Foreign applicants what kind of job resume easy to pass

    Foreign candidates, you must first vote to send their job resume. Job resume is the first foreign customs entry, job resume passed, the recruitment process will proceed to the next one, otherwise you will be blocked outside the gate in foreign invested enterprises. So, foreign applicants, what kind of job resumes easily passed?
        Kodak: Content in line with requirements of the post resume easily through
        Eastman Kodak Company believes that the information provided on resume compliance with job requirements, will play a decisive role. A resume, job candidates need to specify the provision of my basic information, educational background, work experience and the acceptance of training. If you listed the relevant experience and professional background of applicants meet the requirements of the post, and from similar companies, then the CV is more likely to find favor.
        For example, Kodak's once tried to recruit a key account representative, there is a candidate's resume written in a very targeted. Because some of Kodak's products are fast moving consumer goods, the applicant can always focus on the characteristics of this industry to write about their previous work experience in fast moving consumer goods industry, to write very detailed, such as how to contact supermarkets, hypermarkets, how and related to communicate, how to negotiate business, how to guide layout containers, etc., while other information such as basic personal circumstances, educational background, training, experience, personal strengths, etc., are simply stated. Of detail can be said properly to see that one of the candidates for the degree of familiarity with related industries. This resume on love recruiter welcome.
        Another example is Kodak's technology market has been to recruit a representative of the position requires digital literacy. Most of the candidates in their resume only briefly mentioned that one: I have some digital knowledge. But a resume is different, he was attached to an application that photographs are of his own making use of digital technology, he describes it in detail in the resume they use digital camera brands, technical parameters, printing equipment, and various equipment the difference between the pros and cons and so on. While the resume shows that he does not currently serving in the relevant posts, but apparently he already has a strong background of related technologies, so as he himself won the interview opportunity.
        HP: There are highlights and features of the resume easy to pass
        Hewlett-Packard hopes candidates can use the shortest possible time to attract recruiters, learn more about the company recruitment position to know more about job requirements, and then resume where stress in their own stuff for this position, so that recruiters know that you have in this area ability, experience and knowledge. Therefore, in general there should be a bright spot or the most prominent part of the overview to explain what their own school, there are a few years of experience, the kinds of evidence, etc., so that recruiters see that few would think this person is what I want. In this way, recruitment of personnel to save time, wrong way the right path, we can immediately distinguish.
        In addition, the applicant must specify the different parts of himself and others, where, what aspect is particularly suitable for Hewlett-Packard recruited positions. Many people voted resume when stereotyped, no matter what kind of investment companies and positions are used the same resume. May be a university graduate, he can only like this because he has the experience and education is the basic of these, so that investment can still be understood. But for those who have several years of experience, he still should be targeted at different companies and different jobs to do resume, as this will be fairly good results.
        IBM: subject-specific resume easy to pass
IBM corporate recruiters said, when we look at resumes for the content format, clearer and more distinct curriculum vitae of each paragraph, it would be more likely to have a good first impression. In addition, the topic must be clear some, best to resume the conditions for job candidates the ability to express themselves is in line with IBM's request, the ability to express themselves the focus of written prominent. In the resume, talked about his past what kind of work, the best not only to explain what work done, but would like to stress that he is Know-to, and their performance. In short, subject-specific resume a little more easy to pass.
        Eli Lilly: curriculum vitae of key information easily and accurately reflect the adoption of
        Eli Lilly held that a qualified resume, applicants must first accurately to reflect their company's critical information. Key information includes the following aspects: to apply Apply; basic personal information; language to master degree; work and study experience; achievements and incentives. Because HR resume in screening a large number of resumes to be faced, therefore, a qualified resume should also be described in clear, orderly, rapid and complete an effective message to the recruiters. Such as language proficiency in the narrative, and with the proficient, skilled and so on to streamline the key word, it is more effective. Another example is the work of learning experiences, the right has been the work of social workers, he should focus on highlighting work experience and performance, while for graduates without work experience, he first told the company's important information is learning experience, and secondly because the content of classroom instruction with hands-on with a certain distance, so Lilly will also pay more attention to the practice of the candidate experience. Overall, a good CV should first meet the three basic requirements, the key elements to express clear, well-organized, concise. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

        Microsoft: simple and easy to pass curriculum vitae
        In general, Microsoft hopes to resume simple and clear, allowing the person reading it feels clear and not complicated no trouble. Specifically, Microsoft has four main functions of the department, including worldwide technical support center, the Asian Research Institute, R & D centers and sales and marketing of various functional departments of the requirements not the same. Such as technical positions, such as technical support center, R & D center or institute, Microsoft hopes to resume listed and Romania participated in academic conferences, research results, that would be more popular, but also to display their technical characteristics, such as the like 'I am familiar with java programming language' or 'I have Microsoft's Windows platform is the expert level understanding of' and so on, that is to be able to specify their own advantage. Position as the market hoped that some of the resume summary of their advantages, such as' I am a very strong person to do a market, I have the advantage of selling to do ', or' I'm in a certain area has its own advantages ', this can easily lead to even read resumes recruiters attention, this resume can be easily chosen from a lot of resumes, at least people are interested in reading are interested in reading it may have to participate in a written examination or interview opportunities.
        NEC: bilingual resume easy to pass
        Candidates in the written Chinese language curriculum vitae should be followed to prepare a resume in English, English and Chinese resume must be able to resume reciprocal. Relatively easy to pass such a resume. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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