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Small magpie, building houses, small bees making honey. Happy life come from? Rely on labor to create ...... 'Whenever sang this song, dear students, what do you think? Right, small magpie by working for themselves to build new houses, small bees rely on labor in exchange for a sweet honey, is working to bring happiness to our lives, most glorious work!

May Day is a national holiday of the working people. 100 years ago, the world's working people suffering from bourgeois exploitation and oppression, workers work for up to 14-16 hours, although this is, they still often can not feed .1886 on May 1, 2009, in Chicago, 200,000 workers staged a general strike, requiring an eight-hour day. This struggle to get the support of people around the world. Later, international workers' organizations to commemorate this meaningful day, put this day as the International Labor Day.

As of today, several decades, all walks of workers, in their extraordinary position with hard work, for us to create a happy life today: Chuanxiang uncle was a dig dung workers, it masters Spirit to do cleaning work, rather a dirty person, in exchange for the net people, respected by everyone; 'Iron Man' Wang Jinxi, regardless of physical weakness, the 'iron man' spirit struggle in the Daqing oil field for several decades, the development of China's petroleum industry make contributions; Zhang Binggui, an ordinary salesman, a few decades, with their chest, 'a ball of fire,' the spirit of customer enthusiasm at the Treasury, has made extraordinary achievements; Li Suli, Beijing 21 bus conductor, destroyed body bags in a small compartment ticket worked 15 years during her transfer to the people the truth and love; Shanghai extraordinary room Xiushui electrician Xu Hu, 21 years' hard work I am an easy ten million ', was affectionately known as 'timely', 'Night Pearl' ...... It is this hard work of thousands of ordinary workers, we have a large country home fruit fragrance, live peacefully and they are the most worthy of our respect people!

'To learn magpies build a new house, to learn honey bees, the joy untold labor, labor to create the most glorious!' Students who go to work with our hands, with our hands to brewing more sweet life! Labor is the world's all fun and a source of all good things. 'This is Gorky's interpretation of labor, but also the essence of labor. while I have not been able to understand this truth, - until the phrase' Work hard to indolent ashamed '......

Labor is the key to open the door of happiness is the root of every citizen of Labor is human evolution. Labour is to prevent all the great social viral disinfectant.

Life, working life is bound to be a rare resources and wealth, life's beautiful and wonderful are in constant labor, and the courage to create a process to write out! Those who understand the history of the people know that the ape to changes in people, the labor played a decisive role. Australopithecus was able to walk upright, can ultimately out of the forest to become truly human, is given by the labor of human development history is actually a history of labor is labor to create a history, is working to change the world.

Marx once said: 'Any nation that stopped the labor, needless to say a year, is a few weeks should perish.' Great inventor Thomas Edison said: 'The world is not a kind of real value of things, you can not go through hard work and be able to get. 'Mao Zedong had a famous saying:' All bad things are from the beginning of something for nothing. '

The Chinese nation has always been an industrious nation. Did not work, there is no way the humans; no labor, society will not develop; no labor, human beings will become useless. Precisely because of this, Hu - Jin - tao President will be in the 'two sessions' in the proposed 'Eight Honors and Eight Shames', which will be made in the 'Work hard to ease disgrace.' This indicates a problem two aspects of the truth: no matter what kind of work, where a hard worker is glorious and should be respected by everyone and society; whoever, whatever contempt labor, contempt of labor and hedonism, do not respect the labor of the people are wrong, are shameful and should be criticized by everyone and accusations.

Friend, let us work together by their own hands, with the labor of all the good feelings in life, with a sweet voice to sing the songs of labor.

Because - most glorious work!

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