2014 Clerk Pham Van internship summary

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xxxx Roads Office is a file with the office of a comprehensive integrated department in the practice stage, I am focusing secretarial work, but the main job is to assist in nature, such as responsible fax, shredded paper, printing, scanning, etc. While in school learning printing and copying, and each type of office machines are basically similar, but to really be able to distinguish still take some time to familiarize yourself with its keys. Though not the first time I came here to practice, but Time will forget the memories of previously familiar with the use of office machines now have to re-learn.

This time the internship is to pave the way for future employment, internships just like to come here from school to social changes in this environment, people around the contact completely changed the role of the teacher and perhaps become the boss, students become colleagues get along followed completely different in this huge transformation, we may anxious, confused, unable to adapt to the new environment immediately, we probably could not understand the brutal competition between enterprises, between colleagues can not stand indifferent eyes and speech. many times feel that their leaders have not been reused, are doing just some insignificant chores, their proposals or work can not be sure the boss sometimes can not make the grades, there will be pressure from all sides, boss wink, colleagues ridicule. In school, we have students and teachers care and support, but the school day, it is easy as the saying goes: work in 2012 than ten years of reading more than a month of practice time is not long, but I'm from. learned a lot of knowledge about life, work and scholarship of our life are very important.

Self-learning ability, improve the level of work

'Not just the knowledge learned in college, there is something called self-learning ability.' After working in order to deeply understand the meaning of this sentence in addition to English and computer operations, the theoretical knowledge of school textbooks, although complete list, but usually we just hasty meet the test, so for basic operations, I still feel unable to start. 'to use the book hates few when goes,' That phrase used to describe now I'm really very appropriate. nominally I was as a clerk, usually the work is done trivial work, printing, copying files, and sometimes fight for the leadership of reports or presentations, etc. If we just use what they have learned to complete a speech or a paper maybe I can not, because there are many I do not know the file format of how to use, print out standard, so I must be diligent in their work hands slowly pondering, continuous learning continue to accumulate. encounter do not know where to find ways to solve their own, it is not be open-minded Ask others, but no self-learning ability of people to be eliminated sooner or later, businesses and society.

Get along with others, to create a harmonious working environment

How to say I was an intern, there are many things that do not understand the old saying goes: help in the field, but in the modern era that seems to have no shame does not shameful to say the foot on the society, we deal with all kinds of people, because of. there is interest, but also busy, many times my colleagues do not like the teacher, classmates greetings to you that can help you solve the problem. environment tends to affect a person's work attitude, a cold impersonal office, everyone will milli No nostalgic feelings, they certainly have a better chance not hesitate to quit their depression leads to efficiency is not high, just waiting for a day off work, go back early with the family, but occasionally for colleagues to engage in a birthday party, when they are sick gently sentence condolences, all help to create a work environment Qi jolly good mood, we work happy, office work in favor of harmony in the workplace on television more than once to see the sinister, the office of right and wrong, can do is 'more work and less gossip,' and during the internship has worked with leaders talk, so not only have to learn how to get along with colleagues, but also need to learn how to talk with leaders cautious way to go longer term.

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