With regard to the address written in standard English

      First, the grant of destination city name translation
        China's urban useful written in English is also useful for writing Hanyu Pinyin. For example, 'Beijing' written in English as 'Peking', Hanyu Pinyin to write for the 'Beijing' although both are using the Latin alphabet, but spelling different methods, the former is based on phonetic juxtaposition, while the latter is the juxtaposition with consonants and vowels , the batch translation should pay attention to recognize in order to avoid mistranslation.
        2, street address and unit name of the batch translation
        Common in English writing, Hanyu Pinyin writing, writing three kinds of mixed English and pinyin. 1, written in English, for example, Address: 6 East Changan Avenue PeKing translated into East Chang An Avenue, Beijing No. 6; 2, Hanyu Pinyin writing, such as: 105 niujie Beijing translated as Beijing Niujie 105; 3, English, Chinese Pinyin mixed writing, such as: NO.70 dong feng dong Rd.Guangzhou translated into Guangzhou Dongfeng Road 70.
        Third, institutions, enterprises and other units of the batch translation
        The recipient for the organs, enterprises and other units, they should first translation of the recipient address, and then the name of translation units. Batch translation methods are:
        1, according to the Chinese translation of word order in writing or to shun. For example: SHANGHAI FOODSTUFFS IMP AND EXP CO. Translated into Shanghai Foodstuffs Import & Export Corporation;
        2, in English prepositional phrases as attributive, generally located in modified terms, the translation of the term before. For example: Civil Aviation Administration Of China translated into Chinese civil aviation;
        3, institutions, business units of the branches of general use in English 'branch' (divisions, branches, etc.), said. For example: Beijing Electron Co.
Ltd Xian branch translated as Beijing Electronics Co., Ltd. Xi'an Branch.
201 Room - room 201
No. 12 - No .12
2 Unit - Unit 2
3 Building - Building No.3
Chang'an Street - Changan Street
Nanjing Road - Nanjing Road
Chang's - changan Company
Baoshan District - BaoShan District
Hotels - hotel
Garden - garden
County - county
Town - town
City - city
Province - province
Room / Room Room
Village Vallage
No. No.
Dormitory Dormitory No.
Floor / Floor / F residential areas / Community Residential / Quater
A / B / C / D A / B / C / D Alley / Lane Lane
Unit Unit
Building / Building Building
Company Com. / Crop / LTD.CO
Factory Factory
Restaurant / Hotel Hotel
Road Road
Garden Garden
Street Street
E-mail Mailbox
District Districtq
School Yard
University College

For example:
453002, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, Zhang San, No. 82, Labor Road,
Zhang San
Room 82,
Laodong Road, Xinxing City,
Henan Prov.China 453002
Name in
Foreigners habits are the name (Firstname) the first, last name (Lastname) in the post. If you encounter filled with the best pay attention to a
Under the order, but if you fill in anti-a, it does not matter. Checks when the Bank of China are recognized. For example: Liu Gang, can be written GangLiu, can also be
Written LiuGang.
Address Translation
Translation principles: first, a small and then big. Chinese people like to say a big, said after the first small, such as the road ** ** ** District No.. And foreigners like to start with small, said after the large, such as the
** Number ** ** Road area, so you should be in the translation, the first to write a small write-large.
For example:
Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China Luoyang Road 34 Sifang 4, No. 3 Building 402 units, you must play from the room began to write:
Room402, Unit4, Building3, No.34.LuoyangRoad, sifangDistrict, QingdaoCity, Shandong
Prov, China (comma behind the spaces).
Note that these road names, company names, village names Dengjun do not agree with the English translation, as long as according to written spelling on the list. Because your check is China's postal
Member gets here, the key is to understand them. Technical Building your written TechnologyBuilding, they may be more confused.
Note: fill in the name, the surname in front, one in the post, in the middle space, the first letter capitalized. Complete address, childhood address to large address, a comma or a space after the first letter capitalized.
Common in Chinese and English

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