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If you already have full-time work, work experience must not be put in the second, if you are currently still in school, educational background should be placed first. As the serving staff, if the educational background on the front, people will tell you very seriously.

1. Header section (Heading)

1 Name

• There are 7 kinds of writing, but the standard, the popular foreign companies, we name convention resume writing, it is this one: YANG LI. • a large number of Chinese people's English resume, some people spell their name in Cantonese. Such as Wang wrote Wong, Lee wrote Lee. here to tell you two things: One is this is just the spelling of people, not the international spelling, and the second is to prepare your passport to go abroad, the Public Security Bureau is will not approve your Cantonese pinyin. We do not recommend writing than Pinyin.

• In addition, some people also found a small amount of the last name with foreigners, such as Mary Smith, is also very desirable. Because if you use foreign names, people will think you are a foreigner, or your father is a foreigner, or you married foreigners.

• English is a very common name, and it is very convenient, especially the first letter of the name is a phonetic q, x or z, are very difficult to send the right outside the old pronunciation of the letters. A man named Mr. Wang Jiangdi, business cards with John Wang, so that people outside shouted in the very convenient.

• between the name and surname, if the English name, Chinese name can be added, it may not increase, or the first letter with the phonetic short. Two-word name, there are four kinds of writing, we recommend that: Xiaofeng, the most simple and convenient . we see at a glance is the name instead of last name, otherwise, we may mistakenly believe that you are a family name Shaw.

2 Address

• Beijing later write Chinese. Many people say: "Who does not know Beijing ah!" But a complete address, the global smooth-mail address should be the name of Canada, but with the PRC do not have to wait, because simple and clear with China. Postal code Standard wording is placed between the cities name and country names, at least on China before, as is China's postal code.

3 Contact area in front of some additional numbers, such as (86-10.

• 8 in between the numbers a "-" such as 6505-2266. In this way, make it easier to recognize and read. Area code and number in parentheses after the inter-spaces, such as (86-10) 6505-2266. This is the English Writing format requirements. write a cell phone or phone to inform others, use the "3-3-4" principle such as "138-135-1234." This is the international norm.

• Fax No. Do not leave the office, so office colleagues know that you Xiangtiao Cao. If the family has fax number, it is best to tell each other, if he can not find you, it can be words, relatively fast, the other will send letters of appointment or material, more convenient. Do not wait to give the future, we should from now on to develop "user friendly" consciousness, always easy to each other.

• very popular abroad, a message phone, it was to find work, specifically to buy a message phone. Here to talk about the message passing culture, Chinese people and even many Asians are not accustomed to using a message call, but as the international commercial and cultural exchanges increased willing to shout on the phone more and more people, and shout skills are also increasing.

• home for the elderly try to write a Book. Often occurs such a situation: You go out, my friend called back, this mother told you: "Today, looking for someone to call you." But did not leave his phone. Here we want to say two things: First, the parents keep up the exchange to write a Book about the way, is how to answer the phone and write a message, second, be sure to treat every call passion.

2. Education Education

A time to reverse. A recent academic situation should be put first.

2 school name to uppercase and bold.

3 right-aligned header names, first letter capitalized. After a certain write Chinese names. For example, Haikou (Haikou spelling and Hokkaido, Japan (Hokaido spelling is nearly phase. Read your resume may be foreigners, do not know to engage It is not clear which countries. could you ever been abroad, this is a good thing, but if you go to the place and not too well known, did not add country names, we all are not aware of. in short, caused some inconvenience, efficiency is not high. We should be everything from the most comprehensive point of view. If the big cities such as Guangzhou, Dalian and so on, then do not have to add the city after province name, because if you do not know the foreigners in these cities, it is difficult for them what belongs to the concept of provinces. And as the Yellowstone, Handan city like the back or with provinces called good, but the term can be omitted province. If the names is too long, or even the word has a lot of company name, it might be all the company name, school name and the names are changed to only capitalize the first letter, so make way for a child. Links
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4 If you are studying education, beginning with the Candidate for more rigorous, if you have graduated, you can put the name on the academic front.

