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First, the guiding ideology fully implement the Party's 17 large and 17 Fourth Plenary Session, adhere to Deng - Small - Xiaoping Theory and the 'Three Represents' as guidance, thoroughly implement the scientific development concept, vigorously strengthen the party's governance capability and vanguard nature, according to participation in decision making, leading the implementation of effective oversight requirements, better play the central role of political party organizations in enterprises, CCP Branch, members of the vanguard and exemplary role, the party's ideological and political advantage, organizational strengths and advantages of mass work, innovation into business advantage, competitive advantage and development advantages.

Second, the basic content (a) meeting the 'four' basic content of a party. Strong political lead. Adhere to the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics arm our minds, strengthen implementation of the scientific concept of development of consciousness and firmness, to ensure supervise the party's line, principles, policies and state laws and regulations in the implementation of enterprise, adhere to the socialist orientation of enterprises, encourage enterprises to actively take economic responsibility, political responsibility, social responsibility.

(2) to promote the development and strong. Integrated production and management work, and actively participate in corporate decision-making on major issues, and promote the development of enterprises to develop ideas, closely around the overall situation of reform, development and stability, mobilize party members and workers in the production and operation of crack problems, the completion of difficult and perilous task , the implementation of production and operation fully play its role to promote the scientific development of enterprises.

3 innovation and strong. Vigorously promote the work of party building innovative enterprises, establish and improve the promotion of scientific development and the selection and appointment of leading personnel evaluation system, guarantee their dominant position and China - the primary right to enrich party activities of the carrier, innovative work of party building, Party organizations and members to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity in order to promote the work of party building innovative enterprise management innovation, technological innovation, enhance core competitiveness.

4 cohesion strong protection. Vigorously strengthen the team managers, personnel, party members, staff team building and organizational development for the scientific enterprise and talent guarantee perfect party working body, perfect the mechanism of party building a politically strong , professionally skilled, good style, willing to sacrifice the party workers team, to provide protection for the work party. adhere to the people-oriented, effective implementation of ideological and political work, promote enterprise culture construction, strengthen China - the main management, protection of legitimate rights and interests of workers, solidarity unite the masses, promote enterprise and - harmony and stability.

(Two) to become the 'four excellent' total - production - the basic content of a Party Political excellent quality, strengthen political study, their ideals and faith, and enhance awareness of party members, the party's decision to observe Party discipline, practice the scientific concept of development , party spirit, re-conduct, for example.

2 excellent job skills actively studying the market economy, modern technology, management, laws and regulations, such as knowledge, assiduously business, master job skills, the ability to continuously improve quality, promote enterprise scientific development as the backbone.

3 excellent job performance. Loved Gang dedication, hard work, heavy responsibilities, to lead the masses to tackle tough, and create first-class performance, production and operation to become a skilled model innovation and entrepreneurship, improving efficiency model.

4 The crowd was excellent. Based on their own dedication, honesty and practitioners, practice the socialist concept of honor, and establish a good image of the party's aim in mind, contact the service the masses, listen to and reflect the opinions of the masses of workers to help solve practical difficulties.

Third, the main measures (a) clear goals, making plans. Units according to their own characteristics party organizations and party members the basic situation, in accordance with the general requirements of the layers to create, develop detailed program of activities to create a standard classification improvement, optimization and adjustment to create content , organize and mobilize grassroots organizations, the majority of party members to actively striving to carry out 'the semi-finals four excellent' activities, and effectively improve the relevance and effectiveness of the activities.

(Two) depth mobilization, implementation of the obligations and Party organization through seminars, discussions, special arrangements and other forms of mobilization of party members and cadres in depth, awareness, unity of thinking, a clear mandate, decomposition responsibilities, so that each party raise awareness striving for 'the semi-finals four excellent' Activities of the importance and awareness of the need to clearly striving for 'the semi-finals four excellent' campaign aims, tasks, requirements and their responsibilities, and strive to make the leading cadres, grassroots Party organizations and members actively participate in striving activities.

(Three) focused, orderly way. Striving to follow the Party organization, 'the semi-finals four excellent' activity requirements and annual work plans, work closely with their own reality, to grasp the focus, highlighting the work highlights, innovation vector, wealth activities, and promote the striving for 'semi-finals four excellent' activities.

1, according to the 'Final Four' requirement, strengthening grass-roots party building, expanding the party's influence and appeal. First is to strengthen the party's self-construction, better established grassroots organizations work objectives, work content, work way, working mechanisms. two further standardize the 'three will be a lesson,' the form of continuous improvement, to enrich the content, and enhance the party's participation and initiative. three closely around the central task of production and operation, carrying out various activities inside and outside consolidate the results of the previous theme activities, and actively explore new mobile carrier, repair old party members, lowering the cost rationalization proposals and carry out other activities together, through these activities, and enhance the Party's cohesion and appeal.

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