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A child, I admire most is the teacher who, in my eyes, the teacher is the messenger of knowledge, the embodiment of love and that was in elementary school when a clean-up, I climbed the flowerbed moving bricks, accidentally, bricks fell, smashing hurt my toes, and the pain my tears Zhi Tang, my homeroom teacher quickly got alcohol disinfectant for me, give me a carefully wrapped in gauze and gently touched my head and said: 'still hurt? 'Looking at the teacher that distressed look, a sense of happiness struck me, when I was thinking, in the future, I have to do a good teacher, every child loves to go off.

Time flies, suddenly I'm in the education front nearing spent four spring. Looking back more than a thousand days and nights, during which all show the ups and downs, touch roll climb, I became familiar with the teaching profession, is also quietly gradually have some gains this time, I deeply appreciate that when a teacher is not easy; when a good teacher, but not easy. This means you will pay a lot of selfless, a lot.

Numerous day and night, I stay away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd, bid farewell to the feasting, pro unto the dim light, I breeze from clouds with that companion, to win the ocean of knowledge that the soul realm. Teachers, this sacred call, It is like a magnet to attract the eyes of my free, to appease my restless heart River. many a quiet night, I content with loneliness, his pen does not converge and sometimes, in order to prepare a lesson, I seriously study materials several times; Sometimes, in order to prepare a chapter material, I read a lot of books, and constantly learn something new, improve educational philosophy; Sometimes, in order to accomplish the urgent task of the school, I give up the rest work overtime until the rooster crowing.

I remember just left the podium at the moment, my heart smug. Yet, a few days later, the children's performance made me the cold half: exercise book, one crooked words, one red fork; classroom do little tricks, and whispered speech ...... and those I considered 'poor health' of the child, a simple question, to tell him a few times when you are doing well, I finally hit the roof and yelled at him: 'how do you stupid ah! 'Yet I have neglected this child's mind a reprimand will cause much shadow over a few days, the language teacher handed me an essay of this, is that the' poor health ', or crooked words: Hole Teacher, I want to speak on your behalf, please do not scold me stupid, okay? I do not want to put questions, can I see you are angry, I flustered, the more flustered me more do not be afraid, You scold me afraid ...... 'I watched, my heart trembled and I can not help but ask myself: Do not you love to be determined to do a good student teacher do? may your love gone? Thus, whenever the child is naughty , regress, the discipline, I always tell myself: the children a little more understanding, curbing blame, a little more tolerant, curbing demanding. using teachers 'love for them lead the way, with the teachers' love in their hearts and write a beautiful song.

Face scores and student jobs are a mess, I still give him a smile, a smile of encouragement I will sincerely tell her that you can do better. Each simple enough questions, I will patiently waiting for He explained, until he exposed bright smile. basis for a larger difference of the actual situation, I gave them into different study groups, individualized, purposeful, targeted to solve different problems they face. Whenever I hear students said to me: 'Thank you, teacher', my heart will be overflowing joy and happiness.

Some people likened teachers 'love spring rain, nourishing the child's heart; Someone likened teachers' love sunshine, warm the child's heart. Division Love is a bottom of the soul of the fragrance is a sweet-depth bone marrow when You love with your students, your harvest is not only on the podium that bunches of beautiful flowers, desk those two red apples, which sounded crisp ear, 'Teacher, Hello' ...... more, is a division of human happiness, pride, then, we have no reason not to love this sun the most brilliant career, what reason is there not to love our students do?

Thank students - gave me confidence, inspired my boundless enthusiasm and inspiration;

Thank students - gave me a sense of responsibility, so I learned to use broad, generous teacher love embraces all children;

Thank students - gave me joy and happiness, let me sincerely Health issued a deeper love for life;

Thank students - gave me a much deeper sense of mission, let me quote tireless knowledge springs pour their hearts bones, burning bright point wisdom of its journey, it seems in a strong peak vertical soul, let me know that my career is only a starting point, there is no end.

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