Sample rental contract

Lessor (Party A:

Lessee (Party B:

According to <<PRC Contract Law "> and the relevant regulations, the lessor and the lessee to clear the rights and obligations, the A, B 1 To both parties, signed the contract.

Article 1 of the location and condition of rental housing terms

Party will be located in Liaocheng City rental to Party B to use. A total floor area of ​​about square meters, with an area of ​​square meters.

Provisions of section 2 of the lease term

Lease term in months, years to the years from the date. Contract expires, Party B has the priority to rent.

Article 3 the use of terms of rental housing

B rent a house for residential purposes, Party B shall not use rental housing to engage in illegal activities. In the lease period, Party B shall be sublet if the housing or change of use shall obtain prior written consent of Party.

Article 4 deadline to pay rent and rent terms

Monthly rent of RMB whole, the entire annual total rent, lease fees prepaid 1 year six months later and so on. Party B shall each day and the day of the month 2 times pay rent to Party.

Article 5 of the terms of delivery of housing

Party A shall Yunianyueri rental housing to Party B before use. Party time for late delivery of rental housing above, Party B may extend this contract, both parties shall sign a written confirmation.

Article 6 Fees bear

Lease period, according to state regulations for rental costs incurred by the Party from the owner, shall be borne by Party B. Party B committed.

Party B to use the water and electricity from B to bear, according to the price billing department and relevant departments of the price, payment method and pay for the monthly one.

Provisions of Article 7 of the Housing repairs

Party's obligation to repair housing. Party on the house and its facilities should be carried out necessary inspection, repair.

B in the rental housing use, such as facilities rental housing and internal security presence or occurrence of prejudice, damage or failure of normal use, it shall promptly notify and take effective measures, Party B shall receive notice 5 days for maintenance.

Notice to Party B, Party A refuses to maintenance, Party B can witness by the descendants of the contract for the maintenance of the registration authority or by the contract shall be maintained. This maintenance cost (including the Party, took the maintenance from the owner.

Improper or unreasonable use by Party B to use the facilities within the rental housing and the damage or failure, shall be responsible for timely repair and bear the loss.

Section 8 housing renovation, decoration articles

Term of this Agreement, Party really needs to rental housing conversion, expansion or renovation, shall be subject to consent to Party B, A, B be the two sides should sign an agreement on this. Except for national policy and force majeure.

The life of the contract, with a written consent, Party B can be renovated for rental housing. Contract expires, you can move the party away the decoration material, decoration material can not move left to Party B free of charge.

Provisions of section 9 of the Housing Transfer

Term of this Agreement, Party A shall transfer all or part of rental housing, should be 1 month notice to Party B in advance. B has right of first refusal under the same conditions. Rental housing for sale to others, the employer shall ensure that the assignee continue to perform this contract. reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

Article 10 Dissolution and Termination of Contract Terms

(1, the life of the contract, the occurrence of 1 of the following circumstances, the termination of this contract:

1, the occurrence of force majeure or accident, so the contract can not perform,

2, the Government has decided to requisition the land on which the rental housing rental housing to be removed,

3, A, B 1 induced both parties reach a termination agreement.

(2, 1 of the following circumstances, Party A may terminate this contract:

1, B does not pay rent one month or more,

2, B outstanding fees up to a month or more,

Continuation of Article 101 and the priority of the contract

The expiry of this contract, Party B shall continue to lease rental housing, should be before the expiration of San Geyue to Party renewal requirements, Party A will continue to lease rental housing, in the same conditions, the Party rental has priority to rent the house.

A, B to renew the agreement the two sides, should be re-entered into the contract.

After the provisions of Article 102 Construction and Maintenance

Contract expires, A, B sides did not reach renewal agreement, Party B shall be vacated before the expiration of the contract, return the housing and to ensure good housing and internal facilities (other than normal wear and tear should be closed while Party B shall bear the fees.

Provisions of section 103 breach of contract

A, B and the parties do not fulfill the obligations stipulated in this contract, the loss caused by the other party, shall be compensated for each other.

Lease period, the A and B sides are not an excuse to terminate the contract, such as the Party is really necessary to terminate the contract, it shall give 3 months notice to Party B and return the rental fee to pay more compensation for losses caused by Party B and pay a penalty of RMB II months rent,
B Check if really necessary, it shall notify Party two months in advance, and compensate the losses caused by Party A, and pay a penalty of RMB II months rent.

Disclaimer Article 104

Housing as a result of non-damage and causes power loss caused by the lessee, is not responsible for both sides.

Section 105 of the dispute resolution provisions

Of both parties to perform or terminate this contract dispute, should be resolved through consultation, negotiation fails, mediation can be brought to the authorities or to the people's court.

Other provisions of Section 106

A, B two outstanding issues of this contract may be made in consultation Supplemental Agreement, the Supplemental Agreement and this contract has the same effect.

2 copies of the contract 1, A and B sides split 1.

Party A: Party B:

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