Window-dressing room lease contract

Lessor (hereinafter referred to as Party Lessee (hereinafter referred to as Party B

According to <<PRC Contract Law "> and the relevant laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the city, A and B both in the voluntary, equality, mutual benefit, based on the Party to its rightful owners for the housing lease to Party B for use Party B entered into a lease with housing matters Party of the contract.

1, the lease described facade

1, the Party will be located in their legitimate owners of the East Gate 2 Street, Xinyang Teachers College a good window dressing room again a small guest house south of the _______ lease to Party B for use in operating rooms. The total area of ​​_______ square meters of building facades.

2, the ancillary facilities: (or Schedule

2, rental housing purposes

1, B rental housing as a business facade use.
2, Party B shall promise: the lease term, without the prior written consent of the consent of Party A, Party B shall not change the facade of the original structure and purpose.

3, the lease term of the lease period, until years from the date of years.

4, No. 1 payment of rent and annual rent of 4,000 yuan, capital Siqian round. The first 2-year rental agreement by both parties ________________________. _________________ Rent payment

5, the rights and obligations of Party
1, Party A shall pay Party B the above _____ day of rental housing to Party B for the key.
2, the Party must ensure that the lease to Party B of the facade to engage in commercial operation. Shall not be party rental of the premises (sold to any 3, or increase the rent during the lease term.

3, in the lease period, Party A shall not on the rental housing where the housing and land use rights within the scope of a mortgage. And to ensure clear ownership of the rental housing, no common person views, without the use of the dispute.

4, Party A will be delivered to Party B for use before the house, shall be responsible for the rental housing and the window dressing room next door, separated, and equipped with lighting, water, electricity and other basic facilities, the property of any Party.

5, Party B belong to the same obligation to help the housing within their competence, negotiation Lessee window dressing room shared facilities for the costs incurred to reach an agreement caused.

6, the lease expires, Party B fails to renew the lease, the owner the right to recover the house. B acquired for the operation of all can move, dismantle the equipment and facilities owned by Party B, not moving, removal of equipment and facilities _ _______________________. B should be removed within 15 days after expiry of the lease.

6, B of the rights and obligations
1, B use the house in accordance with the contract, does not assume liability for loss of natural facade.
2, B in the main structure without destroying the facade of the original, based on business need the right to housing renovation, Party A shall not interfere.

3. During the lease term, the lease generated facade of water, electricity, sanitation fees, property management fees, debt borne by the Party.

4, according to the agreement to pay rent.

6, housing requirements and maintenance responsibilities
1, in the lease period, Party B of the housing and ancillary facilities that are damaged or failure, shall promptly notify Party A, Party B shall receive notice of ______ days for maintenance. Overdue maintenance, B took the maintenance costs can be borne by the party responsible.

2, B should be a reasonable use and care of housing and ancillary facilities. Due to use of improper or unreasonable use of B, resulting in the housing and ancillary facilities to damage or failure, shall be responsible for repair. B refuses to repair, maintenance on behalf of Party A or the lessor may be the cost of the second party.

3, Party Rental, Party to ensure that the housing and ancillary facilities and equipment in normal use and security of state. Party or lessor to inspect the housing, conservation, and should be notified in advance at B ____ side. Check maintenance, Party B should meet. as a result of B block maintenance, repair and consequences, then Party B shall be responsible.

4, in the lease period, Party A needs for the housing reconstruction, expansion or renovation, Party B bears the obligation to inform. Specific issues may be of both parties agree otherwise in the articles.

5, the party needs to decorate the house or the addition of ancillary facilities and equipment, must inform the owner.

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7, renew the lease expires, Party A is entitled to recover the full rental housing, party B shall return. B under the same conditions in the tenancy rights have priority, but must lease 2 months before the expiry of writing to the Party application. The two sides may be the case under this contract, after consultation with the actual situation re-signed the new lease contract.

8, when the return of the state housing
1, Party B agreed to renew the lease, Party B shall the term of this contract, ____ days after the expiry of the house should be returned without the consent of Party A late return of the housing, each overdue 1, B should ________ yuan / square meter to occupy the leased house toll.

2, B under this contract to return to the house should be inspected and accepted by Party A, and mutual settlement of their fees, shall be handled only surrender procedures.

