Student election speech essay

Dear school leaders, teachers, dear students:

Hello everyone!

I am from the class XX XX. My lively and cheerful, doing things calm, decisive, can the overall situation (according to their own character to write, here is just to be a model essay) Today, I am honored to stand here and express their time-honored desire: 'I want to run for student union propaganda minister.' Here I solemnly promise: 'I will make every effort to complete

School leaders and students mandate entrusted to me, so that students will become a modern active bodies as the school's assistant and classmates trusted organization. '

I've been in the Communist Youth League will discipline department (or classes of cadres) for nearly a year period of time from work, I learned how interaction with others, how to learn patience, how to solve some of the contradictions, how to coordinate the various members of the discipline inspection department the relationship between the discipline inspection department how to handle the relationship with other departments, how to mobilize all forces that can be united, how to promote and apply good talent, how to deal with the contradiction between learning and work. prove it all: I have the ability qualified for the post of Union Minister of Propaganda Department, and students have the ability to flourish.

If I became a student propaganda minister, I want to further improve themselves, improve their quality of all aspects, to further improve their work ethic, with enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards everything; to further enhance the sense of responsibility at work bold innovation, forge ahead, with an open mind to learn from others; to further solicit Yin Yan, so wrong on the change, there are good ideas to accept, but stick to their principles.

If I became a student Propaganda Minister, I want to reform the institutional students. Really do, 'survival of the fittest', to 'clear day, week in and week knot', every week in charge of the various departments for assessment by members of his department response, pointing out that he was at work the advantages and disadvantages, as a friend with him to discuss solutions and to develop the next phase of the program. often talk with them, communicate with each other for life and work, it is the Students do a good job and work. conduct of the department self-criticism, self-critical activities, the monthly deposit files in the form of written material and I will often find some of the various departments of the members understand the situation, to make the right strategy to provide a reliable guarantee . should coordinate the relationship between the various departments, unite all forces can unite and expand the influence and authority of the students declared.

If I became a student propaganda minister, I will be 'dedicated campus student services' for the purpose, and truly serve the students, on behalf of the students exercise their legal rights and interests of the campus building dedication. Interest in the student union before, We adhere to the school, most students interests, not self-serving to the public. efforts to fight a student students to manage their own high degree of autonomy, reflecting students' ownership group.

(Behind can write some if not chosen their own efforts performance)

I know that, no matter how brilliant it is only a moment of discourse wisdom and shock - love, simple action is to open the road to a successful flowers, I think, if I am elected, it must be true to its word, line must be fruit.

Please give me a confidence in the judges vote, give me an opportunity to apply!

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Speeches known public speeches, it is in the meeting or other public occasions personal views, opinions and ideas of the presentation. Speech of a direct decision

Given a speech success and failure.

The same as argumentative speech argument clear, logical, but it is not generally argumentative It is a call to action with the application of promotional and style, often using a variety of rhetorical and artistic practices, with a strong appeal.

Speech may not use speech, many famous speech are improvisations, recorded by someone else after spread to the but important presentation is best prepared in advance speech, because speech has at least two aspects of the role of : First, carefully combing through the ideas, the careful organization of the material, so that speech is much more profound and well organized. Secondly, the speaker can help eliminate spot tension, fears, and enhance the speaker's self-confidence.

Speeches Features

The main difference

Lectures and performances, writing a big difference.

First of all, the speaker on the lecture is widespread concern in some meaningful things or issues faced certain occasions through oral language listeners express their views directly

See a social activity.

Secondly, the essay is the author of articles to readers through unilateral output information, presentation is the speaker and the audience in a live two-way exchange of information. Strictly speaking, the speech was the speaker and the audience, the audience and the audience triangle information exchange, the speaker can not to convey their thoughts and feelings, emotions is satisfied, he must be able to control myself and the audience, the audience and the audience's emotions and exchanges should be and so, to prepare for the presentation of the manuscript on the following three characteristics:

Key Features

First, targeted. Speech is a social activity, is a form of propaganda for public places it in order to thoughts, feelings, stories and theories to Xiao Yu audience to impress the audience, 'conquer' the masses, must be realistic targeted so-called targeted, first raised the question of the audience's concerns, comments and Debate have eloquent logic forces the audience to be able to accept and convincing, so in order to play their social effects ; The second is to understand the audience have different objects and different levels, and 'public places' there are different types, such as caucus meetings, professional meetings, service clubs, schools, community groups, religious groups, various competitions occasions, writing according to different occasions and different objects, different design for the audience lecture content.

