Interview self-introduction Collection

Interview Collection is a self-introduction on how the interview process of self-introduction of the canon that when you encounter such problems, the Collection can help you how to make consistent with your self-introduction program, allows you to pass your ideal position interview. Here's up to you to contemplate bar!
When the interviewer casually asks you: 'talk about your own situation? 'This is an interview in the first question. At this point, you should be nervous at all before the mood stabilized. Because of this problem, the candidate has done well prepared and have enough confidence and courage to believe that they can answer this problem.
1, the contents of self-introduction
First of all reported their own name and identity. Examiner interviews candidate may be greeted with, has this to tell each other, and the examiners are entirely from your application form, resume and other materials in the understanding of these situations, but still you take the initiative to mention. This is the need for politeness, but also can enhance the impression of your examiner.
Second, you can simply explain your qualifications, work experience and other basic personal circumstances. Please provide to the examiner about your personal situation of the fundamental, complete information, such as: education, work experience, family profiles, interests and hobbies, such as the ideal and the reported negative. This part of the presentation must be concise, the point. For example, to introduce their education background, normally more than just talk about the specialist qualifications. Work units, if more than a few select representative or if you think it is important presentation, you can, but the content and the interview and examination must be job related. Please ensure that a clear narrative thread, a poorly organized, long since the opening, will examiners were left disorganized, personality is not clear impression and let the examiner fatigue, weakening of the interview continued interest and attention.
Candidate should also take note of this part of the contents should be and personal resume, application materials consistent with the relevant content, do not differ. In presenting these elements should be avoided with the written language of the rigorous bound, while the use of the spoken language is organized and flexible. Introduced the basic situation of these individuals there is no right or wrong - have neutral, but if this has the effect of the wrong.
Next, from this part of the basic conditions of personal and natural transition to one or two during their undergraduate or successful completion of the event to the image of the two examples, the clarity he explained his own experience and ability, for example: at school served as student leaders during the successful organization of activities; or how to put into social practice, use their expertise to public service; or own significant achievements of professional and excellent academic achievements.
The next thing to focus on your career with an ideal state your reason for civil service posts in this examination, which is very important. You can talk about your unit or office examination understanding as to show that you choose this unit or a strong desire to post. Working units of the original examination should explain their work to abandon the original to make a new career choice reasons. You can also talk about if you are admitted, then how do you due diligence work, and constantly needed to improve and develop themselves. Of course, these should be closely linked to your values and career outlook. However, if you will be describing himself as other-worldly air, and not personal interests regardless of the 'saints', then the examiner are to your job search motives trust, is being reduced.
Here we introduced a clear clue to facilitate your organization to your self-introduction. In order to ensure a clear structure, there is orderly, you are allowed to use shorter sentences in order to facilitate oral expression, and the use of the transition between the section and paragraph sentences, spoken language should pay attention to ideas, described in language fluency, try to avoid overlapping, the same sentence repeatedly said that several times the 'slimy fresh at the same time do not use too much casual expressions.
2, self-introduction of time
Under normal circumstances, self-introduction should be 3 ~ 5 minutes is more appropriate. Allocation of time, it can be flexibly according to the situation. In general, the first part can be about two minutes, the second part can be about one minute, the third part with a ~ two minutes.
A good allocation of time can be focused and impressive, and this depends on your interview preparation done a good or bad. If you have pre-analysis of the main elements of self-introduction, and to allocate the necessary time to seize the three to five minutes, you will be able to fair and dignified way express yourself. Some examinees do not understand the importance of self-introduction, only a brief introduction about his name, identity, then add something about your academic qualifications, work experience, etc., about half a minute or so to end the self-introduction, and then looked at the examiner and wait for the following questions. Some of the candidate but also wanted to interview the entire contents were compressed in the few minutes. Examiner to know the interview will be the middle of the following interview to talk about the issue to you, you should give yourself to others, leaving this opportunity. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

3, the importance of self-introduction: through self-introduction, interview examiners recommend their own initiative, which is an important content of the interview composition, but also an important indicator of the interview evaluation.
4, the main points of self-introduction
(1) self-introduction to the interview evaluation should be oriented.
Self-introduction is also a means of persuasion and art, smart candidate will focus on Panoramic requirements and testing the contents of organized self-introduction, you just want to tell you how examiners were good people, you must tell the examiner, how do you fit the job. Has nothing to do with the content of the interview, even if you are proud of the advantages and strengths, you have to reluctantly give up in order to focus.
(2) to have full confidence in self-introduction.
To get examiners who appreciate you, you must explicitly tell the examiner who you have turned up the necessary capacity and quality of jobs, but only you have confidence and to demonstrate this confidence, you only prove himself.
Candidate talking about the merits of one's own sensible approach is: When talking about the merits of their own to keep a low profile. That is the understatement of tone calm, talk about the facts, do not use their own subjective comments. At the same time we should pay attention enough is enough, important, critical, to talk about, and interview the best talent independent of College Teachers. In addition, talked about his own merits, it should continue to talk about their own shortcomings, but it must be stressed that his desire to overcome these shortcomings and efforts.
          In particular, do not exaggerate their own. On the one hand from the candidate's overall literacy performance, examiners can be roughly estimated that the capacity of the candidate; the other hand, if the examiner for further pressed the issue, which will be 'moisture' embarrassment of the candidate.

          Interview candidate's self-introduction, allowing examiners observed in CV and other written materials, other than the content, such as your own description and summary capabilities, a comprehensive evaluation of your own and your mental outlook and so on. Self-confidence, for others and so is one of the important subtext, the candidate must pay attention. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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