How to write a resume

Successful applicants can help you according to your own access to the most appropriate school, one can not be ignored. CVs reflect the situation of an applicant's own material. Abroad, the vast majority of schools require the applicant to provide and serve as an important basis for examination and approval of school.
English translation of a lot of CVs, such as the "Personnel Vita", "Autobiographical Statement", "Personal Statement", "Autobiography", "Resume". Where "Resume" wording is slightly different. CVs should generally be briefly stated I suffered educational, professional interests, work experience, achievements, and family background.
The attention of the individual elements of resume writing. The requirements of integrated schools, special make the following analysis:
1. CVs of the structure can be divided into three or four paragraphs. The first paragraph simply explain their personal circumstances, such as name, date of birth and place of family background and so on. A good family education, of course, beneficial to your talent. However, this does not attach great importance to the United States, generally you can not write. The second paragraph could be around for your school to start over, but do not use itemized account of writing so that account is too rigid and blunt. The third paragraph with your main university life, Why did you select this subject, you can correspond with the previous description. The fourth paragraph to show your personal ability, character.
2. Content to focus on your motivation for studying the current achievements, your life goals.
3. CVs avoid excessive adjectives, for example, is very rich in imagination, creativity, superior and so on, should give a small example.
4. CVs of about 200-300 words as they can, not write too long.
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