Type associated legal agreement

Entered into an agreement by:

Party A (Unit:

:________ Ownership of an economic nature.

B (Unit:

:________ Ownership of an economic nature.

The two sides mutual benefit and common development, and after full consultation, co-financing the establishment _____ Company, conclude this agreement.

1. Associated purpose, scope of business associates ___________ project.

2. Associates name: __ City (County __ Company (Corporate Address: __ under: __ economic nature: __ (Ownership Associates.

Accounting method: independent accounting.

3. Co-financing form and amount of the investment period:

_______ Total investment of RMB yuan.
Party ____ million investment, representing a total investment of ____%.

Party with the following as an investment:

Cash :____ yuan

Plant :____ million, depreciation rate per year ____%,

Machinery and equipment :____ dollars. ____%, Annual depreciation rate

Land acquisition compensation fee :____ yuan

Patent :____ yuan

Trademark :____ yuan

Technological achievements :____ yuan

B Investments: (a little ... ...

Investment Payment Date:

4. Rights and obligations of associate members:

5. Profit distribution and risk taking:

Company profits - tax law - (Production Development Fund Reserve Fund + bonus + staff welfare fund = bonus (based on share allocation.
B ____%. Party :____%,
Associate members of the company's commitment to debt capital contribution limit.

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6. Associates Organization:
Company under the leadership of the board of directors, manager responsibility system.
Board of Directors to decide on major issues, to determine the directors remuneration, the right to replace directors.
____ Board of Directors by the directors, of which, the Party ____ Name, B ____ name, chairman and vice chairman elected by the board of directors.
Term of office of members of the Board ____ years. Board member if temporary change may be the director of the fit and proper person alternates replaced the original unit, but it should be approved by the Board.

Chairman, Vice Chairman, directors may serve as the company's manager, deputy manager or other duties.
The manager of a company shall, deputy ____ Name, appointed by the Board. Term of ____ years.

The company's management body by the Board.
7. Breach of contract:
(1, 1 associate member of any party fails to section 3 of this Agreement to pay contribution on time shown with, each overdue ____( time, the defaulting party shall pay the amount the company ____% as liquidated damages.

(2 as an associate member of any default of 1, resulting in the agreement can not perform or can not be completely fulfilled, in addition to capital contributions of ____% shall pay liquidated damages, the innocent party the right to terminate the agreement and claim compensation for all economic loss the party in breach . If the two sides agreed to continue to perform the agreement, the defaulting party shall indemnify its breach caused the losses to the company.

(3 handling of the situation of force majeure.
(4 to fulfill the agreement as disputes settled through consultation by the parties represented.
8. The effective date of this Agreement, which was established when the Board of Directors. The board responsible for registration, opening bank accounts and other preparatory matters.

9. ____ Of this Agreement copies of original 1-type. Each party holds one copy, the company kept a copy, a copy of the agreement ___ copies, send ____,____,____, ... ... 1 copy of each deposit.

Party A: (official cover legal representative: (Seal bank account:


B: (official seal Legal representative: (Seal bank account:


Forensic or notary public: (DATE seal

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