9, sublet, transfer and exchange
1, in the lease period, Party B and then sublet subject to prior written notice to Party, obtain Party A's written consent.
2, B to Party promised during the sublet tenant is not the right to transfer to another housing or rent housing swap with others to use.

10, contract changes and the lifting

1, B 1 of the following circumstances, Party the right to terminate the contract,

(1 fails to pay the rent agreed period, more than 60 days or more.
(2 of the lease period, without the written approval or consent, without changing the structure or use of rental housing, with a written notice, for a limited period of time has not yet repaired.

(3 in the lease term, without the written approval or consent, sublet or transferred without rent housing.
(4 engaging in illegal business and illegal and criminal activities.

2, Party 1 of the following circumstances, Party B has the right to terminate the contract:

(A Party fails to deliver or delay in delivery of rental housing more than 20 days.
(2 B lease period, if Party A within the housing or housing and 3 wounded in land dispute with the first 3 or Party disputes between the housing and housing related to the land within the boundaries, resulting in B not normal business more than 20 days.

(3 Party B without the written permission of the leased housing without authorization for the mortgage or transfer to 3rd party's.
(4 rental housing the main structure defects, safety concerns.

3, in the lease period, 1 of the following circumstances, the parties may change or cancel the contract:

(1 A, B caused both parties a written change or cancel the contract.
(2 due to force majeure, resulting in serious damage to housing and ancillary facilities to enable the contract can not continue to perform.
(3 in the lease period, Party B shall be charged rent of the facade, expropriation or demolition.
(4 due to earthquakes, typhoons, floods, war and other force majeure causes damage to the housing and ancillary facilities, the objective of the contract and can not continue to perform.

4, in the lease, the lease contract is terminated, the contract also will be terminated, due to the termination of the contract losses of Party B, Party A shall be ____ times the monthly rent payment of liquidated damages to the party. Such as payment liquidated damages insufficient to cover the losses of Party B, Party A shall pay compensation. except that:

(1) The house occupies the land use rights shall be recovered in advance,

(2) The housing for urban construction, social and public interests or needs to be expropriated according to law, or demolition.

(3) of the housing damage, loss or risk being identified as housing,

(4 Party has been informed of the rental mortgage before, is now being punished.

101, breach of contract and compensation
1, in line with Article 9 of the contract terms agreed upon 1,2, non-defaulting party the right to terminate the contract and the right to require the defaulting party at extreme at current rent of 5 pay liquidated damages, breach of contract is not enough to compensate for economic losses should also compensate the other economic losses.

2, party B shall pay rent, such as B without the consent of Party A late delivery. Party B the relevant requirements of extreme at current rental of 5 days to pay liquidated damages, breach of contract is not enough to compensate for economic losses, but also damages economic losses.

3, the lease expires, party B shall return the premises without the consent of Party B, such as overdue return. Party B the relevant requirements of extreme at current rental of 5 days to pay liquidated damages, breach of contract is not enough to compensate for economic losses , should also be compensation for economic losses.

102, other provisions
1, in the lease period, Party B to pay for water, electricity, rent and other fees and charges to pay to Party A, Party B shall be opened to the corresponding receipts. B used for housing and other costs paid, Party B shall pay Party A copy of the receipt accordingly.

2, A and B sides in advance if there are special circumstances to terminate the contract, must give 1 month notice to the other to be mutually agreed upon before the formalities. If the Customer defaults, in addition to return to the party responsible for the corresponding period of the rent outside , need to pay to Party B the above amount (not yet reached the limit of room rent for breach of contract, on the contrary, if B defaults, the Party the right not to refund rent.

3, matters not covered in this contract, A, B means the supplementary agreement, the two sides can agree otherwise, the supplemental agreement is an integral part of this contract, and this contract has the same legal effect.

4, additional provisions of this contract and accessories with a total of pages, and then one copies. In which each party holds copies of all have the same effect.

103, the other agreed lease period for water and electricity (including water yuan / ton, electric Yuan / absence of exceptional circumstances agreement remain unchanged.

Lessor (Party A: Lessee (Party B:

Address: Address:

Phone: Phone:

ID Number: ID Number:

Property No: Representative / agent:

Signing Date: Date:

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