5 as a class cadre of social work can only write posts, and to participate in any clubs, associations, states and societies office name, if any duties are not, write "member of club (s)". Societies Association, usually use foreign club. years and details of the work do not have to write, and some work experience can be left to write. the way to talk about a few titles in translation:

• monitor. China is very popular with the Monitor, but foreign common is Class President, that appear to be more international.

• League branch secretary. With Secretary can, but when dealing with foreigners, if the participation is purely commercial institutions, the political color of the background as possible. Often a class is a branch, we can use that branch of the class, then the class with the Secretary inappropriate, might as President. In a sense, monitor and League branch secretary of the role of both is the same. But if the two are neck and neck, and may wish to use Co-president. Again, if you wrote a President, when asked squad leader, he may not like this, to handle the relationship, you may wish to look modest, with the Vice President. Thus, the possibility of side effects will be small.

• Vice President. With the Vice President is the most appropriate, in foreign countries are also common.

6 scholarships for general use in one sentence. If there are multiple, but also for one sentence. But if it is in school, you see the students resume. 7 results, if not top five, it is recommended not to write. Because if ranked in five of the In addition, feel you are not a good student. Once written, some people will question him closely fierce, so you embarrassed.

3. Personal Data (Personal

1 Name four written: Personal, Personal Information, Other Information, Additional Information. No matter their educational background, work experience, or personal data, both initial capital letters, but also to all capital letters, but also all lower case letters. Harvard standard format for business schools is all lowercase, which in the mainstream business community has been used for many years. In addition, the name can be written in the far left can also be centered.

2 There are several levels of language. Native speaker of that language, from the strict point of view, Fluent in appear to be more fluent, English as working language does not seem very fluent, but more reliable, Some knowledge of would be some, not sure of the millions of Do not write. In the interview, the language is easy, once baffled, he will think you are lying, or even that there are many throughout the resumes lying areas.

3 Chinese people love to use the computer "know" (familiar, no matter Chinese or English resume. "Familiar" is a weak word, that you are unskilled, not commonly used. If some software, some familiar and some unfamiliar , the proposed name of write-only software. totally not sure, and a little unfamiliar, do not write. Do not think that there is no computer, no examinations you, he also Examination you one or two key usage. If you really used a lot, it may with "Frequent user of".

4 Certificate

• most in need of attention is that some people will generally translate into Certified Public Accountant CPA, but around the world have their own CPA, some do not recognize each other, they have to write on the country, states obtain year.

• There are some hobbies that can display the contents of a certain quality, you can write, such as piano Grading Test.

• TOEFL, GRE and GMAT, which is best not to write, because foreign companies generally do not want new recruits to leave soon, if they know you want to go abroad, of course, do not want to act as a springboard unnecessary. But there are exceptions, such as Some large U.S. consulting companies such as McKinsey, BCG, Bain, A T Kearney, Booz Allen, as well as Wall Street investment banks. They will Tsinghua University at Beijing University for graduates of such schools in recruiting Analyst (level equivalent to Senior Staff, the three years after the automatic expiration, usually to the United States read MBA, if you know your TOEFL and GMAT have finished, they will no longer worry about during your use of spare time to lecture the. you know, these companies each week an average of 100 hours or so.

5 Interests and expertise

• Write strong. Weak must not write, interviewing people interested in volatile items of which are sometimes talk to you two, especially a series of several dozen interviews later, some recruiters likes talking to some light topic Once your weaknesses, most people will be very embarrassing, showing embarrassment, loss of confidence, which is very bad for you. More importantly, he will think you are lying. reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http : / /

• write only two to three. Because very few people are strong in many ways. If you think you can play it, your standards may be a bit lower. Of course, some people actually have to play seven or eight samples pretty well, but generally people do not believe that each individual's strengths are particularly large, so you did not need to write so much, so as not to give the feeling frivolous.

• do not write without a specific interest, such as sports, music, reading. We do not know what you like, or make a large house that you did not really love, even worse, people will think your poor writing skills. such as travel, if you like to travel, and some work needs to travel, then you write the travel is very favorable, some women write cooking, is very realistic, but also gives a sense of security for such a position as secretary always beneficial.

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