracts prior to a lease.

3-2 sublease expires, Party A is entitled to recover the house, party B shall return. In the lease contract period, Party B shall continue to rent the house should be in the sublease months before the expiry of __ Party made a written request to renew, re-signed by the Party agreed to sublet the contract.


4, rent, and duration of payment

4-1 A, B and the two sides agreed that the housing construction area daily rent per square meter (RMB ___ __ million, total monthly rent (__ ___ million dollars. (Capital: ___ ___ hundred thousand million ___ ___ ___ per ___ Found the whole angle. The housing rent ___ (year / month unchanged. Since the first ___ (year / month, the two sides to adjust the rent is negotiable. For adjustments to the ___ (A / B the two sides agreed in the supplementary articles.

4-2 ___ of each month, Party B shall pay rent to Party A before. Overdue payment, for each overdue 1, the B basis having at __% of rent to pay liquidated damages.

4-3 shall pay rent as follows :____________________________________________________________ _____.

5, other costs
5-1 in the housing sublease period, Party B will use the premises of the place of water, electricity, gas, communications, equipment, property management and other expenses ____( ,____ party / second party. Other related costs, by the ____ (Party A / B commitment.

5-2 1-B is responsible for paying state fees, calculation or allocation, payment and time :____________ __________.
5-3 A, B is agreed that delivery of the housing Party, Party B shall pay the rental deposit for the months of rent, that is (currency yuan.
Party B shall be issued after deposit received certificates of receipts.
Termination of lease, the rental deposit Party received the contract in addition to offset the costs borne by Party B, the residual return to Party B without interest.

6, housing requirements and maintenance responsibilities
6-1 in the sublease period, the Party found that the housing and ancillary facilities are damaged or fails, the application notify Party, Party by the lease contract, the party receiving the notice ___ days after the repair . overdue maintenance, Party B may be responsible on behalf of the maintenance costs borne by the Party.

B 6-2 and love should be the rational use of housing and ancillary facilities. Due to use of improper or unreasonable use of B, resulting in the housing and ancillary facilities to damage or failure, shall be responsible for repair. B refuses to repair , on behalf of Party A or the lessor can repair, the cost borne by the Party.

6-3 sublease, Party to ensure that the housing and ancillary facilities and equipment in normal use and security of state. Party or lessor to inspect the housing, conservation, and should notify Party B in advance __ days. Check the maintenance, Party B should meet. as a result of Party B to block conservation,
Maintenance of the consequences, then Party B shall be responsible.
6-4 during the sublease, the lessor of the housing needs of the alteration, expansion or renovation, Party B bears the obligation to inform. Specific issues may be of both parties agree otherwise in the articles.

B 6-5 home improvements or take additional ancillary facilities and equipment, must inform Party A by Party of the lease contract with the Lessor's written consent, according to regulations approved by the relevant departments should be reported to the relevant approval before proceeding.

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7, when the return of the state housing

7-1 In addition to Party B agreed to renew the lease, Party B shall the term of this contract, __ days after the expiry of the house should be returned without the consent of Party A late return of the housing, each overdue 1, B should Press (__ ____ Yuan RMB / square meter to occupy the leased house toll.

7-2 B under this contract to return to the house should be inspected and accepted by the Party and each other to settle their fees before they can handle the surrender procedures.


8, sublet, transfer and exchange

8-1 in the sublease period, Party B and then sublet subject to prior written notice to Party by the Party by the lease contract with the Lessor's written consent.

8-2 Party B to Party promised during the sublet tenant is not the right to transfer to another housing or rent housing swap with others to use.

9, the lifting of the regulations of this contract
9-1 in the sublease period, the lease contract is terminated, the contract also will be terminated, due to the termination of the contract losses of Party B, Party A shall __ times the monthly rent payment of liquidated damages to the party. Such as payment liquidated damages insufficient to cover the losses of Party B, Party A shall pay compensation. except that:

(1 occupied by the houses of the land use right shall be recovered in advance,

(2 of the housing for urban construction, social and public interests or needs to be expropriated according to law, or demolition.

