How to Write a competitive selection speech

      Competitive selection is a competitive selection speech before a speech written in the Competition for the preparation for the oral presentation published. Competition for the purpose of speech is to make the audience the speaker has a full understanding and knowledge, thereby identifying their suitability for the post. Speech writing, speech is a Competition for posts can not be neglected an important aspect to pay attention to every competitive selection.
First, competitive selection of speech-writing requirements
1, momentum to the head start
Competitive selection is an important feature of the speech competitive, while the essence of competition is to seek the audience's response and support. The effective way to do this, one is to have the momentum, 'gas Moriyoshi words'. This momentum is not a despot, not arrogance, not arrogance, but upright. With the vast ability and insight, Zhengda the spirit and the party's cause and the people's deep feelings, the author is not difficult to find the right language of expression.
2, attitude must be sincerely honest
Competitive selection speech is actually 'volunteered'. Recommend yourself should of course be displayed in its own good, to let others know. But to note that the 'show', the attitude must be sincerely honest, there is a capability that a sub-sub-capability can not be successful in order to Zijian lied lying.
3, language should be concise and powerful
Mr. Lao She said: 'concise and that is saying less, but with much more meaning. 'Although the competitive selection speech propaganda of his good time, but it must not be' lengthy '. Should be concise and forceful language to express their ideas.
4, inside should be confident
Well-known speaker Dale Carnegie once said: 'Do not be afraid to market themselves. As long as you think they have talent, you should consider themselves qualified to serve as this or that position. 'When you are confident, you stand on the podium, facing everyone, it will leisurely, it will show the best attitude to yourself. Of course, self-confidence must be built on a wealth of knowledge and experience basis. Such self-confidence, competitive selection will be your strength into your incentive to work.
Second, competitive selection method of speech-writing
1, the beginning of competitive selection method of speech
Competition for the speech time is limited. Therefore, the wonderful and powerful at the beginning it is very important. Competition for those who experienced commonly used at the beginning of the following methods:
(1) with a sincere heart to express their gratitude. This approach enables competitive selection and blending of the psychological effects of the audience. For example:
I am grateful for the leadership of comrades gave me the competitive selection opportunity.
(2) A brief description of the situation itself, such as name, education, position, experience and so on. For example:
My name is Li Xin, a 1983 graduate of Peking University's philosophy department in 1985, joined the Chinese Communist Party, the current deputy director of the philosophy of teaching and research.
(3) The speech outlined the main elements of competitive selection. This approach allows one person selected will be able to understand the speaker began to lecture about. For example:
My speech today is mainly of two parts: First, I have the advantages of competitive selection, Deputy Secretary for Personnel; second is to talk about doing the work of the Deputy Secretary for Personnel ideas.
2, Competition for the main content of speech
Competition for the purpose of the speech, it is to introduce their own selection, get your selection to understand the basic situation, understand your position on the Competition for awareness and post-election plans. Therefore, the competitive selection of the main content of the speech should include the following aspects: reposted elsewhere in the paper for free Download Center

(1), introduced the basic conditions for their candidates
The so-called basic condition is that the political quality, professional ability and work attitudes. This part is in fact to explain why the candidates, so how can candidates questions. Competitive selection in the introduction to their own circumstances, there must be specific, that is for the Competition for the post to introduce their own qualifications, experience, and political quality, professional ability, the existing achievements and so on. Not meant to exhaustive, but should be based on competitive selection of the functions of the job situation has a choice.
(2) A brief description of the inadequacies of their own
Competitive selection in the introduction, when the basic conditions for their own candidates, it is necessary to show their strengths as much as possible, but not for their own inadequacies, not remain silent. See a competitive selection of those statements:
I have never served as Class Leader, lack of experience. This is a disadvantage, but, because never in 'officialdom' Hunguo, a clean, there is no 'official relative to official state', 'bureaucratic bureaucracy'; little timid of the private into account the more aggressive of the pioneering spirit is . It is precisely because I have always lived in the bottom, has never been 'high above' experience, to put 'Guanjia Zi' frown, get do not come, especially with the democratic style. So, my slogan is 'to do a thorough civilian squad leader'.
(3) indicate their intention, after serving
Selection are more concerned with the post office, or who intend to competitive selection. Therefore, the competitive selection in the competitive selection speech, we must employ a clear and concise language Sukeaki own point of view, that is, we should closely around the audience care about the hot and difficult issues, clear objectives and practical measures. See a competitive selection retired Deputy Director of Competition for human speech functions:
Sum up my own situation, I think I am qualified and competent to the Deputy Commissioner's work. Competitive selection, if I can succeed, I will do the following tasks:
First of all, to assist the Director to continue to do work for the veteran. To solve urgent problems cadres. As veteran political life of the treatment issues, veteran of the old age education.
Second, actively organize cadres to carry out active and healthy cultural and fitness activities to their old music.
Third, actively carry out home visits, particularly to strengthen the right living alone service work, arranged for staff to help them form a pair, so that they feel the warmth.
Fourth, the establishment of an office suggestion box to understand the minds of elderly people, understand their needs, and learned, and timely reports to the Council leadership, and timely solve the problem.
3, the end of the competitive selection method of speech
Concluding remarks can be deepened by a good selection of those good impression of the competitive selection, thus contributing to the success of competitive selection. Competition for a common end of the lecture method are:
(1) shows that the attitude of the success or failure of competitive selection. This method allows selection of those who feel the competitive selection and frank. For example:
As an active participant in the Competition for posts, I hope that in the competition a success. However, I never will try to avoid failure. Whatever the final outcome, I will 'remain upright, and conscientious work. '
(2) of the Competition for posts to express their confidence. For example:
Although his speech today, I volunteered, but not Mrs. Wang Selling what you do, since the puff. I just want to give you a true leader in my show. I believe, with my political qualities, my love and dedication, pragmatic spirit, enthusiasm for my work, my management experience, I will be able to do the work of the Deputy Commissioner. If you have concerns, then please give me a chance, I will never let you down.
(3) that are selected for their support. For example:
Leaders, distinguished judges, believe me, vote for me! I would be a qualified Director. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download

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