How to write a 'moon' the network resume

I used to write graphic resume, you can design according to your own personality preferences format, among the many resumes, and perhaps can thus come to the fore, however, the site logged a unified specification resume, how to reveal their own special talents, ideas, so that employers can see at a glance you different?
Here are several ways a try:
1. To enhance each other's first impression:
At the outset the first paragraph, the next one is best for their own footnotes.
2. To highlight their position:
Young people should be emphasis on "education, personality, experience in community organizations"; with work experience who want to emphasis on "work experience, skills, strengths," who participated in the activities, training can not be missing.
3. First understand the business, and then highlight yourself:
Try to highlight their educational background, community, work experience, skills and training courses, if they meet the demands for better corporate culture.
4. Even if the qualification does not match, but also touched the hearts of the employer:
Although the qualification does not match knowing that, but really want the job, you use the telephone or e-mail inquiry, make employers aware of your heart.
5. Strengthen the autobiographical "self-future plans" section:
Employers are most like to see job-seekers for their blueprint for future planning, so as to know whether there thinking, if the corporate culture in line, taking the opportunity to even higher. Even some employers to skip through narrative, skip directly to the individual career blueprint.
6. The use of column-style, form-oriented, bold characters, such as Vice-standard express your methodical:
For example, work experience, training process, so that the employer has clearly read up and understand, but also easy to show your organizational capacity.
7. I remember at any time to modify your resume:
Curriculum vitae of the most taboo uniformity, coupled with new ideas should go to his resume at any time to remain fresh.
If you are using a standard Web site resume, in open column, do not bother to fill in, for example, learning experience, work experience, essays, personality, etc. must be carefully filled, especially the autobiography, which is to highlight the best individual feature bridges, otherwise, choose to provide personal service features website, it easy to come to the fore. Finally, to emphasize that, companies will normally consider employing several factors: integrity, initiative, ability, understanding, professional knowledge and work experience. It can be seen that the "personality traits" in the enterprise personnel considerations already account for a very large proportion, as professional and work experience, because it can learn from, so getting taken seriously! Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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