2014 summer internship report Pham Van accounting profession

Each internship is a university graduate must have an experience, it allows us to understand the community, in practice, to consolidate the knowledge in practice, the practice is also a test for every college graduate expertise, it allows us to learn Many did not learn in the classroom knowledge, not only broaden their horizons, and increase of knowledge, and lay a solid foundation for our future to further the community, but also our first step toward positions.
An internship purpose (the importance of accounting is accounting for economic and business units are measured, the number and amount of records from two aspects, calculation, analysis, inspection, forecasting, participation in decision making, implementation supervision, aimed at improving the economic efficiency of an accounting means, which itself is an important part of economic management activities. accountant as the application of highly specialized discipline, an important economic management, strengthening economic management, an important means of improving economic efficiency, economic management is inseparable from the accounting , the economic development of accounting becomes more important.
For after this, during the four years of university study and life, through the << Accounting Principles >>, << Intermediate Financial Accounting >>, << >> Advanced Financial Accounting, Management Accounting << >>, << Cost Accounting >> and << >> learn accounting theory, it can be said to be the eyes and ears can accountant already cooked, all the basics of accounting expertise, the basic theory, basic methods and structural systems, I have a basic grasp, but These seem only on paper, if these theories actually onto something highly application, then I think I will certainly be unable to start, know nothing about. since that has mastered a certain amount of theoretical knowledge of accounting where only become empty talk. So In the belief that 'practice is the sole criterion for testing truth' that only to learn from a book of theoretical knowledge to practical operations to accounting practices, in order to truly master this knowledge, therefore, I, as an accounting majors In XX years of winter, had the honor to participate in a period of nearly a month professional internship.
Second, internships in the case of my family, Anhui, winter vacation this year back, due soon graduate, 10,000 kinds of ideological cohesion in the heart, naturally thinking to find a good will bear the brunt, but because of the special nature of our professional accounting - a door practicality, strong operational discipline, if not the actual hands-on exercises, but only with some theoretical stuff on the books which door to go in the accounting industry, then you will be very suited to that Unexpected error occurred in this so-called fiscal prudence of professional practitioners.
Since I can not to go to, I think it is better to practice on! And maybe this has landed it!
Reform and opening up to my hometown brought enormous changes, especially the last two years to establish a series of economic and technological development zone, led the towns, rural economic development, heard the news, at a friend's referral under I found our home away from more recent Guzhen Economic and Technological Development Zone, would like to cast my professional hands and feet, develop my professional mind.
On the way to the zone, and I was filled with emotion, I think of the scene here before: no buildings, no roads and now, a section of concrete road straight through from the zone on both sides of the road blocks of high-rise buildings going up. afar to go, and earth rural landscape in sharp contrast, seems like paradise in general.
With a beautiful vision, I came to the Bengbu City Hongyuan Paper Co., Ltd., which is a production of sterile fruit bags of paper manufacturers. Founded in February XX, although up soon, but has begun to take shape The company covers an area of ​​27,559.3 square meters and currently employs more than 100 people, more than 1,000 yuan in fixed assets, the comprehensive production capacity of 30,000 tons, annual output value of 60 million yuan. mainly produce sterile fruit bags of paper, paper pulp noodle products.

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