(3 of the houses damaged, lost or been identified to be hazardous,

(4 Party has been informed of the rental mortgage before, is now being punished.
9-2 A B agree that the following conditions of 1, 1, 1 before the other party written notice to terminate the contract. Breach of contract a party, a party should the other times the monthly rent payment of liquidated damages ____________ , causing losses to the other party to pay liquidated damages insufficient to cover the loss of a party, but also compensation for losses caused by the difference between liquidated damages.


(1 Party A has not delivered to the house, _______ days after being urged by the party not to pay,

(2 Party in the delivery of housing does not meet the contract, thereby frustrating the purpose of the lease, or Party of housing delivery defects, endangering the safety of the Party.

(3 Party B fails to the contract, unauthorized changes in housing purposes, resulting in damages to the house,

(4 for B causes damage to the main structure of housing,

(5 Yifangshanzi to sublet the house, the transfer of the tenancy or Taren Fangwu exchange their leased housing,

(6 B fails to pay rent accumulated more than _________ months.

10, breach of contract
10-l time of delivery of the housing defects, the Party shall deliver ______ days from the date of repair, overdue restoration, the Party agreed to reduce the rent, and change the terms of the contract rent.

10-2 during the housing sublease, non-contract situation, Party A to terminate this contract without authorization, call the house, the Party shall be ______ times the monthly rent payment of liquidated damages to the party. If the default payment Gold insufficient to cover the loss of B, Party A shall pay compensation.

10-3 Party B fails to or beyond the agreed contract scope and requirements of home improvements, or additional auxiliary facilities, Party B may request the original housing _______( recovery / damages.

10-4 subleasing during the non-contract case, the B court without surrender, Party B shall be _______ times the monthly rent payment of liquidated damages to the party, if the lack of credit to pay the penalty loss of pay Party A, Party B shall pay compensation.

101, other provisions
11-1 A, B and the two sides agreed to sign the contract within 15 days after Party A shall maintain rental contract, rental contract registration certificate and proof of identity to the house party where the district and county real estate trading center or farm system accepted for registration at the district and county real estate trading center or farm system, issued by the Housing Department received sublease contract registration certificate.

Where the change or terminate this contract by ______( Party / Party B is responsible for changes in the termination of the contract within 15 days from the date of, the original registration organization for change or terminate registration procedures. Because Party registration of the lease contract did not apply for housing for the record, or change or terminate the registration record, caused by legal disputes, from the owner a cut responsibility.

11-2 outstanding issues of this contract, the A, B 1 induced both parties, may make additional provisions. The Supplementary Provisions and Annex 1 are an integral part of this contract, the terms of this contract and its supplement and Annex (2 ( 3 in the blanks in the text and printed words have the same effect.

11-3 A, B and the two sides in signing this contract, all have full civil capacity, on their respective rights, duties, responsibilities clearly understood and is willing to under the contract are strictly enforced. As a breach of this contract, the other one side has the right to claim under this contract.

11-4 A, B and the two sides dispute the performance of this contract shall be resolved through consultation, negotiation fails, you can choose 1 kind of solution to the following (the following two ways by the A, B Choose 1 of both sides:

(1 submission _________________________ Arbitration Commission,

(2 according to the people's court.
11-5, together with Annex 1 of this contract type _____________ copies. Which: A, B sides split 1 ,(_______ district / county real estate transactions at the center or the farm system, 1 receiving and 1 copy of ________________ , have the same effect.


Supplementary Terms

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------

(Paste Department

(Seal on the perforation at the -10--

Annex 1

The housing plan

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------

(Paste Department

(Seal on the perforation at the -11--

Annex 2

Parts of the house combined with the use, conditions and requirements

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------

(Paste Department

(Seal on the perforation at the -12--

Annex 3

Existing decoration, auxiliary facilities and equipment status

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------

(Paste Department

(Seal on the perforation at the -13--

Sublease (Party:

Sublessee (Party:

Nationality: Nationality:

Legal representative: Legal representative:

Certificate of registration / ID number: certificate of registration / ID number:

Address: Address:

Zip: Zip Code:

Phone: Phone:

Agent: Agent:

Signatures and seals: signed and sealed:

Signing Date: Date:

Signed at: Signed at:

Name of agent:

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