2014 advertising company summer internship report

University last summer, I went to an advertising company internships in order to make themselves more solid foundation, technology is more comprehensive, practical content is studying graphic design (using photoshop and coreldraw's.
Taking into account that there is likely to engage after graduation to work in this industry, so I cherish this opportunity internship, deepen their understanding of a variety of graphic design in a limited time, find their own deficiencies. Harvest this internship for me it is a lot, I feel the knowledge, skills, communicate with others and exchange a lot of other aspects of the harvest. Overall, this is my overall quality of training, exercise and improved.

The first day came to the company, I do not know what to do, what can not lend a hand, just take a look here, where shopping, and ultimately the company's teacher showed me the way, let me use photoshop and coreldraw software to imitate Tutorials do some simple pictures, and finally found something to do, so I obediently start a picture. To be honest, when I was at school also done so, but the effect is not so good, because the previous one encounter difficulties or do not understand stopped, and now there is a teacher in the next, there do not know to ask, which benefited me greatly.

If in the process of mapping if you use a few tips, you can actually achieve a multiplier effect.

A, photoshop tips

1 produced a rounded rectangle box

Firstly, a new file in photoshop, on file with the rectangular selection tool to draw a rectangle, then select the menu select - feather, enter the radius value, the greater the value the greater the radius of the rounded rectangle. Fill in the selected area After the color, cancel the selection. Select menu image - adjust - threshold, the adjusted threshold level to change the size, so it will have a rounded rectangle the size you want. To produce a rounded rectangle selection area, you can select the area the role of the environment, switch to Quick Mask mode, the same execution threshold to get your desired mask.

2 high-resolution production

In photoshop create web pages with graphics, many friends for fast operation, the map will be produced for low-resolution, but some filters because of the lack of graphics resolution, but can not handle, and finally out of the effect is very poor. Therefore, we recommend when dealing with similar situations, you can finish drawing, image editing and other work at high resolution, and then down sampled images shrunk to final size.

3 retains the selection size

When you use the image size or cancas size change image size in photoshop, originally selected range in the image will also change, if you want to keep the original selection, you can switch to the quick mask mode (press the keyboard q key on), and then select the 'image size' or 'canvas size'. using the image size command will shrink images along with the selection, use canvassize instruction only if the image will be reduced, while still maintaining the original selection size. remember Quick Mask mode and then switch to standard mode.

4 Quick hidden layers

If you only want to display the image in photoshop layers of a layer, is not gotta hide other layers one by one will do here is a quick and convenient way:? Long as the diagram level while holding down the ctrl + alt version For mouse click on the layer of the eye icon is displayed, you can hide other layers altogether. Alternatively, you can use ctrl + alt + shortcut key sequence before and after adjustment layers.

Two, coreldraw tips

1. Wipe the wrong lines

If you use the hand-drawn pencil tool coreldraw, accidentally painted crooked lines or draw wrong, you do not have to rush to remove the lines, just press the shift key once, then reverse wipe can be.

2. Move Ruler

In coreldraw in fact allows you to move freely ruler position, simply hold down the shift key on the ruler to drag the mouse, you can move the ruler if you want to put back the ruler, then as long as Hold down the shift key on the ruler quickly press the mouse button twice, it will immediately homing.

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