2014 Town internship internship group summary essay

Time flies, I came to Heyuan city branch of China Life's work nearly four months, during this time, I, as an intern group training, group training for work as a whole have a basic familiarity and master, basically adapted to the company's pace of work and living environment in Heyuan, here I mainly work from day to day and problems both to be a summary.

Work through early learning, training and participation in the company's summary of the meeting, the meeting department said production will wait for group training work have a relatively basic understanding of team work after the hanging point through at work The actual operation and team management, training daily work of the group has been more familiar with the understanding and knowledge, will operate in the morning, team management and communication with people and other aspects of a good exercise and improve, but also on the Town a marketing team and business partners, especially the eagle in the workplace and business partners in charge of you have a better understanding and familiarity at work can help a business partner to solve problems encountered in everyday work better, through their careful and responsible The work has also been recognized by everyone working practice to improve my understanding of the work of training: group training, is communication between the company and the business team of the bridge, play a connecting role: to convey the company's business team each period for the development of business and organizational aspects of the job requirements, help to strengthen the team in charge of the management team, the company followed the rhythm of the team to promote the development of business and organization to the company reflect the development needs of the business situation and the work of the team, according to the actual case to the business partner timely training to improve business partner sales skills and enthusiasm.

With the province's 'seven linkage, to win gold and silver medals,' the official start of incentive programs, opened the beginning of July. Since June 20, in the company's arrangement, I began to assist the group in the education and training of teacher training 卢春秀and Eagle workplace, mainly responsible for the daily management of the workplace eagle in seven linkage, under the unified arrangement branch company, group training 卢春秀 teacher's guidance and help, in charge of the two big teams in the workplace Under the effective management of Zhu Di show managers and 张泽兰 manager, in charge of the joint efforts of the workplace and business partners you, combined with the province's 'seven linkage, to win gold and silver medals' incentive programs and supporting programs and peach branches, sub-branches Kiwi promote the program, said he would support the production of high-yielding branch and the branch will be lower, on the whole, an eagle on workplace performance and organizational development have achieved relatively good results.

Progress, but it also still faces some problems in their daily work, and the topic will be made early and explain the need to be strengthened, the use of statistical reports and data need to strengthen control, education and training aspects of the work required to enhance learning and grasp, and finally in business practice is still relatively lacking, insufficient experience, although there are efforts to invite customers to participate in the company's production that it would, but it failed to contribute to the need to strengthen efforts.

For some of the problems existing in the above work, I will try to improve in the next work, improve their ability to work and meet the requirements of the company, to become a qualified group training .1, through the auspices of early production with the topic, to exercise their own guts and improve their business and will feature early production, the ability to explain, 2, in their daily work, through the reports and data tools are familiar with learning, to enhance the ability to work in statistics and data usage reports, and 3, By participating in the relevant training company, improve their ability to work in the training aspects of education, 4, will learn sales techniques to you through the business elite, familiar with the company's products to enhance their ability in practice, so can a business partner provide experience of sharing and helping, 5, in their daily work, an open mind to learn, to do more of a patience and understanding, a more active and attentive, strive to improve their ability to communicate with people, to better assist the development team .

The above is my summary of the work this time, the Department is not correct, please criticism, thank you.

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