How to write a good CV candidates

NetEase Beijing recently in recruiting, there are many resumes do not know, or the lack of content, which are all candidates have direct impact. To know that in thousands of resumes, we should first give rise to "examiners," the attention and use the limited space made it clear, this is a little knowledge. We can not, in a clear, too simple or too complex to resume the struggle for too long. So, what kind of resume is more useful for?

     First, submit your resume directly email is more sensible, and you do not know if there are questions to ask, you can also put them forward. Because you only ask questions, may no one has time to answer. This point, we really have no alternatives. Some candidates who only write a few very simple cases, such as: "I have long been engaged in undergraduate computer work after graduation," and then asked, "Can I do" or "wages geometry"? This obviously makes a difficult position. Also some candidates did not even write the name, this is also how candidates are not sincere?

     Second, candidates domestic companies, at least there should be a Chinese-language resume, so easy to circulate.
And faster processing speed. English curriculum vitae, and do not represent your English level, because this is not a test, others can do the job; Moreover, the most adept with their own language to say that it is not the most efficient Mody?

     3, CV should strive to use simple words to the substance of that informative.
Some good resume this respect, as in the previous direct write clear: "connotes male, from Beijing, 75 years in May of Health, Beijing Institute of Technology computer science degree, 97 years of graduates." And then in the following table set out in detail the project. Some saw a half-day CV did not know a man or a woman, at home where people a pass Hu Cai;

     Fourth, do not be afraid to write in the resume inside the telephone or the current work unit.
For work is a normal thing, to recruit the most simple way is to call rather than email, If you are using email, then the efficiency of the recruitment will drop by more than half. Moreover, email sent sent a good few days later, who will wait? Even if the phone is written work unit, we will give you confidence, which is the recruitment rules, even if someone else asked, "Where are you ah?", We will then come clean Mody? This one should have a Well Trust. Therefore, the remaining means of communication as possible;

     5, use the words of at least the most proud of, the most substantive contents clearly.
Where on the primary and secondary schools do not write the. In addition, what the training, the general should be placed in the notes it should not be mixed and educational experience for a chat. Virtual fewer words to write. Example, a "lively character", which is still possible, but said, "I work a serious effort to" It is not necessary, and this is your final say, Yao? For their own strength, can be convinced to use the vocabulary to explain. "I am proficient in office software", "95 to participate in national research project" is not a good writing. CV inside exaggeration is common sense, therefore, not necessarily what others have written so convincing ah. The key is to belong to those who say that your own penetration. For their ability to estimate appropriate. Many have just graduated school management classes soon say they excel in management, and this too far, it is better to say "that in this regard since the interest and potential." Can use actual figures to illustrate the best of course. If you have secretarial candidate, if the strength to write a "typing speed of 80 words or more," not to tell a lot about a problem?

     6, CV should include personal information, education, experience, foreign language examinations, work experience, work or reward and simple self-introduction, do not forget to write which position candidates. When the cadres inside what the University can still write, but a passing on it.

     7, you can use some methods and techniques to improve your attention, as long as these methods are complementary, not unoriginal. For example, you are indeed proud of the home page, then the URL is given to; very proud of his top things to mention, for example: "... ... is the Ministry of Information Industry Minister after the establishment of the first interview with journalists," or "National Amateur Go Cup runner-up, "and so on. In addition, the house where the living, marital status and are valuable reference factors, write no harm. Another photo can be entrained in the resume, a good image has always been convincing, and who can deny this?

     8, accurately find its position, which is inside the core content curriculum vitae.
We believe that many people are versatile and multi-skill. But it is undeniable that many people are not accurate positioning, the lack of his own expectations of themselves and engage in a genuine understanding of things. Feeling a little light is not enough, everything can be dry, nothing outstanding, capabilities and expectations of the confused, which would result in extreme difficulties in screening candidates. In addition, the actual point that most people hope that, through their position and salary can be rising, but whether their ability to work simultaneously with the growth, many people ignored. Job-seekers on an individual basis as the center, while the recruitment is based on the company as the center, candidates have to seize this psychology; generally down on the stairs is not easy, therefore, from this perspective that the candidates level of ease and your relationship does not large, while the real key to accurate positioning, even if multiple function, it should be "more able to" Dingzhun; reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

     9, CV taboo too short or too long, if you want to smuggle his work is also possible, but if you really want to do should be done. In the newspapers and periodicals, there are some things published in itself is not surprising that the key is to see whether the contents are unique. Too deep or too light, are easily overlooked.

     10, CV's layout is also very important, if you send email, then attach a Word document is not necessarily the best option. Plain text does not preclude the level of emission clearly. The Readme is not a lot of foreign software is the plain text Mody? In addition, email subject (subject) is a good resource, why do so many people just write a "candidate" or simply the word no? If you write "candidates content editors, Zhang San resume" is not more noticeable Mody?

     A good resume, the most important thing is to clear himself, and then how different is.
Finally, I believe, as long as you faithfully put director of the writing clear, we will not be missed. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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