Second, you can speak about sex. Speech essence of 'talk', rather than 'speech', which to 'talk,' which, in order to 'play' supplement. Due to resort to verbal speech, the draft must be easy to say when able to speak as a precondition. If we say that some articles and works primarily through reading appreciation, appreciate the meaning behind and touching, then the requirements of speech is 'catchy ear.' a good speech on the speaker who used to can speak; those who should be nice for listening so written speech, the author best be examined through lecture or meditation, those who do not speak fluently or listen unclear (eg sentence is too long), should be modified and adjustment.

Third, the call to action. Speaking is an art. Good speech own kind of excited audience emotions, to win favor of the call to action. To do this, we must first rely on speech ideological content of the rich, deep, insightful, there unique, thought-provoking, language to be vivid and contagious if speech written bland, nothing new, even in the scene, 'play' too hard again, the effect will not be good, or even the opposite.

Fourth, the overall speech and speech can not be independently accomplish the task, it's just a text based lectures, the lecture is a whole part of speech subject, target audience, the particular time and space, together constitute a whole lecture . written speech when it can not be spun off from the whole this end, speech writing to pay attention to the following aspects:

First, according to the audience's cultural level, nature of work, living environment, quality training, loving desire to establish the topic, select the expression, in order to better communicate.

Secondly, the speech must not only fully reflects the unique speaker and profound perspectives and insights, but also on the level tone, speed of speed, the use of body language to design and make notes, in order to achieve optimal dissemination of results.

Also, consider the speech time, space and atmosphere of the scene and other factors, to enhance speech-site effects.

Fifth, oral sex

Oral sex is different from other speech written expression articles and conference documents an important aspect of writing articles Needless to say, other instruments such as the meeting of the Assembly's work report, leadership speeches, etc., and not pay attention to oral sex, although some leadership by the took the stage, but the audience generally have a hand-printed notes, while listening while reading, do not listen to what you do not understand. speech is different, it has more to improvise, it is impossible in advance printed lecture notes distributed to the audience this end, speeches must pay attention to 'catchy' and 'ear.' called catchy, is accessible fluently speak up so-called ear, that sounds very smooth, there is no language barrier, does not occur misinterpreted. concrete should be done:

The long sentence into a suitable phrase to hear;

The inverted sentences into a regular sentence;

The did not understand classical Chinese words, idioms be modified or deleted;

The monosyllabic words into two-syllable word;

The uncommon words into common words;

The word replaced easily mistook difficult mistook the word.

Thus, in order to ensure that speaking up catchy, it sounds clear.

Sixth, spot sex

Lecture speaker and the audience is a communication and face to face communication. Audience will respond promptly lecture contents: or endorsement, or opposition, or interesting, or indifferent. Speaker on a variety of audiences reflect not set The disregard, therefore, writing speeches, we must fully consider its spot resistance, to ensure content integrity of the premise, to be noted that there is room for expansion. should give full consideration to the speech problems that may arise, and to cope with a variety of a countermeasure. Overall, speeches should have flexibility to reflect the skills necessary to control the market.

Main features

First, 'people know' speech, which is a kind of conveying information to clarify affair as the main function of the speech. Its purpose is to make people know and understand, such as aestheticians qian speech essay >> << Tan, spoke preparation before writing, article genre, ideas, material selection, so that the audience understand the basics of writing and it is characterized by a strong intellectual, linguistic accurate.

Second, the 'make believe' speech. Primary purpose of this lecture is to make people trust, I believe it from the 'people know' speech evolved as Daiying speech >> << what is good, not only to inform people Who is not a good man, a good man also proposed three criteria to measure, through a series of reasons discussed, changing the old concept of people in the past and it is characterized by a unique point of view, correct, arguments, informative, irrefutable argument reasonable, tight.

Third, the 'make people excited,' lecture This lecture is intended to make the audience excited, the thoughts and feelings that resonate with you, so cheers, jumping, such as African-American leader Martin Luther King at the Lincoln's << Memorial >> speech before, with several of his 'dream' arouse the self-esteem of the black audience, a sense of self-reliance, motivating them as 'born equal' and struggle.

Fourth, the 'people move' speech, which more than 'shock people' speech went a step further, it will enable the audience to produce a desire to act together with the idea of ​​the speaker Former French President Charles de Gaulle in London during World War II for the French people book report presentation << >>, called the French people to action, to join the ranks of the anti-fascist and it is characterized by a strong call to action, and more to call, call-style language at the end.

Fifth, 'make music' speech, which is a kind of active atmosphere, regulate mood, make you happy as the main function of the speech, and many more humor, jokes or ridicule of material, generally often appear in the festive occasion. Such many examples of speech, people can hear great and it is characterized by a material humor, humorous language.

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