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As scheduled, this time our art painting internships are arranged in Anhui, a very beautiful scenery, but also very spiritual place. Actually long to go to this place, that Fenqiangdaiwa paradise, so to have this opportunity to let the I feel so close to such a continuation of the culture for hundreds of years, and I am very happy.
We first went to the Village. Hongcun, Yixian County, Anhui Province, located in the north, the village area of ​​19.11 hectares, was founded in South 宁绍熙 years (AD 1131), has been 800 years it perched Huangshan Mountains flock Ridge, Ray Hill Gang, higher ground, often cloud steaming Xia Wei, sometimes as heavy color ink, sometimes like Dan Ma impressionistic, like the landscape scroll, into the natural landscape and cultural landscape as a whole, known as the 'Chinese painting in the countryside.'
Then listen to the person in the village, Anhui Province, Xidi and Hongcun two of its well-preserved ancient houses traditional style was inscribed on the World Heritage, is China after Beijing following the second seat also has two more World Heritage The city is also the world's first residential inscribed on the World Heritage List of the fact Hongcun is not great, Yi Xian is a population of only ten million small town, in the country capable of so many ancient villages enjoy this glory, is really a simple thing, no wonder Li Bai had praise:. '. Yixian County, Taoyuan, hazy Barry Dowling among the vegetation, ancient people still dressed' This is a unique mood Wannan countryside: landscape scenery beautiful, pure and honest human folk.
The whole village is indeed beautiful scenery from the bridge when we walked on the Lake, foot across a green leaf, water, micro-swing reflection;! When we walked Lake College, as if reciting a book inside can hear the sound; when We walk in the Parti alleys, listening to the gurgling sound of water in the ditch, who gradually go dark colors had faintly visible downtown; When we come marsh, women pool laundry, frolicking children, the elderly shake Pushan like a history of black and white photographs, although already long past.
Hongcun has a very interesting name, called 'cow-shaped village.' Because the whole village look from above, like a stream of young cattle Piedmont recumbency. Village half-moon 'marsh' is called 'cow stomach '; a four hundred meters long water Chuan, 9 18 bends, coiled in the' cow belly 'inside, is called' cow gut '; Yushan Creek Village on the west, from the four wooden bridge, as' bracket '; village two great feng shui tree as 'horns'; thus forming a 'mountain of bull horns trees, houses for bulls, cow foot bridge,' the cow-shaped village.
Just Hongcun, 137 ancient Ming and Qing tall building stands quietly proud Kiwi's wharf wall has turned its face, there are also flying down awakened charm;. Gray house wall is time to draw mottled painted lines, more With dignified, quiet effect; There clan word Church, College, St. Paul and genealogical entered any 一幢 houses, beautiful brick, stone, wood carving decorative eyes everywhere, door cover, patio, garden. , grilles, beams, screens, furniture, all in a silent show of elaborate design and exquisite craft.
Although we have been completely immersed in the beautiful landscapes of the day still to painting - a day gouache, 5 pen sketches Hongcun was very hot, the morning train to the more than 30 degrees, but we have a lot of students got up early and went even have time to eat scenic painting A painting is a full day, often see a familiar figure in the corner of a lane. evening teachers will sit down with us, our assessment paintings, pointing out deficiencies in our encouragement in here special mention Wu, but she was always a piece of patiently reviewed with, nuanced analysis of the characteristics and style of each painting as well as areas for improvement, This makes us very touched, really.
Happy and short days in Hongcun, and soon we're going to practice art painting second and last place - Cha Chi - Most people here are surnamed investigation although it took a full four hours crossing the entire Huangshan Mountains, although the car on the winding mountain road turn people vomiting, but there off after a trace of joy, but the joy they subsequently dissipated. This is a what ah? was outside street, down the street to go inside, we see an almost completely messy village. jagged trees, barren of grass, abandoned huts and the wall are out, which is also the paradise it? To be honest, when I began to have some doubts the teacher why would take us to this place.

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